Mount Desert Island Cemeteries

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(updated 7 October 2023)

Welcome to the Mount Desert Island Cemeteries website. Cemeteries are an important source of genealogical data as well as being of historical interest in their own right. There are two major obstacles that one may encounter when dealing with cemetery data. One is the obvious difficulty of reading some of the gravestone inscriptions. The second is locating a cemetery in the first place. Some are in prominent places in a town, but others are in the woods and difficult to find. Directions in books may be non-existent, vague (e.g., “go short distance”), or likely out-of-date (e.g., “turn left on the ___ Road and go to the home of ___”). There are some ways to help with the first problem, and perhaps those will be added to this website, but for now, ...

The long-term goal of this website is to provide (1) a list of every burial site (i.e., cemetery, graveyard, etc.) on Mount Desert Island that has at least one gravestone or other marker, (2) traditional directions to each site, and (3) a GPS location for each site. Note: Although this website does have images of some gravestones, it is not intended to be a source of information about where a specific person is buried.

You can help by sending lists of cemeteries, GPS coordinates, driving directions, images, etc., by e-mail to or by traditional mail to the address at the top of this page. And, of course, please report all errors found on this website.

A little work by each of us will save a lot of work for all of us.

Below is a list of Mount Desert Island’s towns. Click on any town name and you will be taken to an alphabetical list of the cemeteries in that town.

Bar Harbor
Cranberry Isles
Mount Desert
Southwest Harbor