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Welcome to the Maine Deeds website.

The puurpose of this website is to post the earliest deeds located for a town, but also other deeds as they become available. The emphasis is on Canton (Oxford County) because that town is celebrating its bicentennial in 2021.

How to use this website: The history of land grants/patents for Maine is given below. At the point when a particular town is referenced, a link to that town is given. Following the link will take you to the land history for that town.

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“At the same time as European venturers explored and mapped the eastern seaboard, the great powers of England and France laid claim to vast areas of the continent. These claims were authorized by the English and French crowns without any consultation with the Native peoples who actually inhabited the eastern seaboard.” [Source: Hornsby, Steven J., and Richard W. Judd, editors; Herman, Michael J., cartographic designer. 2015. Historical Atlas of Maine. Orono: The University of Maine Press.]

   King James I of England granted a charter to the Council of Plymouth.

   June 16 - Council of Plymouth granted a patent to Thomas Purchase and George Way.

   Land of Thomas Purchase and George Way sold to Richard Wharton.

   April - grant by Louis XIV of France to “de la Motte Cadillacc”; included land on Mount Desert Island

   Richard Wharton died in England.

   November 5 - Wharton’s land sold by administrator Ephraim Savage to Thomas Hutchinson, Adam Winthrop, John Watts, David Jeffries, Stephen Minot, Oliver Noyes, John Ruck, and John Wentworth, a group known as the Pejepscot Proprietors.

   March 27 - General Court of the then Province of Massachusetts granted six miles square to 60 inhabitants of old Gloucester (= Cape Ann) to form what is now the town of New Gloucester.

   April - Survey of Royalston [now Durham] made by Stephen Getchell.

Below is an alphabetical list of Maine’s counties for which one or more towns have deeds posted on this website. Click on any county and you will be taken to a list of those towns.

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