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Purpose of this web page: The pages linked to below focus primarily, but not exclusively, on (1) working forward from the earliest land grants of the property shown on the Peters Plan and the Salem Towne, Jr., map and (2) working backward from the land ownership of Acadia National Park by the United States government to the Peters Plan and Salem Towne, Jr., map. Another focus is tracing the deeds to land of the island’s cemeteries. The ultimate goal of this page is to include all land on Mount Desert Island.

How this page is organized: The first portion of this (very long) web page reports in chronological order the early land grants that lead to the Salem Towne Jr. map (western side of MDI) and the Peters Plan (eastern side), and contains links to the supporting deeds recorded in the Hancock County Registry of Deeds (Ellsworth, Maine). Bracketed material (e.g., [1:426]) refers to the book (1 in this example) and page(s) (426 in this example) of documents in the Hancock County Registry of Deeds. The second portion begins with an image of the Peters Plan on which horizontal bands have been drawn, and parcels falling (more or less) within each band have been numbered from west to east. Below the map is a table with basic information about each parcel. When deeds for a parcel are located, a link will be provided that will take you to a web page about that parcel. The third portion of this web page contains an image of the Salem Towne map and a table, following the pattern of the Peters Plan.

How you can help: Please send scanned images or photocopies of deeds to or mail them to “MDI Deeds” at the address at the top of this page.

A little work by each of us will save a lot of work for all of us.

pre-1761 through the time that the Indigenous people were killed or driven off the land by immigrants of primarily European origin
   “With indigenous people, property was held in common. The Indian knew nothing of landed estates, and aside from possessing articles for personal adornment or for providing for his defense or his livelihood he showed no acquisitive instinct.” (source: Starbird, Charles M. 1928. The Indians of the Androscoggin Valley, page 39.)
   However, there was something called the “Doctrine of Discovery” (also called the “Discovery Doctrine”), which was invented by European monarchies, that held that land outside Europe belonged to the European monarchy that “discovered” it. This was regardless of whether that land was inhabited by an Indigenous people. This, of course, led to conflicts between countries that made overlapping claims, most notably between England and France with respect to land in Maine in general and Mount Desert Island in particular.
   Because land was collectively shared (as referenced in the first paragraph above) by the indigenous inhabitants of what is now the towns of Bar Harbor, Cranberry Isles, Mount Desert, Southwest Harbor, and Tremont, and because these indigenous inhabitants had no written language, deeds for land were nonexistent. So, the European concept of land ownership in what is today these towns can be traced back only to the time of a resolution of the French-English dispute and not to the original inhabitants.

   April - grant by Louis XIV of France to “de la Motte Cadillacc” [referenced in 1:426]

   February 27 - grant by General Court of Massachusetts, the legislative body of what is now the state of Massachusetts, to Governor Francis Bernard of one-half of Mount Desert Island

   June 14 - “Unhappy” with Governor Francis Bernard’s strong support of Great Britain and particularly his support of the Stamp Act and his response to riots opposing the Act, American colonists met at the Old South Meeting House and appointed a committee of twenty-one to meet with Governor Bernard and protest his actions.

   June 27 - As a result of unrest among the colonists, Governor Francis Bernard was granted his request to return to England, and he ultimately left on 1 August 1769.

   1778 September 23 - Governor Francis Bernard’s will, leaving Mount Desert Island to trustees for his son, John Bernard
   1779 April 30 - Act of State of Massachusetts Bay confiscated estates of “certain notorious conspirators against the government”
   1779 June 16 - Governor Francis Bernard died

   June 23 - upon petition from John Bernard, the General Court of Massachusetts, noting that John Bernard’s conduct had been “meritorious”, restored to him ownership of Mount Desert Island.

   June 29 - Commonwealth of Massachusetts “grant” to Monsieur DeGregoire of all of April 1691 grant [see above] on condition of naturalization of Monsieur and Madame DeGregoire [1:426]
   October 29 - permission for Bartholomy and Maria Theresa DeGregoire for naturalization of themselves and their three children (Pierre, Nicholas, and Maria) [2:199 (beginning near bottom of page)–200]
   November 2 - naturalization of Bartholomy and Maria Theresa DeGregoire [no mention of children] with Dr. Andre Carrente as their French translator [2:200 (beginning near bottom of page)]
   November 21 - petition by Bartholomy and Maria Theresa DeGregoire to the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for establishment of a boundary line separating what would be the DeGregoires’ land from that of the Commonwealth [1:427 (top third of page)]
   November 22–23 - petition of November 21 [see above] granted by the General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (passed Nov. 22 by the Senate, Nov. 23 by the House of Representatives). Samuel Thompson Esq. named to work with the DeGregoires in establishing the boundaries [1:427 (middle third of page)]
   December - Supreme Judicial Court (in session adjourned from August 1787), responding to petition by the DeGregoires for division of their land from that of John Bernard, appointed James Sullivan to represent Bernard and appointed William Lithgow Jr., Nathaniel [Thuring or Thewing?], and Steven Jones to make the partition [part of 2:485 (beginning just above middle of page), 486, and 487]

   June/July - DeGregoires’ report to Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts that William Lithgow Jr. and Nathaniel [Thuring or Thewing?] declined appointment and petition to the Court to appoint others and subsequent appointment by Supreme Judicial Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts of James Sullivan of Boston to represent John Bernard’s interest and Steven Jones, Nathan Jones, and Thomas Richardson to partition the island [part of 2:485 (beginning just above middle of page), 486, and 487]

   January 28 - outline of French grant [note: this is not the division of MDI between the DeGregoires and Bernard]; survey by John Peters based on instructions received from Nathan Jones Esq. and General Samuel Thompson [1:428 (bottom two-thirds of the page)]
   August 13 - response by Samuel Thompson to 22–23 November 1787 directive to Thompson [1:427 (beginning near bottom of page)–428 (top portion of page)]

   November 28 - The DeGregoires were in debt to Perez Morton, of Boston, for 137 pounds, 6 shillings, and 8 pence. They were also in debt to Joseph De La Tombe, the consul of France, who was residing in Boston, for 65 pounds and 8 shillings, which he “kindly and benevolently advanced us in cash at our request to aid and assist us in our distresses and necessities.” To pay these debts, they mortgaged “two undivided fifth parts of our divided moiety of the island of Mount Desert ... and also one undivided moiety of all our rights, title, interest, and estate ... in and to all [our] lands on the mainland lying on each side of Jordan’s River”. The terms of the mortgage were that it was to be paid off on or before 28 November 1793 (i.e., a three-year mortgage) and that the amount due would be the two sums mentioned above plus “lawful interest”.
   On 1 August 1792 (and recorded in 1:516–517), Perez Morton released the mortgage, noting that the DeGregoires had paid him 182 pounds and 17 shillings, and had paid Joseph De La Tombe 60 pounds, “with which he is content”.

   February - report by Stephen Jones, Nathan Jones, and Thomas Richardson of the division of Mount Desert Island between the DeGregoires and John Bernard; specifically:
      beginning above Mr. James Richardson’s, at a stake and stones at the head of the tide at the northern extremity of Mount Desert Sound;
      from thence running N 38° W to a stake and stones upon the edge of the bank of high water mark upon the northern side of said island;
      then easterly along by high water mark upon the northern side of said island;
      then easterly along by high water mark down to and around the east end of said island;
      then westerly by the shore to said Mount Desert Sound;
      then northerly by the shore up said sound to the first mentioned bounds;
      the whole of that part of said island to the westward of said sound and of said northerly line from the head of said sound to the northerly shore, to be the moiety or share of John Bernard Esq. [2:487 (beginning about one-fourth of the way down the page)]
      [It is likely that the above line was run earlier than this 1794 report. Nathan Jones and Thomas Richardson were sworn on 27 January 1789 to discharge their duty (no date for Stephen Jones), and the DeGregoires were selling parcels in March 1792. The dividing line described above has often been referred to as the “French Line”. Virginia Somes-Sanderson, on page 29 of her 1982 book The Living Past, said, “Mr. O. C. Nutting, a lumberman who died in 1972 at the age of ninety-eight, stated that when he was younger he knew exactly where the ‘French Line’ was laid and that markers could be found in the woods between Somesville and Indian Point.”]

Peters Plan - The Peters Plan, or at least a common edition of the plan, has more than one lot with the same number or letter. For example, there are two lots numbered 81 and two lots designated as lot E. Also, some lots have no number or letter. To eliminate this confusion, each lot on the map below has been given a unique alphanumeric label.

Lot code from Peters Plan (above) Lot size Owner of Record per Peters Plan Book:Page in Hancock County Registry of Deeds
for earliest deed found
Notes on Peters Plan
A1 30:313–314
A2 30:313–314
A3 100 acres John Thomas 6:257–258
A4 65 acres, 13 [square] rods by deed;
65 acres, 130 [square] rods by Peters Plan
John Thomas 6:258–259
A5 36 acres Daniel Richardson 27:12–13
A6 100 acres Benjamin Hadley 1:433–434
A7 54 acres, 65 [square] rods by deed;
54 acres, 25 [square] rods by Peters Plan
Nehemiah Higgins 12:361–362 deeded
B1 100 acres Joseph Mayo 1:547–548
B2 150 acres, 128 [square] rods by land;
133 acres by plan
Nahum Cousins 66:270–271 No. 9; sold Nahum Cousins; deeded
B3 89 acres Israel Mayo, Moses H. Mayo 151:91–92 No. 10; sold to Israel Mayo & Moses H. Mayo
B4 22 acres 183:371–372 22 acres marsh
B5 100 acres Eleazar Higgins 1:430–431
B6 50 acres DeGregoire 621:347–348
B7 150 acres Nicholas Thomas 2:129–131
B8 118 acres [N.?] Thomas 72:8–10 No. 11; sold to [N.?] Thomas, Esq.
B9 180 acres, 110 [square] rods Nicholas Thomas Jr. 19:152 sold Nicholas Thomas Jr.; deeded
B10 30 acres [?]. Thomas Jr. 41:421–422 sold [?]. Thomas Jr.; deeded
B11 60 acres Thompson 1:371–372 Thomas Wasgatt Jr. to Thompson
B12 200 acres Ezra Leland 2:418–419
B13 98 acres by land including marsh & meadow;
139 acres, 80 [square] rods by plan
41:123–124 No. 12; deeded Thomas & Emery; sold Hull & Salisbury
B14 200 acres Ebenezer Leland ???:???
B15 100 acres Joseph Hopkins 3:178–179
B16 100 acres Ebenezer Salisbury
B17 75 acres, 106 [square] rods Elkanah Young 1:445–446
B18 50 acres Timothy Baron 2:134–135
B19 50 acres Seth Doane 217:187–189
B20 75 acres, 30 [square] rods Daniel Hamor
B21 66 acres, 108 [square] rods George Gillies
B22 55 acres, 90 [square] rods John Hamor
B23 33 acres, 94 [square] rods Henry Knowles
B24 24 acres, 114 [square] rods Elkanah Young 1:445–446
B25 39 acres, 28 [square] rods Levi Higgins 1:451–452
C1 100 acres Jesse Higgins 1:555
C2 100 acres David Higgins 1:554
C3 107 acres Gideon Mayo 66:434–435 No. 8; deeded; sold to Gideon Mayo
C4 110 acres by land; 103 to plan Eben M. Hadley 85:2–3 No. 7; deed to Eben M. Hadley
C5 122 acres by land;
98 acres, 100 [square] rods by plan
Amos T. Hadley 85:3–4 deeded to Amos T. Hadley
C6 96 acres, 66 [square] rods William B. Richards 143:529–530 No. 5; sold William B. Richards
C7 99 acres, 136 [square] rods [Elliot Higgins or Alexander Higgins?] 78:257–258 No. 4; sold Elliot Higgins; deeded to Alexander Higgins
C8 96 acres [Benjamin Thomas or Cornelius Thomas?] 98:495–496 No. 3; sold to Benjamin Thomas; deeded to Cornelius Thomas
C9 103 acres [Ambrose Mayo or Solomon Higgins?] 93:73–74 No. 2; sold Ambrose Mayo; deeded Solomon Higgins
C10 40 acres 51:388–389 No. 1
C11 100 acres N[...?] Richardson 66:353–354 No. 26; deeded
C12 100 acres Daniel Richardson 66:354–356 No. 15; sold Daniel Richardson; deeded
C13 142 acres by land;
of which 41 acres meadow & marsh
Joel Emery 61:248–249 No. 14; sold to Joel Emery
C14 23 acres This parcel is part of B13. marsh and meadow
C15 Joel Emery 61:114–115 No. 17; sold to Joel Emery
C16 Joel Emery 61:114–115 No. 16; sold to Joel Emery
C17 [Eben Salisbury Jr. or Hopkins & Higgins?] 65:196–197 No. 13; deeded to Hopkins & Higgins
C18 50 acres Timothy Mason 2:134–135
C19 50 acres Seth Doane 217:187–189
C20 28 acres DeGregoire
C21 57 acres Stephen Salisbury 1:449–450
C22 53 acres William Mason 35:277–278
C23 67 acres Henry Knowles
C24 61 acres Levi Higgins 1:451–452
C25 112 acres Gideon Liscomb No. 27; sold Gideon Liscomb; deeded
C26 51 acres John Davis
[original deed was to John Hamor from DeGregoires]
1:437–438 John Davis farm
C27 the greatest part heath
C28 45 acres Black and Smallidge
C29 DeGregoire
C30 34 acres John Cousins 2:419–420
C31 100 acres Elisha Cousins 1:446–448
C32 DeGregoire
C33 95 acres, 60 [square] rods widow Mary Hamor 1:434–435
C34 69 acres, 140 [square] rods Jonah Black
C35 88 acres, 31 [square] rods Timothy Smallidge
C36 99 acres, 30 [square] rods David Hamor 1:438–440
C37 99 acres, 30 [square] rods Elkanah Remick 1:442–443
C38 100 acres Abner Young No. 18; sold Abner Young; [includes? 10 acres meadow]
C39 100 acres No. 17; [includes? 10 acres (meadow?)]
C40 144 acres, 24 [square] rods No. 16
D1 450 acres town land
D2 100 acres Prince Mayo No. 25; sold to Prince Mayo
D3 100 acres I. and W. Hamor 70:422–423 No. 23
D4 100 rods [sic] James Mayo 61:420–422 No. 22; sold to James Mayo; includes part of heath
D5 100 acres [David Higgins 2nd or David Higgins 3rd?] 70:312–313 No. 21; sold to David Higgins 3rd; deed to David Higgins 2nd; includes part of heath
D6 100 acres Joel Mayo 77:218–219 No. 20; deeded; sold to Joel Mayo
D7 100 acres Joel Emery 61:248–249 No. 19; sold to Joel Emery
D8 100 acres Alan Young 61:115–116 No. 18; sold Alan Young; deeded
D9 108 acres, 120 [square] rods John Haynes 61:248–249 No. E; sold to John Haynes; deeded
D10 284.5 acres Joel Emery 61:117–118 No. D; deeded; sold Joel Emery
D11 100 acres [Cornelius Thompson or Ebenezer?] 8:534
D12 101 acres, 40 [square] rods [Smith Hopkins or Joel Emery?] No. 41; sold to Smith Hopkins; deeded to Joel Emery
D13 119 acres, 128 [square] rods [A. Leland or Joseph Stevens?] 44:292–293 No. 40; sold to A. Leland; deeded Joseph Stevens
D14 100 acres William Peach 70:459–460 No. 39; deeded
D15 84 acres Joel Emery 61:248–249 No. 28; sold Joel Emery
D16 100 acres J.D. Jordan 155:470 No. 38; deeded to John G. Jordan
D17 100 acres [Benjamin Bunker or John [G.?] Jordan?] No. 37; sold Benjamin Bunker; deeded to John [G.?] Jordan
D18 100 acres Edward Brewer 72:2–3 No. 36; sold Edward Brewer
D19 102 acres, 114 [square] rods E. Brewer 72:2–3 No. 30; sold E. Brewer
D20 93 acres, 120 [square] rods E. Brewer 72:2–3 No. 29; sold E. Brewer
D21 120 acres Solomon Rider 1:452–454
D22 120 acres Cornelius Thompson 2:116–117
D23 115 acres, 116 [square] rods Joshua Hopkins 167:477–478 No. 31; sold Joshua Hopkins
D24 99 acres Edward Brewer 72:2–3 No. 32; sold Edward Brewer
E1 100 acres B.W. Kittredge 81:49–50 No. 24; sold B.W. Kittredge
E2 100 acres by land; [by plan 37 ...?] B. Richardson No. 105; sold B. Richardson; deeded
E3 102 acres Dr. Kittredge 83:44–45 No. 104; deeded to Dr. Kittredge
E4 90 acres, as planned [includes? 15 acres, [?] [square] rods marsh] Dr. Kittredge 85:109–110 No 103; sold to Dr. Kittredge; deeded
E5 96 acres, 60 [square] rods [...] Somes 124:490–491 No. 102; deeded to Somes
E6 87 acres, 80 [square] rods 61:248–249 No. A; includes part of heath
E7 105 acres No. 13; deed; includes part of heath
E8 87 acres, 80 [square] rods Joel Emery 61:248–249 No. H; sold to Joel Emery
E9 105 acres Joel Emery 61:248–249 No. G; sold to Joel Emery
E10 [108?] acres, 120 rods Joel Emery 61:248–249 No. F; sold to Joel Emery
E11 [Joel Emery or J[...?] ?] 61:248–249 No. E
E12 100 acres Joel Emery / Obadiah and Smith Hopkins 61:248–249 No. 42; sold to Obadiah and Smith Hopkins; sold Joel Emery
E13 100 acres [B. Barker or John G. Jordan?] No. 43; sold B. Barker; deeded to John G. Jordan
E14 [Samuel Hadley or John G. Jordan?] No. 44; deeded John G. Jordan
E15 100 acres Edward Brewer 72:2–3 No. 45; sold Edward Brewer
E16 95 acres Edward Brewer 72:2–3 No. 46; sold Edward Brewer
E17 100 acres Edward Brewer 72:2–3 No. 35; sold Edward Brewer
E18 98 acres, 82 [square] rods Edward Brewer 72:2–3 No. 34; sold Edward Brewer
E19 99 acres Edward Brewer 72:2–3 No. 47; sold Edward Brewer
E20 108 acres Edward Brewer 72:2–3 No. 48; sold Edward Brewer; deeded
E21 75 acres Edward Brewer 72:2–3 No. 33; sold to Edward Brewer
E22 240 acres Ezra Young 2:136–137
E23 100 acres Robert Young 1:389–390
E24 100 acres Benjamin Stanwood 1:388–389
E25 51 acres, 65 [square] rods 16:204–205 Rodick’s [now Bar] Island
F1 124:490–491 deeded
F2 100 acres James Richardson 3:293–294
F3 118 acres, 108 [square] rods Somes 124:490–491 No. 101; deeded to Somes
F4 107 acres I. and G.B. Some 124:490–491 No. 100; deeded to I. and G.B. Somes
F5 97 acres I. and G.B. Somes 124:490–491 No. 99; deeded to I. and G.B. Somes
F6 102 acres, 70 [square] rods I. and G.B. Somes 124:490–491 No. 98; deeded to I. and G.B. Somes
F7 67 acres, 66 [square] rods I. and G.B. Somes 124:490–491 No. 97; deeded to I. and G.B. Somes
F8 102 acres, 30 [square] rods I. and G.B. Somes 124:490–491 No. 96; deeded to I. and G.B. Somes
F9 700 acres Jord. Emery 61:248–249 [Say?] 700 acres; sold Jord. Emery; deeded
F10 59 acres Edward Brewer 72:2–3 No. 55; sold Edward Brewer
F11 107 acres, 40 [square] rods Philip H. Hamor 88:358–359 No. 54; deeded to Philip H. Hamor
F12 108 acres, 10 [square] rods Edward S. Brewer 72:2–3 No. 53
F13 99 acres, 132 [square] rods Edward Brewer 58:488 No. 52; deeded to Edward Brewer
F14 63 acres Edward Brewer 72:2–3 No. 51; deeded; sold Edward Brewer
F15 119 acres Stephen Higgins 179:224–226 No. 50; sold to Stephen Higgins
F16 111 acres, 88 [square] rods 574:25–27 No. 49
F17 87 acres Oliver Higgins 65:388–389 No. 56; deeded to Oliver Higgins
F18 100 acres William Wasgatt 1:360–361
F19 100 acres Thomas Wasgatt 1:368–369
F20 100 acres Solomon Higgins 1:363–364
F21 100 acres Humphrey Stanwood 1:376–377

F22 200 acres Israel Higgins 2:555–556
F23 45 acres, 95 [square] rods Daniel Rodick 20:244‒245
F24 140 acres Thomas Wasgatt Jr. 1:371–372
F25 200 acres John and Joseph Barker 1:543–544 [Thomas Wasgatt and Stephen Higgins purchased parcel from DeGregoires]
G1 47 acres, [80?] [square] rods George Richardson No. 95
G2 99 acres I. and G.B. Somes 124:490–491 No. 94; deeded to I. and G.B. Somes
G3 99 acres I. and G.B. Somes 124:490–491 No. 93; deeded to I. and G.B. Somes
G4 99 acres I. and G.B. Somes 124:490–491 No. 92; deeded to I. and G.B. Somes
G5 96 acres, 40 [square] rods [Jason Wasgatt or I. and G.B. Somes?] 124:490–491 No. 91; sold to Jason Wasgatt; deeded to I. and G.B. Somes
G6 94 acres I. and G.B. Somes 124:490–491 No. 90; deeded to I. and G.B. Somes
G7 6144 acres Gilmore and Brewer 81:211–213 deeded to Gilmore and Brewer
G8 60 acres 183:51–53 No. 57
G9 166 acres, 48 [square] rods [James Beverly or Tobias Roberts?] 75:170–171 No. 58; deeded to Tobias Roberts
G10 100 acres John Cousins 2:558–559
G11 175 acres, 116 [square] rods Dean Higgins No. 59; sold
H1 100 acres [Oliver Higgins 4th or I. and G.B. Somes?] No. 89; sold to Oliver Higgins 4th; deeded to I. and G.B. Somes
H2 116 acres, 70 [square] rods Benjamin Richardson 169:57–59 No. 88; sold Benjamin Richardson
H3 117 acres, 92 [square] rods John Brown 78:58–59 No. 87; deeded
H4 I. and G.B. Somes deeded to I. and G.B. Somes
H5 96 acres, 144 [square] rods 174:100–102 No. 60
H6 99 acres, 72 [square] rods Henry and Oliver Higgins 474:475–479 No. 61; sold
I1 Isaiah and G.B. Somes deeded to Isaiah and G.B. Somes
I2 60 acres Isaiah and G.B. Somes No. 63; deeded to Isaiah and G.B. Somes
I3 124:490–491
I4 Isaiah and G.B. Somes
I5 100 acres Isaiah and G.B. Somes No. 72; deeded to Isaiah and G.B. Somes
I6 2960 acres Benjamin and Enoch Spurling 69:49
I7 100 acres William Lynam 510:486–487
I8 109 acres B. Hodgdon 151:97–98 No. 62; sold B. Hodgdon
J1 65 acres, 40 [square] rods Somes No. 84; deeded to Somes
J2 23 acres Davis Wasgatt Jr. 30:138–139 deeded
J3 70 acres John Manchester Jr. 1:410–411
J4 77:559 No. 85; deeded
J5 143:476–477 No. 86
J6 75 acres Timothy Smallidge 100:385–386 No. 84; deeded; sold
J7 90 acres, 96 [square] rods Samuel Hadley 143:188–189 No. 83; sold
J8 Ed. Brewer 124:122–123 deeded to Ed. Brewer
J9 90 acres, 148 [square] rods 471:400–401 No. 63
K1 100 acres Samuel Hadlock 1:412–413
K2 100 acres John Manchester 1:448–449
K3 99 acres William Stanley No. 64
K4 100 acres James Richardson Jr. 1:369–370
K5 81 acres, 76 [square] rods William Stanley No. 65
K6 93 acres William Roberts Jr. 85:219–220 No. 66; sold William Roberts Jr.
K7 105 acres, 140 [square] rods William Roberts Jr. and John Savage 85:163–164 No. 67; sold William Roberts Jr. and John Savage; deeded to William Roberts [Jr.?]
K8 100 acres Isaiah and G.B. Somes 124:490–491 No. 71; deeded to Isaiah and G.B. Somes
K9 100 acres, 115 [square] rods [Thomas Pung or Harriett Pung?] 70:515–516 No. 69; sold Thomas Pung; deeded to Harriett Pung
K10 89 acres, 60 [square] rods 176:425–426 No. 70
K11 95 acres [George Roberts or Thomas Savage?] 92:314–315 No. 73; sold to George Roberts; deeded to Thomas Savage
K12 102 acres, 30 [square] rods [John Savage Jr. or James Clement 2nd?] 95:398–399 No. 74; sold John Savage Jr; deeded James Clement 2nd
K13 102 acres, 68 [square] rods Thomas Pierce 216:403–406 No. 75; sold Thomas Pierce
K14 83 acres, 26 [square] rods John Pung No. 76; sold to John Pung
K15 64 acres, 40 [square] rods Southard 106:204–205 No. 77; sold to Southard; deeded
K16 101 acres, 140 rods John Bracy 68:59–60 No. 78; deeded to John Bracy
K17 John Bracy 68:59–60 deeded to John Bracy
K18 99 acres, 160 rods James Clement 66:315–316 No. 80; sold James Clement
K19 97 acres James Clement 66:315–316 No. 81 [sic]; sold to James Clement
K20 65 acres, 36 [square] rods Luther Parker 132:305 No. 81 [sic]
K21 50 acres, 132 [square] rods 625:510–511 No. 86
L1 77 acres, 46 [square] rods 1:423 Somes’ Island [now Greening Island]
L2 30 acres, 10 [square] rods John Manchester Jr. 1:410–411
L3 100 acres Stephen Sargent 1:440–441
L4 9 acres, 62 [square] rods 72:51–52 deeded

Salem Towne map

Lot code from Salem Towne map (above) Lot size Owner of Record per Salem Towne map Book:Page in Hancock County Registry of Deeds
for earliest deed found
A1 56 acres 48:115–116 No. 70; Bar Harbor
A2 63 acres 33:103 No. 69; Bar Harbor
A3 58 acres No. 62; Bar Harbor
A4 128 acres 56:484–483 No. 67; Bar Harbor
A5 100 acres No. 64; Bar Harbor
A6 100 acres Bar Harbor
B1 No. 70; Bar Harbor
B2 Reuben Freeman
B3 150 acres John Smith
B4 300 acres
B5 227 acres 61:394 No. 71; Bar Harbor
B6 100 acres 30:327 No. 66; Bar Harbor
B7 96 acres John Lear No. 119; sold
B8 110 acres 48:201–202 No. 65; Bar Harbor
B9 110 acres No. 63; Bar Harbor
B10 206 acres No. 144; sold; Bar Harbor
B11 100 acres Peter Page 11:458–459 No. 120; sold
C1 part of 362 acres Reuben Freeman
C2 200 acres Reuben Freeman No. 126
C3 370 acres 66:1 No. 111
C4 139 acres 39:500–501 No. 123
C5 125 acres No. 62
C6 No. 121
C7 100 acres 32:80–81 No. 61
C8 No. 60
C9 200 acres heirs of James Richardson
C10 100 acres No. 59
C11 100 acres Abraham Somes
D1 185 acres 33:308–309 No. 75
D2 part of 362 acres George Freeman
D3 115 acres No. 74
D4 102 acres Ephraim Pray
D5 288 acres Reuben Freeman No. 127
D6 105 acres No. 73
D7 60 acres town land No. 145
D8 138 acres No. 110
D9 100 acres 66:329–330 No. 125
D10 100 acres No. 143
D11 100 acres John Gulley [sic] No. 130; sold
D12 157 acres No. 109
D13 196 acres Samuel Reed
D14 Daniel Somes
E1 126 acres 31:32–33 No. 1
E2 67 acres heirs of David Eaton 48:112–113
E3 100 acres Reuben Noble
E4 70 acres No. 2
E5 449 acres No. 113
E6 106 acres No. 129
E7 104 acres George Freeman No. 128; sold
E8 97 acres No. 57
E9 57.5 acres No. 56
E10 57.5 acres No. 571/2
E11 100 acres No. 56
E12 228 acres No. 108
E13 100 acres Daniel Somes No. 121
E14 100 acres No. 58
F1 128 acres No. 9
F2 105 acres No. 6
F3 102 acres No. 5
F4 103 acres No. 4
F5 70 acres No. 3
F8 462 acres No. 114
F11 100 acres No. 54
F12 96 acres 54:564 No. 53
F13 120 acres Davis Wasgatt 30:326–327
F14 170 acres 34:385–386 No. 107
F15 No. 147
G1 100 acres 36:209–210 No. 14
G2 103 acres No. 13
G3 80 acres 60:568–569 No. 12
G4 146 acres No. 11
G5 50 acres No. 10
G6 100 acres No. 7
G7 107 acres No. 150
G8 100 acres No. 149
G9 91 acres No. 8
G11 224 acres
G13 130 acres
G14 No. 105
G15 153 acres No. 52
H1 100 acres No. 15
H2 102 acres James Reed
H3 92 acres George Butler
H4 140 acres No. 16
H5 100 acres No. 151
H6 120 acres No. 17
H7 510 acres No. 91
H8 200 acres Jacob Somes No. 133
H9 360 acres town’s use No. 146
H11 77 acres No. 49
H12 96 acres No. 50
H14 71 acres No. 115
I1 100 acres William Heath
I2 95 acres Ezra H. Dodge 42:495–496 No. 18
I3 121 acres No. 138
I4 108 acres No. 19
I5 100 acres No. 88
I6 100 acres James Flye 42:494–495 No. 137
I7 120 acres No. 89
I8 90 acres No. 87
I9 93 acres No. 86
I10 170 acres No. 90
I11 220 acres James Flye No. 136
I12 100 acres 31:531–532 No. 92
I13 100 acres [Benjamin] Tyler Reed 28:212–213 unnumbered
I14 100 acres No. 47
I15 110 acres John Manchester No. 135
I16 100 acres William Gilley 53:195 unnumbered
I17 100 acres No. 48
J1 150 acres Ezra Dodge
J2 100 acres Ezra H. Dodge 39:547–548 No. 139
J3 156 acres No. 76
J4 163 acres No. 77
J5 100 acres No. 78
J6 132 acres No. 79
J7 140 acres No. 84
J8 100 acres No. 85
J9 120 acres No. 83
J10 212 acres Nos. 30 and 31
J11 100 acres No. 93
J12 100 acres No. 94
J13 98 acres No. 95
J14 100 acres No. 46
J15 102 acres [on map];
100 acres [in deed]
George Harmon 6:396
J16 270 acres Ebenezer Eaton
K1 95 acres No. 22
K2 58 acres No. 20
K3 74 acres No. 21
K4 200 acres No. 23
K5 160 acres Enoch Wentworth
K6 125 acres William Nutter
K7 106 acres No. 24
K8 72 acres No. 81
K9 125 acres No. 80
K10 162 acres No. 151
K11 67 acres No. 27
K12 92 acres No. 142
K13 60 acres No. 22
K14 68 acres No. 29
K15 100 acres No. 96
K16 92 acres No. 97
K17 300 acres No. 45
K18 33 acres Langley and Moore
K19 100 acres No. 44
K20 100 acres No. 43
K21 100 acres
K22 100 acres Peter Dolliver
K23 90 acres
K24 100 acres Andrew Tucker
K25 100 acres Samuel Bond
L1 112 acres No. 25
L2 80 acres No. 82
L3 142 acres — Gott
L4 100 acres — Richardson
L5 58 acres No. 32
L6 100 acres William Norwood
L8 80 acres No. 98
L9 100 acres Enoch Richardson No. 41; sold
L10 50 acres No. 40
L11 140 acres No. 99
L12 Richard Tucker
L13 10 acres No. 41
L14 120 acres John S. Grow
L15 167 acres Longley, Moore, and Longley
L16 80 acres William Grow
L17 63 acres
L18 100 acres Joshua Ray
L19 100 acres Benjamin Ward
L20 13 acres No. 72
M1 100 acres Merry heirs 1:417 unnumbered
M2 140 acres No. 26
M3 8 acres — Benson
M4 100 acres — Norwood
M5 100 acres Abraham Richardson 10:410–412 unnumbered
M6 100 acres Thomas Richardson
M7 126 acres No. 101
M8 48 acres No. 33
M9 94 acres Abraham Richardson No. 143
M10 120 acres No. 103
M11 167 acres No. 102
M12 140 acres No. 37
M13 80 acres No. 38
M14 70 acres No. 39
N1 100 acres Peter Gott
N2 110 acres Thomas Richardson
N3 19 acres No. 116
N4 64 acres No. 35
N5 52 acres No. 34
N6 86 acres No. 36
N7 198 acres No. 103