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All of the material posted on this website is for the free use of anyone who wishes to use it, with the requirement that no one using this material will ever charge anyone for access to it, either online or in print or in any other form.

A guide to Tide Pool Animals, Seaweeds, and Seaside plants. For more information or to order, please click here.
This book by Arthur Haines covers more than 100 species of plants, with at least two color photographs for each species, and has introductory chapters (different from those in volume 1) to provide important information for those interested in foraging, herbal medicine, and wildcrafting. For more information or to place an order, please click here.

Here you will find an introductory page for botanical Latin lessons (eight so far, but with more to come),a botanical Latin glossary (a work in progress) of words used in Latin descriptions and diagnoses of plant species, and a list of links to translations of Latin descriptions and diagnoses.

The former MAINE NATURAL HISTORY PROJECT is now curated by Maine Natural History Observatory.

Cultural history in the sense used on this website is what is commonly called just “history”. Here the adjective “cultural” is used to distinguish the history of humans from “natural history” (see above), the study of non-human organisms.

Note from the manager of this website: I have received many questions and kind comments about the information I have compiled about Maine’s cultural history. Some of the pages have been accepted by nonprofit organizations for their future curation, but much of the material is still incomplete, and I do not have the time to add to it in a meaningful way. Therefore, I am removing the links to those pages that used to appear below this paragraph, I will leave the pages themselves online until, over the next few months, I remove them from the web. My intent had been to discontinue the website entirely, but I am working on a project that I want to “complete” (assuming I live long enough), so I have renewed the webhosting package for another year.