Tricolpates of Maine
(Kingdom Plantae)

a project of
V. F. Thomas Co. - 167 Thorne Mountain Road - Canton, Maine  04221

(updated 25 January 2020)

   Below is a working checklist of Maine’s tricolpates (hybrids excluded). Taxonomy and nomenclature follow Flora Novae Angliae by Arthur Haines (2011, Yale University Press, ISBN 978-0-300-17154-9).
   When an image and/or information is available for a given species, the common name of that species is a link to it’s family page.
   Please send corrections and updates to or mail them to the address at the top of this page. Photographs are welcome. Thank you.

Family Genus Specific Epithet authority Sub-specific Epithet authority common name
or hybrid formula
Actinidiaceae Actinidia arguta (Sieb. and Zucc.) Planch. ex Miq. taravine
Adoxaceae Sambucus nigra L. black elderberry
Adoxaceae Sambucus racemosa L. red elderberry
Adoxaceae Viburnum acerifolium L. maple-leaved viburnum
Adoxaceae Viburnum dentatum L. smooth arrowwood
Adoxaceae Viburnum edule (Michx.) Raf. squashberry
Adoxaceae Viburnum lantana L. wayfaring tree
Adoxaceae Viburnum lantanoides Michx. hobblebush
Adoxaceae Viburnum lentago L. nannyberry
Adoxaceae Viburnum nudum L. withe-rod
Adoxaceae Viburnum opulus L. highbush-cranberry
Amaranthaceae Amaranthus albus L. tumbleweed amaranth
Amaranthaceae Amaranthus blitoides S. Wats. prostrate amaranth
Amaranthaceae Amaranthus cannabinus (L.) Sauer salt marsh water-hemp
Amaranthaceae Amaranthus hybridus L. ssp. hybridus green amaranth
Amaranthaceae Amaranthus retroflexus L. red-rooted amaranth
Amaranthaceae Amaranthus tuberculatus (Moq.) Sauer rough-fruited water-hemp
Amaranthaceae Atriplex acadiensis Tascher. maritime orache
Amaranthaceae Atriplex glabriuscula Edmondston bracted orache
Amaranthaceae Atriplex littoralis L. linear-leaved orache
Amaranthaceae Atriplex patula L. spearscale orache
Amaranthaceae Atriplex prostrata Bouchér ex DC. hastate-leaved orache
Amaranthaceae Atriplex subspicata (Nutt.) Rydb. saline orache
Amaranthaceae Axyris amaranthoides L. Russian-pigweed
Amaranthaceae Bassia hyssopifolia (Pallas) Kuntze five-horned smotherweed
Amaranthaceae Bassia scoparia (L.) A. J. Schott firebush smotherweed
Amaranthaceae Beta vulgaris L. beet
Amaranthaceae Blitun bonus-henricus (L.) Rchb. perennial orache-goosefoot
Amaranthaceae Blitum capitatum L. ssp. capitatum strawberry orache-goosefoot
Amaranthaceae Blitum nuttallianum J. A. Schultes Nuttall’s orache-goosefoot
Amaranthaceae Blitum virgatum L. ssp. virgatum leafy orache-goosefoot
Amaranthaceae Chenopodiastrum murale (L.) S. Fuentes, Uotila & Borsch nettle-leaved false goosefoot
Amaranthaceae Chenopodiastrum simplex (Torr.) S. Fuentes, Uotila & Borsch giant-seeded false goosefoot
Amaranthaceae Chenopodium album L. white goosefoot
Amaranthaceae Chenopodium berlandieri Moq. pit-seeded goosefoot
Amaranthaceae Chenopodium betaceum Andrz. oval-seeded goosefoot
Amaranthaceae Chenopodium foggii H. A. Wahl Fogg’s goosefoot
Amaranthaceae Chenopodium leptophyllum (Moq.) Nutt. ex S. Wats. narrow-leaved goosefoot
Amaranthaceae Chenopodium pratericola Rydb. desert goosefoot
Amaranthaceae Dysphania ambrosioides (L.) Nosyakin & Clemants Mexican-tea
Amaranthaceae Dysphania botrys (L.) Nosyakin & Clemants Jerusalem-oak
Amaranthaceae Dysphania graveolens (Willd.) Nosyakin & Clemants cut-leaved glandular-goosefoot
Amaranthaceae Lipandra polysperma (L.) S. Fuentes, Uotila & Borsch manyseed-goosefoot
Amaranthaceae Oxybasis glauca (L.) S. Fuentes, Uotila & Borsch ssp. glauca oak-leaved Eurasian-goosefoot
Amaranthaceae Oxybasis rubra (L.) S. Fuentes, Uotila & Borsch red Eurasian-goosefoot
Amaranthaceae Oxybasis urbica (L.) S. Fuentes, Uotila & Borsch city Eurasian-goosefoot
Amaranthaceae Salicornia bigelovii Torr. dwarf glasswort
Amaranthaceae Salicornia depressa Standl. common glasswort
Amaranthaceae Salicornia maritima Wolff & Jefferies sea glasswort
Amaranthaceae Salsola kali L. saltwort
Amaranthaceae Salsola tragus L. prickly saltwort
Amaranthaceae Spinacea oleracea L. spinach
Amaranthaceae Suaeda calceoliformis (Hook.) Moq. American sea-blite
Amaranthaceae Suaeda linearis (Ell.) Moq. annual sea-blite
Amaranthaceae Suaeda maritima (L.) Dumort ssp. maritima herbaceous sea-blite
Anacardiaceae Rhus copallinum L. var. latifolia Engl. winged sumac
Anacardiaceae Rhus glabra L. smooth sumac
Anacardiaceae Rhus hirta (L.) Sudworth staghorn sumac
Anacardiaceae Toxicodendron radicans (L.) Kuntze ssp. radicans poison-ivy
Anacardiaceae Toxicodendron rydbergii (Small ex Rydb.) Greene western poison-ivy
Anacardiaceae Toxicodendron vernix (L.) Kuntze
Apiaceae Aegopodium podagraria L. bishop’s goutweed
Apiaceae Aethusa cynapium L. fool’s-parsley
Apiaceae Anethum graveolens L. dill
Apiaceae Angelica atropurpureum L. purple-stemmed Angelica
Apiaceae Angelica lucida L. sea coast Angelica
Apiaceae Anthriscus sylvestris (L.) Hoffman wild chervil
Apiaceae Aralia hispida Vent. bristly sarsaparilla
Apiaceae Aralia nudicaulis L. wild sarsaparilla
Apiaceae Aralia racemosa L. ssp. racemosa American spikenard
Apiaceae Carum carvi L. caraway
Apiaceae Cicuta bulbifera L. bulblet-bearing water-hemlock
Apiaceae Cicuta maculata L. var. maculata spotted water-hemlock
Apiaceae Conioselinum chinense (L.) B. S. P. Chinese hemlock-parsely
Apiaceae Conium maculatum L. poison-hemlock
Apiaceae Coriandrum sativum L. coriander
Apiaceae Cryptotaenia canadensis {L.) DC. Canada honewort
Apiaceae Daucus carota L. Queen Anne’s lace
Apiaceae Heracleum mantegazzianum Sommier & Levier giant cow-parsnip
Apiaceae Heracleum maximum Bartr. American cow-parsnip
Apiaceae Heracleum sphondylium L. European cow-parsnip
Apiaceae Hydrocotyle americana L. American marsh-pennywort
Apiaceae Levisticum officinale L.W. D. J. Koch grden lovage
Apiaceae Ligusticum scoticum L. ssp. scoticum Scotch lovage
Apiaceae Lilaeopsis chinensis (L.) Kuntze eastern grasswort
Apiaceae Osmorhiza berteroi DC. mountain sweet-cicely
Apiaceae Osmorhiza claytonii (Michx.) C. B. Clarke bland sweet-cicely
Apiaceae Osmorhiza depauperata Phil. blunt-fruited sweet-cicely
Apiaceae Osmorhiza longistylis (Torr.) DC. long-styled sweet-cicely
Apiaceae Panx quinquefolius L. American ginseng
Apiaceae Panx trifolius L. dwarf ginseng
Apiaceae Pastinaca sativa L. wild parsnip
Apiaceae Pimpinella saxifraga L. ssp. saxifraga solid-stemmed burnet-saxifrage
Apiaceae Sanicula marilandica L. Maryland sanicle
Apiaceae Sanicula odorata (Raf.) K. M. Pryer & L. R. Phillippe clustered sanicle
Apiaceae Sanicula trifoliata Bickn. large-fruited sanicle
Apiaceae Sium suave Walt. water-parsnip
Apiaceae Zizea aurea (L.) W. D. J. Koch common golden Alexanders
Apocynaceae Apocynum androsaemifolium L. spreading dogbane
Apocynaceae Apocynum cannabinum L. hemp dogbane
Apocynaceae Asclepias exaltata L. poke milkweed
Apocynaceae Asclepias incarnata L. swamp milkweed
Apocynaceae Asclepias syriaca L. common milkweed
Apocynaceae Asclepias tuberosa L. butterfly milkweed
Apocynaceae Cynanchum louiseae Kartesz & Gandhi black swallowwort
Apocynaceae Cynanchum rossicum (Kleopow) Borhidi pale swallowwort
Apocynaceae Vinca minor L. lesser periwinkle
Aquifoliaceae Ilex glabra (L.) Gray
Aquifoliaceae Ilex laevigata (Pursh) Gray smooth winterberry
Aquifoliaceae Ilex mucronata (L.) M. Powell, Savol., & S. Andrews mountain holly
Aquifoliaceae Ilex verticillata (L.) Gray common winterberry
Asteraceae Achillea millefolium L. ssp. lanulosa (Nutt.) Piper common yarrow
Asteraceae Achillea ptarmica L. pearl yarrow
Asteraceae Ageratina altissima (L.) King & H. E. Robins var. altissima white snakeroot
Asteraceae Amberbo moschata (L.) DC. sweet sultan
Asteraceae Ambrosia artemisiifolia L. common ragweed
Asteraceae Ambrosia psilostachya DC. perennial ragweed
Asteraceae Ambrosia trifida L. var. trifida giant ragweed
Asteraceae Anaphalis margaritacea (L.) Benth. & Hook. f. pearly everlasting
Asteraceae Antennaria howellii Greene small pussytoes
Asteraceae Antennaria neglecta Greene field pussytoes
Asteraceae Antennaria parlinii Fern. Parlin’s pussytoes
Asteraceae Antennaria plantaginifolia (L.) Richardson plantain-leaved pussytoes
Asteraceae Anthemis arvensis L. corn chamomile
Asteraceae Anthemis cotula L. stinking chamomile
Asteraceae Arctium lappa L. great burdock
Asteraceae Arctium minus Bernh. common burdock
Asteraceae Arctium tomentosum Bernh. woolly burdock
Asteraceae Arnica lanceolata Nutt. ssp. lanceolata lance-leaved arnica
Asteraceae Arnoseris minima (L.) Schweig. & Koerte lamb-succory
Asteraceae Artemisia abrotanum L. southern wormwood
Asteraceae Artemisia absinthium L. oldman wormwood
Asteraceae Artemisia annua L. annual wormwood
Asteraceae Artemisia biennis Willd. biennial wormwood
Asteraceae Artemisia campestris L. field wormwood
Asteraceae Artemisia ludoviciana Nutt. ssp. ludovicoana white wormwood
Asteraceae Artemisia pontica L. Roman wormwood
Asteraceae Artemisia stelleriana Bess. beach wormwood
Asteraceae Artemisia vulgaris L. var. vulgaris common wormwood
Asteraceae Balsamita major L.Desf. costmary
Asteraceae Bellis perennis L. Lawn-daisy
Asteraceae Bidens aristosa (Michx.) Britt. midwestern beggar-ticks
Asteraceae Bidens beckii Torr. ex Spreng. Beck’s beggar-ticks
Asteraceae Bidens cernua L. nodding beggar-ticks
Asteraceae Bidens connata Muhl. ex Willd. purple-stemmed beggar-ticks
Asteraceae Bidens discoidea (Torr. & Gray) Britt. small beggar-ticks
Asteraceae Bidens eatonii Fern. Eaton’s beggar-ticks
Asteraceae Bidens frondosa L. Devil’s beggar-ticks
Asteraceae Bidens hyperborea Greene northern beggar-ticks
Asteraceae Bidens tripartita L. ssp. comosa three-lobed beggar-ticks
Asteraceae Bidens vulgata Greene tall beggar-ticks
Asteraceae Boltonia asteroides (L.) L'Hér. white doll’s-daisy
Asteraceae Calendula officinalis L. pot-marigold
Asteraceae Callistephus chinensis (L.) Nees Chinese-aster
Asteraceae Carduus acanthoides L. ssp. acanthoides spiny plumless-thistle
Asteraceae Centaurea cyanus L. garden knapweed
Asteraceae Centaurea jacea L. brown knapweed
Asteraceae Centaurea montana L. mountain knapweed
Asteraceae Centaurea nigra L. black knapweed
Asteraceae Centaurea nigrescens Willd. short-fringed knapweed
Asteraceae Centaurea scabiosa L. greater knapweed
Asteraceae Centaurea stoebe (Gugler) Hayek ssp. micranthos spotted knapweed
Asteraceae Cichorium endivia L. cultivated endive
Asteraceae Cichorium intybus L. chicory
Asteraceae Cirsium arvense (L.) Scop. creeping thistle
Asteraceae Cirsium discolor (Muhl. ex Willd.) Spreng. field thistle
Asteraceae Cirsium horridulum Michx. var. horridulum yellow thistle
Asteraceae Cirsium muticum Michx. swamp thistle
Asteraceae Cirsium pumilum (Nutt.) Spreng. var. pumilum pasture thistle
Asteraceae Cirsium vulgare (Savi) Ten. common thistle
Asteraceae Coreopsis lanceolata L. lance-leaved tickseed
Asteraceae Coreopsis tinctoria Nutt. var. tinctoria golden tickseed
Asteraceae Cosmos bipinnatus Cav. garden cosmos
Asteraceae Cosmos parviflorus (Jacq.) Pers. southwestern cosmos
Asteraceae Cota tinctoria (L.) J. Gay golden-chamomile
Asteraceae Crepis capillaris (L.) Wallr. smooth hawk’s-beard
Asteraceae Crepis tectorum L. narrow-leaved hawk’s-beard
Asteraceae Cyclachaena xanthiifolia (Nutt.) Fresen. carelessweed
Asteraceae Doellingeria umbellata (P. Mill.) Nees var. umbellata tall white-aster
Asteraceae Echinacea pallida (Nutt.) Nutt. pale purple coneflower
Asteraceae Echinops sphaerocephalus L. greater globe-thistle
Asteraceae Erechtites hieraciifolius (L.) Raf. ex DC. var. hieraciifolius American burnweed
Asteraceae Erigeron acris L. ssp. kamtschaticus (DC.) Hara bitter fleabane
Asteraceae Erigeron annuus (L.) Pers. annual fleabane
Asteraceae Erigeron canadensis L. Canada fleabane
Asteraceae Erigeron hyssopifolius Michx. hyssop-leaved fleabane
Asteraceae Erigeron philadelphicus L. Philadelphia fleabane
Asteraceae Erigeron pulchellus Michx. var. pulchellus Robin’s plantain fleabane
Asteraceae Erigeron strigosus Muhl. ex Willd. var. strigosus rough fleabane
Asteraceae Eupatorium perfoliatum L. boneset thoroughwort
Asteraceae Eupatorium pubescens Muhl. ex Willd. hairy thoroughwort
Asteraceae Eupatorium sessilifolium L. upland thoroughwort
Asteraceae Eurybia divaricata (L.) Nesom white wood-aster
Asteraceae Eurybia macrophylla (L.) Cass. large-leaved wood-aster
Asteraceae Eurybia radula (Ait.) Nesom rough wood-aster
Asteraceae Eurybia schreberi (Nees) Nees Schreber’s wood-aster
Asteraceae Euthamia caroliniana (L.) Greene ex/i> Porter & Britt. coastal plain grass-leaved-goldenrod
Asteraceae Euthamia graminifolia (L.) Nutt. common grass-leaved-goldenrod
Asteraceae Eutrochium dubium (Willd. ex Poir.) E. E. Lamont coastal plain Joe-Pye weed
Asteraceae Eutrochium fistulosum (Barratt) E. E. Lamont hollow Joe-Pye weed
Asteraceae Eutrochium maculatum (L.) E. E. Lamont var. maculatum spotted Joe-Pye weed
Asteraceae Gaillardia pulchella Foug. var. pulchella rosering blanket-flower
Asteraceae Galinsoga parviflora Cav. lesser quickweed
Asteraceae Galinsoga quadriradiata Ruiz & Pavón common quickweed
Asteraceae Gamochaeta purpurea (L.) Cabrera purple cudweed
Asteraceae Glebionis segetum (L.) Fourr. corn daisy
Asteraceae Gnaphalium uliginosum L. brown cudweed
Asteraceae Grindelia squarrosa (Pursh) Dunal curly-top gum-weed
Asteraceae Helenium autumnale L. fall sneezeweed
Asteraceae Helenium flexuosum Raf. purple-headed sneezeweed
Asteraceae Helianthus annuus L. common sunflower
Asteraceae Helianthus debilis Nutt. ssp. circumerifolius cucumber-leaved sunflower
Asteraceae Helianthus decapetalus L. thin-leaved sunflower
Asteraceae Helianthus divaricatus L. woodland sunflower
Asteraceae Helianthus giganteus L. tall sunflower
Asteraceae Helianthus grosseserratus Martens saw-toothed sunflower
Asteraceae Helianthus maximiliani Schrad. Maximilian’s sunflower
Asteraceae Helianthus mollis Lam. ashy sunflower
Asteraceae Helianthus pauciflorus Nutt. stiff sunflower
Asteraceae Helianthus petiolaris Nutt. ssp. petiolaris prairie sunflower
Asteraceae Helianthus strumosus L. pale-leaved sunflower
Asteraceae Helianthus tuberosus L. Jerusalem artichoke sunflower
Asteraceae Heliopsis helianthoides (L.) Sweet sunflower-everlasting
Asteraceae Helminthotheca echioidea (L.) Holub bristly ox-tongue
Asteraceae Hieracium aurantiacum L. orange hawkweed
Asteraceae Hieracium caespitosum Dumort. yellow hawkweed
Asteraceae Hieracium flagellare Willd. whip hawkweed
Asteraceae Hieracium kalmii L. Canada hawkweed
Asteraceae Hieracium lachenalii K. C. Gmel. common hawkweed
Asteraceae Hieracium murorum L. wall hawkweed
Asteraceae Hieracium paniculatum L. panicled hawkweed
Asteraceae Hieracium pilosella L. mouse-ear hawkweed
Asteraceae Hieracium piloselloides Vill. glaucous hawkweed
Asteraceae Hieracium praealtum Vill ex Gochnat tall hawkweed
Asteraceae Hieracium robinsonii (Zahn) Fern. Robinson’s hawkweed
Asteraceae Hieracium sabaudum Michx. Savoy hawkweed
Asteraceae Hieracium scabrum Michx. rough hawkweed
Asteraceae Hieracium venosum L. rattlesnake hawkweed
Asteraceae Hymenoxys odorata DC. poison rubberweed
Asteraceae Hypochaeris glabra L. smooth cat’s-ear
Asteraceae Hypochaeris radicata L. hairy cat’s-ear
Asteraceae Inula helenium L. horse yellowhead
Asteraceae Ionactis linariifolia (L.) Greene flax-leaved stiff-aster
Asteraceae Iva annua L. rough marsh-elder
Asteraceae Iva frutescens L. maritime marsh-elder
Asteraceae Jacobaea vulgaris Gaertn. tansy ragwort
Asteraceae Krigia biflora Walt. var. biflora two-flowered dwarf-dandelion
Asteraceae Krigia virginica (L.) Willd Virginia dwarf-dandelion
Asteraceae Lactuca biennis (Moench) Fern. tall blue lettuce
Asteraceae Lactuca canadensis L. tall lettuce
Asteraceae Lactuca hirsuta Muhl. ex Nutt. tall hairy lettuce
Asteraceae Lactuca sativa L. cultivated lettuce
Asteraceae Lactuca serriola L. prickly lettuce
Asteraceae Lapsana communis L. common nipplewort
Asteraceae Leucanthemum vulgare Lam. ox-eye daisy
Asteraceae Liatris novae-angliae (Lunnell) Shinners var. novae-angliae northern blazing star
Asteraceae Liatris pycnostachya Michx. var. pycnostachya thick-spiked blazing star
Asteraceae Madia glomerata Hook. mountain tarplant
Asteraceae Matricaria chamomilia L. wild chamomile
Asteraceae Matricaria discoidea DC. rayless chamomile
Asteraceae Mikania scandens (L.) Willd. climbing hempvine
Asteraceae Mulgedium pulchellum (Pursh) G. Don in R. Sweet Russia blue lettuce
Asteraceae Mycelis muralis (L.) Dumort. wall-lettuce
Asteraceae Nabalus albus (L.) Hook. white rattlesnake-root
Asteraceae Nabalus altissimus (L.) Hook. tall rattlesnake-root
Asteraceae Nabalus boottii DC. Boott’s rattlesnake-root
Asteraceae Nabalus racemosus (Michx) Hook. glaucous rattlesnake-root
Asteraceae Nabalus trifoliolatus Cass. three-leaved rattlesnake-root
Asteraceae Oclemena acuminata (Michx.) Nesom sharp-toothed nodding-aster
Asteraceae Oclemena nemoralis (Ait.) Greene bog nodding-aster
Asteraceae Omalotheca supina (L.) DC. alpine arctic-cudweed
Asteraceae Omalotheca sylvatica (L.) Schultz-Bip. and F. W. Schultz woodland arctic-cudweed
Asteraceae Packera aurea (L.) A. & D. Löve golden groundsel
Asteraceae Packera paupercula (Michx.) W. A. Weber & A. Löve balsam groundsel
Asteraceae Packera schweinitziana (Nutt.) W. A. Weber & A. Löve golden groundsel
Asteraceae Petasites frigidus (L.) Fries var. palmatus (Ait.) Cronq. northern sweet-coltsfoot
Asteraceae Petasites japonicus (Sieb. & Zucc.) Maxim. Japanese sweet-coltsfoot
Asteraceae Picris hieracioides L. hawkweed oxtongue
Asteraceae Pseudognaphalium macounii (Greene) Kartesz Macoun’s rabbit-tobacco
Asteraceae Pseudognaphalium micradenium (Weatherby) Neesom Weatherby’s rabbit-tobacco
Asteraceae Pseudognaphalium obtusifolium (L.) Hilliard & Burtt blunt-leaved rabbit-tobacco
Asteraceae Rudbeckia hirta L. Farw. black-eyed coneflower
Asteraceae Rudbeckia laciniata L. var. laciniata green-headed coneflowe
Asteraceae Scorzoneroides autumnalis (L.) Moench ssp. pratensis (Link) Holub fall-dandelion
Asteraceae Senecio sylvaticus L. woodland ragwort
Asteraceae Senecio viscosus L. sticky ragwort
Asteraceae Senecio vulgaris L. common ragwort
Asteraceae Sericocarpus asteroides {L.} B. S. P. toothed white-topped-aster
Asteraceae Silphium perfoliatum L. var. perfoliatum cup-plant rosinweed
Asteraceae Solidago aestivalis Bickn. swamp wrinkle-leaved goldenrod
Asteraceae Solidago altissima L. ssp. altissima tall goldenrod
Asteraceae Solidago arguta Ait. var. arguta forest goldenrod
Asteraceae Solidago bicolor L. white goldenrod
Asteraceae Solidago caesia L. var. caesia axillary goldenrod
Asteraceae Solidago canadensis L. var. canadensis Canada goldenrod
Asteraceae Solidago flexicaulis L. zig-zag goldenrod
Asteraceae Solidago gigantea Ait. smooth goldenrod
Asteraceae Solidago hispida Muhl. ex Willd. var. hispida hairy goldenrod
Asteraceae Solidago juncea Ait. early goldenrod
Asteraceae Solidago leiocarpa DC. Cutler’s goldenrod
Asteraceae Solidago macrophylla Pursh large-leaved goldenrod
Asteraceae Solidago nemoralis Ait. ssp. nemoralis gray goldenrod
Asteraceae Solidago puberula Nutt. var. puberula downy goldenrod
Asteraceae Solidago rugosa P. Mill. ssp. rugosa common wrinkle-leaved goldenrod
Asteraceae Solidago sempervirens L. var. sempervirens seaside goldenrod
Asteraceae Solidago simplex Kunth. ssp. randii (Porter) Ringius Rand’s goldenrod
Asteraceae Solidago speciosa Nutt. var. speciosa showy goldenrod
Asteraceae Solidago squarrosa Muhl. squarrose goldenrod
Asteraceae Solidago uliginosa Nutt. bog goldenrod
Asteraceae Solidago ulmifolia Muhl. ex Willd. var. ulmifolia elm-leaved goldenrod
Asteraceae Sonchus arvensis L. var. arvensis field sow-thistle
Asteraceae Sonchus asper (L.) Hill spiny-leaved sow-thistle
Asteraceae Sonchus oleraceus L. common sow-thistle
Asteraceae Symphyotrichum anticostense (Fern.) Nesom Anticosti American-aster
Asteraceae Symphyotrichum boreale (Torr. & Gray) Nesom rush American-aster
Asteraceae Symphyotrichum ciliatum (Lindl.) A. & D. Löve rayless annual American-aster
Asteraceae Symphyotrichum cordifolium (L.) Nesom heart-leaved American-aster
Asteraceae Symphyotrichum dumosum (L.) Nesom bushy American-aster
Asteraceae Symphyotrichum ericoides (L.) Nesom var. ericoides heath American-aster
Asteraceae Symphyotrichum frondosum (Nutt.) Nesom leafy annual American-aster
Asteraceae Symphyotrichum laeve (L.) A. &. D. Löve var. laeve smooth American-aster
Asteraceae Symphyotrichum lanceolatum (Willd.) Nesom ssp. lanceolatum lance-leaved American-aster
Asteraceae Symphyotrichum lateriflorum (L.) A. & D. Löve calico American-aster
Asteraceae Symphyotrichum novae-angliae (L.) Nesom New England American-aster
Asteraceae Symphyotrichum novi-belgii (L.) Nesom New York American-aster
Asteraceae Symphyotrichum patens (Ait.) Nesom var. patens late purple American-aster
Asteraceae Symphyotrichum pilosum (Willd.) Nesom awl American-aster
Asteraceae Symphyotrichum puniceum (L.) A. & D. Löve var. puniceum purple-stemmed American-aster
Asteraceae Symphyotrichum racemosum (Ell.) A. & D. Löve small white American-aster
Asteraceae Symphyotrichum subulatum (Michx.) Nesom var. subulatum annual saltmarsh American-aster
Asteraceae Symphyotrichum tradescantii (L.) Nesom Tradescant’s American-aster
Asteraceae Symphyotrichum undulatum (L.) Nesom wavy-leaved American-aster
Asteraceae Tanacetum bipinntum (L.) Schultz-Bip. ssp. hronense (Nutt.) Breitung eastern tansy
Asteraceae Tanacetum parthenium (L.) Schultz-Bip. feverfew tansy
Asteraceae Tanacetum vulgare L. common tansy
Asteraceae Taraxacum laevigatum (Willd.) DC. red-seeded dandelion
Asteraceae Taraxacum latilobum DC. large-lobed dandelion
Asteraceae Taraxacum officinale G. H. Weber ex Wiggers common dandelion
Asteraceae Tragopogon porrifolius L. purple goat’s beard
Asteraceae Tragopogon pratensis L. meadow goat’s beard
Asteraceae Tripleurospermum inodorum (L.) Schultz-Bip. corn scentless-chamomile
Asteraceae Tripleurospermum maritimum (L.) w. D. J. Koch ssp. maritimum scentless-chamomile
Asteraceae Tussilago farfara L. coltsfoot
Asteraceae Xanthium spinosum L. spiny cocklebur
Asteraceae Xanthium strumarium L. rough cocklebur
Balsaminaceae Impatiens capensis Meerb. spotted touch-me-not
Balsaminaceae Impatiens glandulifera Royle Himalaya touch-me-not
Balsaminaceae Impatiens pallida Nutt. pale touch-me-not
Berberidaceae Berberis thunbergii DC. Japanese barberry
Berberidaceae Berberis vulgaris L. common barberry
Berberidaceae Caulophyllum thalictroides (L.) Michx. blue cohosh
Berberidaceae Podophyllum peltatum L. May-apple
Betulaceae Alnus glutinosa (L.) Gaertn. European alder
Betulaceae Alnus incana (L.) Moench ssp. rugosa (Du Roi) Clausen speckled alder
Betulaceae Alnus serrulata (Ait.) Willd. smooth alder
Betulaceae Alnus viridis (Vill.) Lam. & DC. ssp. crispa (Ait.) Turrill green alder
Betulaceae Betula alleghaniensis Britt. yellow birch
Betulaceae Betula cordifolia Regel heart-leaved paper birch
Betulaceae Betula glandulosa Michx. glandular birch
Betulaceae Betula lenta L. cherry birch
Betulaceae Betula minor (Tuckerman) Fern. dwarf birch
Betulaceae Betula papyrifera Marsh. paper birch
Betulaceae Betula populifolia Marsh. gray birch
Betulaceae Betula pubescens Ehrh. ssp. pubescens downy birch
Betulaceae Betula pumila L. bog birch
Betulaceae Carpinus caroliniana Walt. ssp. virginiana (Marsh.) Furlow American hornbeam
Betulaceae Corylus americana Walt. American hazelnut
Betulaceae Corylus cornuta Marsh. ssp. cornuta beaked hazelnut
Betulaceae Ostrya virginiana (P. Mill.) K. Koch hop-hornbeam
Bignoniaceae Catalpa speciosa (Warder) Warder ex Engelm. northern catalpa
Boraginaceae Amsinckia menziesii (Lehm.) A. Nels. & J. F. Macbr. rancher’s fiddleneck
Boraginaceae Anchusa arvensis (L.) Bieb. small bugloss
Boraginaceae Anchusa officinalis L. common bugloss
Boraginaceae Borago officinalis L. borage
Boraginaceae Cynoglossum virginianum L. wild hound’s-tongue
Boraginaceae Echium creticum L. Cretan viper’s-bugloss
Boraginaceae Echium vulgare L. common viper’s-bugloss
Boraginaceae Hackelia deflexa (Wahlenb.) Opiz ssp. americana (Gray) A. & D. Löve nodding stickseed
Boraginaceae Heliotropum curassavicum L. var. curassavicum seaside heliotrope
Boraginaceae Lappula squarrosa (Retz.) Dumort. bristly sheepbur
Boraginaceae Lithospermum officinale L. European gromwell
Boraginaceae Mertensia maritima (L.) S. F. Gray var. maritima seaside bluebells
Boraginaceae Mertensia virginica (L.) Pers. ex Link eastern bluebells
Boraginaceae Myosotis arvensis (L.) Hill field forget-me-not
Boraginaceae Myosotis laxa Lehm. smaller forget-me-not
Boraginaceae Myosotis scorpioides L. water forget-me-not
Boraginaceae Myosotis stricta Link ex Roemer & J. A. Schultes
Boraginaceae Myosotis sylvatica Ehre. ex Hoffman woodland forget-me-not
Boraginaceae Myosotis varna Nutt. spring forget-me-not
Boraginaceae Nonea rosea (Bieb.) Link rose monk’s-wort
Boraginaceae Phacelia linearis (Pursh) Holz. thread-leaved scorpion-weed
Boraginaceae Phacelia tanacetifolia Benth. lacy scorpion-weed
Boraginaceae Symphytum asperum Lepechin prickly comfrey
Boraginaceae Symphytum officinale L. common comfrey
Brassicaceae Alliaria petiolata (Bieb.) Cavara & Grande garlic-mustard
Brassicaceae Alysum alyssoides (L.) L. pale alyssum
Brassicaceae Arabidopsis thaliana (L.) Heynh. mouse-ear thale-cress
Brassicaceae Arabis pycnocarpa M. Hopkins var. pycnocarpa hairy eared-rockcress
Brassicaceae Armoracia rusticana P. G. Gaertn., B. Mey., & Scherb. horse-radish
Brassicaceae Barbarea orthoceras Ledeb. American yellow-rocket
Brassicaceae Barbarea stricta Andrz. upright yellow-rocket
Brassicaceae Barbarea verna (P. Mill.) Aschers. early yellow-rocket
Brassicaceae Barbarea vulgaris Ait. f. garden yellow-rocket
Brassicaceae Berteroa incana (L.) DC. hoary false alyssum
Brassicaceae Boechera laevigata (Muhl. ex Willd.) Al-Shehbaz smooth rockcress
Brassicaceae Boechera missouriensis (Greene) Al-Shehbaz great rockcress
Brassicaceae Boechera stricta (Graham) Al-Shehbaz Canada rockcress
Brassicaceae Brassica juncea (L.) Czern. Chinese mustard
Brassicaceae Brassica napus L. turnip
Brassicaceae Brassica nigra (L.) W. D. J. Koch black mustard
Brassicaceae Brassica rapa L. rape
Brassicaceae Cakile edentula (Bigelow) Hook. ssp. edentula var. edentula sea rocket
Brassicaceae Camelina microcarpa Andrz. ex DC. small-seeded false flax
Brassicaceae Camelina sativa (L.) Crantz ssp. sativa large-seeded false flax
Brassicaceae Capsella bursa-pastoris (L.) Medik. shepherd's-purse
Brassicaceae Cardamine bellidifolia L. var. bellidifolia alpine bitter-cress
Brassicaceae Cardamine concatenata (Michx.) Sw. cut-leaved toothwort
Brassicaceae Cardamine diphylla (Michx.) Wood two-leaved toothwort
Brassicaceae Cardamine hirsuta L. hairy bitter-cress
Brassicaceae Cardamine impatiens L. narrow-leaved bitter-cress
Brassicaceae Cardamine longii Fern. Long’s bitter-cress
Brassicaceae Cardamine maxima (Nutt.) Wood large toothwort
Brassicaceae Cardamine parviflora L. var. arenicola (Britt.) O. E. Schulz small-flowered bitter-cress
Brassicaceae Cardamine pensylvanica Muhl. ex Willd. Pennsylvania bitter-cress
Brassicaceae Cardamine pratensis L. pink cuckoo bitter-cress
Brassicaceae Conringia orientalis {L.} Dumort. hare’s-ear-mustard
Brassicaceae Descurainia incana (Bernh. ex Fisch. & C. A. Mey.) Dorn. mountain tansy-mustard
Brassicaceae Descurainia pinnata (Walt.) Britt. ssp. brachycarpa western tansy-mustard
Brassicaceae Descurainia sophia (L.) Webb ex Prantl fine-leaved tansy-mustard
Brassicaceae Diplotaxis muralis (L.) DC. annual wall-rocket
Brassicaceae Diplotaxis tenuifolia (L.) DC. perennial wall-rocket
Brassicaceae Draba arabisans Michx. rock whitlow-mustard
Brassicaceae Draba cana Rydb. canescent whitlow-mustard
Brassicaceae Draba glabella Pursh smooth whitlow-mustard
Brassicaceae Draba verna L. spring whitlow-mustard
Brassicaceae Erucastrum gallicum (Willd.) O. E. Schulz common dog-mustard
Brassicaceae Erysimum capitatum (Dougl. ex Hook.) Greene var. capitatum sand-dune wallflower
Brassicaceae Erysimum cheiranthoides L. wormseed wallflower
Brassicaceae Erysimum inconspicuum (S. Wats.) MacM. var. inconspicuum shy wallflower
Brassicaceae Hesperis matronalis L. dame’s-rocket
Brassicaceae Iberis amara L. rocket candytuft
Brassicaceae Iberis umbellata L. globe candytuft
Brassicaceae Lepidium campestre (L.) Ait. f. field pepperweed
Brassicaceae Lepidium densiflorum Schrad. var. densiflorum prairie pepperweed
Brassicaceae Lepidium didymum L. lesser swine-cress
Brassicaceae Lepidium draba L. heart-podded pepperweed
Brassicaceae Lepidium heterophyllum Benth. variable-leaved pepperweed
Brassicaceae Lepidium perfoliatum L. clasping pepperweed
Brassicaceae Lepidium ruderale L. stinking pepperweed
Brassicaceae Lepidium sativum L. garden pepperweed
Brassicaceae Lepidium virginicum L. var. virginicum poor-man’s pepperweed
Brassicaceae Lobularia maritima (L.) Desv. sweet-alyssum
Brassicaceae Lunaria annua L. annual honesty
Brassicaceae Nasturtium microphyllum Boenn. ex Reichenb. one-rowed water-cress
Brassicaceae Nasturtium officinale Ait. f. two-rowed water-cress
Brassicaceae Neslia paniculata (L.) Desv. yellow ball-mustard
Brassicaceae Raphanus raphanistrum L. ssp. raphanistrum wild radish
Brassicaceae Raphanus sativa L. cultivated radish
Brassicaceae Rorippa amphibia (L.) Bess. great yellow-cress
Brassicaceae Rorippa palustris (L.) Bess. common yellow-cress
Brassicaceae Rorippa sylvestris (L.) Bess. creeping yellow-cress
Brassicaceae Sinapis alba L. white charlock
Brassicaceae Sinapis arvensis L. corn charlock
Brassicaceae Sisymbrium altissimum L. tumbling hedge-mustard
Brassicaceae Sisymbrium officinale (L.) Scop. common hedge-mustard
Brassicaceae Subularia aquatica L. ssp. americana Mulligan & Calder American water-awlwort
Brassicaceae Thlaspi arvense L. field penny-cress
Brassicaceae Turritis glabra L. tower-mustard
Campanulaceae Campanula aparinoides Pursh marsh bellflower
Campanulaceae Campanula glomerata L. clustered bellflower
Campanulaceae Campanula latifolia L. giant bellflower
Campanulaceae Campanula rapunculoides L. creeping bellflower
Campanulaceae Campanula rotundifolia L. Scotch bellflower
Campanulaceae Lobelia cardinalis L. red lobelia
Campanulaceae Lobelia dortmanna L. water lobelia
Campanulaceae Lobelia inflata L. bladder-pod lobelia
Campanulaceae Lobelia kalmii L. brook lobelia
Campanulaceae Lobelia siphilitica L. var. siphilitica great lobelia
Campanulaceae Lobelia spicata Lam. pale-spiked lobelia
Campanulaceae Triodanis perfoliata (L.) Nieuwl. clasping-leaved Venus’-looking-glass
Cannabaceae Cannabis sativa L. hemp
Cannabaceae Humulus japonicus Sieb. & Zucc. Japanese hop
Cannabaceae Humulus lupulus L. common hop
Caprifoliaceae Diervilla lonicera P. Mill. bush-honeysuckle
Caprifoliaceae Knautia arvensis (L.) Coult. bluebuttons
Caprifoliaceae Linnaea borealis L. ssp. americana (Forbes) Hultén ex Clausen American twinflower
Caprifoliaceae Lonicera canadensis Bartr. ex Marsh. American honeysuckle
Caprifoliaceae Lonicera dioica L. wild honeysuckle
Caprifoliaceae Lonicera japonica Thunb. Japanese honeysuckle
Caprifoliaceae Lonicera morrowii Gray Morrow’s honeysuckle
Caprifoliaceae Lonicera oblongifolia (Goldie) Hook. swamp honeysuckle
Caprifoliaceae Lonicera periclymenum K, European honeysuckle
Caprifoliaceae Lonicera sempervirens L. var. sempervirens trumpet honeysuckle
Caprifoliaceae Lonicera tatarica L. Tatarian honeysuckle
Caprifoliaceae Lonicera villosa (Michx.) J. A. Schultes mountain honeysuckle
Caprifoliaceae Lonicera xylosteum L. fly honeysuckle
Caprifoliaceae Symphoricarpos albus (L.) Blake ssp. laevigatus (Fern.) Hultén common snowberry
Caprifoliaceae Triosteum aurantiacum Bickn. var. aurantiacum orange-fruited horse-gentian
Caprifoliaceae Valeriana officinalis L. common valerian
Caprifoliaceae Valeriana uliginosa L. common valerian
Caprifoliaceae Valerianella locusta (L.) Lat. European corn-salad
Caryophyllaceae Agrostemma githago L. var. githago common corncockle
Caryophyllaceae Arenaria serpyllifolia L. thyme-leaved sandwort
Caryophyllaceae Atocion armeria (L.) Raf. sweet-William-catchfly
Caryophyllaceae Cerastium arvense L. field chickweed
Caryophyllaceae Cerastium fontanum Baumg. ssp. vulgare (Hartman) Greuter & Burdet mouse-ear chickweed
Caryophyllaceae Cerastium strictum L. American field chickweed
Caryophyllaceae Cerastium tomentosum L. tomentose chickweed
Caryophyllaceae Dianthus armeria L. Deptford pink
Caryophyllaceae Dianthus barbatus L. sweet William pink
Caryophyllaceae Dianthus deltoides L. maiden pink
Caryophyllaceae Dianthus plumarius L. garden pink
Caryophyllaceae Gypsophila elegans Bieb. showy baby’s-breath
Caryophyllaceae Gypsophila muralis L. low baby’s-breath
Caryophyllaceae Gypsophila paniculata L. glandular baby’s-breath
Caryophyllaceae Herniaria glabra L. smooth rupturewort
Caryophyllaceae Honckenya peploides (L.) Ehrh. ssp. robusta (Fern.) Hultén seaside-sandwort
Caryophyllaceae Lychnis chalcedonica L. scarlet lychnis
Caryophyllaceae Lychnis coronaria (L.) Murr. mullein lychnis
Caryophyllaceae Lychnis flos-cuculi L. ssp. flos-cuculi ragged robin lychnis
Caryophyllaceae Minuartia glabra (Michx.) Mattf. Appalachian sandplant
Caryophyllaceae Minuartia groenlandica (Retz.) Ostenf. mountain sandplant
Caryophyllaceae Minuartia michauxii (Fenzl) Farw. Michaux’s sandplant
Caryophyllaceae Minuartia rubella (Wahlenb.) Hiern boreal sandplant
Caryophyllaceae Moehringia lateriflora (L.) Fenzl blunt-leaved grove-sandwort
Caryophyllaceae Paronychia argyrocoma (Michx.) Nutt. silvery whitlow-wort
Caryophyllaceae Petrorhzgia saxifraga (L.) Link var. saxifraga saxifrage childing-pink
Caryophyllaceae Sagina nodosa (L.) Fenzl ssp. nodosa knotted pearlwort
Caryophyllaceae Sagina procumbens L. bird’s-eye pearlwort
Caryophyllaceae Saponaria officinalis L. common soapwort
Caryophyllaceae Scleranthus annuus L. annual knawel
Caryophyllaceae Silene acaulis (L.) Jacq. moss campion
Caryophyllaceae Silene antirrhina L. sleepy campion
Caryophyllaceae Silene csereii Baumg. Balkan campion
Caryophyllaceae Silene dichotoma Ehrh. forked campion
Caryophyllaceae Silene dioica (L.) Clairville red campion
Caryophyllaceae Silene gallica L. windmill campion
Caryophyllaceae Silene latifolia Poir. ssp. alba (P. Mill.) Greuter & Burdet white campion
Caryophyllaceae Silene nivea (Nutt.) Muhl. ex Otth showy campion
Caryophyllaceae Silene noctiflora L. night-flowering campion
Caryophyllaceae Silene nutans L. Eurasian campion
Caryophyllaceae Silene pendula L. nodding campion
Caryophyllaceae Silene vulgaris (Moench) Garcke ssp. vulgaris bladder campion
Caryophyllaceae Spergula arvensis L. corn spurry
Caryophyllaceae Spergularia canadensis (Pers.) G. Don var. canadensis Canada sand-spurry
Caryophyllaceae Spergularia marina (L.) Griseb. saltmarsh sand-spurry
Caryophyllaceae Spergularia rubra (L.) J. & K. Presl red sand-spurry
Caryophyllaceae Stellaria alsine Grimm bog stitchwort
Caryophyllaceae Stellaria borealis Bigelow ssp. borealis boreal stitchwort
Caryophyllaceae Stellaria graminea (Ledeb.) Bong. grass-leaved stitchwort
Caryophyllaceae Stellaria humifusa Rottb. saltmarsh stitchwort
Caryophyllaceae Stellaria longifolia Muhl. ex Willd.. var. longifolia long-leaved stitchwort
Caryophyllaceae Stellaria media (L.) Vill. common stitchwort
Caryophyllaceae Vaccaria hispanica (P. Mill.) Rauchert cowcockle
Caryophyllaceae Viscaria vulgaris Bernh. clammy-campion
Celastraceae Celastrus orbiculatus Thunb. Asian bittersweet
Celastraceae Celastrus scandens L. American bittersweet
Celastraceae Euonymus alatus (Thunb.) Sieb. winged spindle-tree
Celastraceae Euonymus atropurpureus Jacq. var. atropurpureus eastern spindle-tree
Celastraceae Euonymus europaeus L. European spindle-tree
Celastraceae Euonymus fortunei (Turcz.) Hand-Mazz. climbing spindle-tree
Cistaceae Crocanthemum bicknellii (Fern.) Barnh. hoary frostweed
Cistaceae Crocanthemum canadense (L.) Britt. Canada frostweed
Cistaceae Hudsonia ericoides L. pine-barren false heather
Cistaceae Hudsonia tomentosa Nutt. sand false heather
Cistaceae Lechea intermedia Leggett ex Britt. var. intermedia round-fruited pinweed
Cistaceae Lechea maritima Leggett ex B. S. P. var. maritima beach pinweed
Cistaceae Lechea tenuifolia Michx. narrow-leaved pinweed
Cleomaceae Peritoma serrulata (Pursh) DC. stinking bee-plant
Clethraceae Clethra alnifolia L. coastal sweet-pepperbush
Comandraceae Comandra umbellata (L.) Nutt. ssp. umbellata bstard-toadflax
Comandraceae Geocaulon lividum (Richards.) Fern. false toadflax
Convolvulaceae Calystegia pubescens Lindl. hairy false bindweed
Convolvulaceae Calystegia sepium (L.) R. Br. ssp. sepium hedge false bindweed
Convolvulaceae Calystegia spithamaea (L.) Pursh ssp. spithamaea upright false bindweed
Convolvulaceae Convolvulus arvensis L. field bindweed
Convolvulaceae Cuscuta epithymum L. clover dodder
Convolvulaceae Cuscuta europaea L. greater dodder
Convolvulaceae Cuscuta gronovii Willd. ex J. A. Schultes var. gronovii common dodder
Convolvulaceae Ipomoea hederacea Jacq. ivy-leaved morning-glory
Convolvulaceae Ipomoea purpurea (L.) Roth common morning-glory
Cornaceae Benthamidia florida (L.) Spach flowering big-bracted-dogwood
Cornaceae Chamaepericlymenum canadense (L.) Aschers. & Graebn. Canada dwarf-dogwood
Cornaceae Nyssa sylvatica Marsh. black tupelo
Cornaceae Swida alternifolia (L. f.) Small alternate-leaved dogwood
Cornaceae Swida amomum (P. Mill.) Small silky dogwood
Cornaceae Swida racemosa (Lam.) Moldenke gray dogwood
Cornaceae Swida rugosa (Lam.) Rydb. round-leaved dogwood
Cornaceae Swida sericea (L.) Holub red-osier dogwood
Crassulaceae Aizopsis kamtschatica (Fisch. & C. A. Mey.) Grulich orange stonecrop
Crassulaceae Crassula aquatica (L.) Schoenl. pygmy-weed
Crassulaceae Hylotelephium erythrostictum (Miq.) H. Ohba garden orpine
Crassulaceae Hylotelephium telephium (L.) H. Ohba ssp. telephium purple orpine
Crassulaceae Phedimus spurius (Bieb.) ’t Hart false stonecrop
Crassulaceae Phedimus stolonifera (Gmel.) ’t Hart running false stonecrop
Crassulaceae Rhodiola rosea L. roseroot
Crassulaceae Sedum acre L. moss stonecrop
Crassulaceae Sedum album L. white stonecrop
Crassulaceae Sedum hispanicum L. Spanish stonecrop
Crassulaceae Sedum ochroleucum Chaix European stonecrop
Crassulaceae Sedum sarmentosum Bunge stringy stonecrop
Crassulaceae Sedum ternatum Michx. woodland stonecrop
Crassulaceae Sempervivum tectorum L. hens-and-chickens
Cucurbitaceae Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Matsumura & Nakai watermelon
Cucurbitaceae Cucurbita maxima Duchesne winter squash
Cucurbitaceae Echincystis lobata (Michx.) Torr. & Gray wild cucumber
Cucurbitaceae Sicyos angulatus L. one-seeded burr-cucumber
Diapensiaceae Diapensia lapponica L. ssp. lapponica cushion-plant
Droseraceae Drosera anglica Huds. English sundew
Droseraceae Drosera intermedia Hayne spatulate-leaved sundew
Droseraceae Drosera linearis Goldie slender-leaved sundew
Droseraceae Drosera rotundifolia L. round-leaved sundew
Elaeagnaceae Elaeagnus umbellata Thunb. var. parviflora (Royle) Schneid. Russian-olive
Elaeagnaceae Shepherdia canadensis (L.) Nutt. Canada buffalo-berry
Elatinaceae Elatine americana (Pursh) Arn. American waterwort
Elatinaceae Elatine minima (Nutt.) Fisch. & C. A. Mey. small waterwort
Elatinaceae Elatine triandra Schkuhr Eurasian waterwort
Ericaceae Andromeda polifolia L. var. glaucophylla (Link) DC. bog-rosemary
Ericaceae Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng. red bearberry
Ericaceae Arctous alpina (L.) Nied.. alpine bearberry
Ericaceae Calluna vulgaris (L.) Hull heather
Ericaceae Chamaedaphne calyculata (L.) Moench leatherleaf
Ericaceae Chimaphila maculata (L.) Pursh spotted prince’s-pine
Ericaceae Chimaphila umbellata (L.) W. Bart. ssp. cisatlantica (Blake) Hultén noble prince’s-pine
Ericaceae Corema conradii (Torr.) Torr. ex Loud. broom-crowberry
Ericaceae Empetrum atropurpureum Fern & Wieg. red crowberry
Ericaceae Empetrum nigrum L. ssp. hermaphroditum (Lange ex Hargerup) Böcher black crowberry
Ericaceae Epigaea repens L. trailing-arbutus
Ericaceae Erica tetralix L. cross-leaved heath
Ericaceae Gaultheria hispidula (L.) Muhl. ex Bigelow creeping spicy-wintergreen
Ericaceae Gaultheria procumbens L. eastern spicy-wintergreen
Ericaceae Gaylussacia baccata (Wangenh.) K. Koch black huckleberry
Ericaceae Gaylussacia bigeloviana (Fern.) Sorrie & Weakley dwarf huckleberry
Ericaceae Harrimnella hypnoides (L.) Coville moss-plant
Ericaceae Hypopitys monotropa Crantz yellow pine-sap
Ericaceae Kalmia angustifolia L. ssp. angustifolia sheep American-laurel
Ericaceae Kalmia latifolia L. mountain American-laurel
Ericaceae Kalmia polifolia Wangenh. bog American-laurel
Ericaceae Kalmia procumbens (L.) Gift, Kron, & P. F. Stevens ex Galasso, Banfi, & F. Conti alpine-azalea
Ericaceae Lyonia ligustrina (L.) DC. var. ligustrina maleberry
Ericaceae Moneses uniflora (L.) Gray one-flowered-shinleaf
Ericaceae Monotropa uniflora L. one-flowered Indian-pipe
Ericaceae Orthilia secunda (L.) House one-sided-shinleaf
Ericaceae Phyllodoce caerulea (L.) Bab. purple mountain-heath
Ericaceae Pyrola americana Sweet American shinleaf
Ericaceae Pyrola asarifolia Michx. ssp. asarifolia pink shinleaf
Ericaceae Pyrola chlorantha Sw. green-flowered shinleaf
Ericaceae Pyrola elliptica Nutt. elliptic-leaved shinleaf
Ericaceae Pyrola minor L. little shinleaf
Ericaceae Rhododendron canadense (L.) Torr. rhodora
Ericaceae Rhododendron groenlandicum (Oeder) Kron & Judd Labrador-tea
Ericaceae Rhododendron lapponicum (L.) Wahlenb. Lapland rosebay
Ericaceae Rhododendron maximum L. great rosebay
Ericaceae Rhododendron prinophyllum (Small) Millais early azalea
Ericaceae Rhododendron viscosum (L.) Torr. clammy azalea
Ericaceae Vaccinium angustifolium Ait. common lowbush blueberry
Ericaceae Vaccinium boreale Hall & Aalders northern blueberry
Ericaceae Vaccinium caesariense Mackenzie New Jersey highbush blueberry
Ericaceae Vaccinium cespitosum Michx. dwarf blueberry
Ericaceae Vaccinium corymbosum L. highbush blueberry
Ericaceae Vaccinium fuscatum Ait. black highbush blueberry
Ericaceae Vaccinium macrocarpon Ait. large cranberry
Ericaceae Vaccinium myrtilloides Michx. velvet-leaved blueberry
Ericaceae Vaccinium oxycoccos L. small cranberry
Ericaceae Vaccinium pallidum Ait. hillside blueberry
Ericaceae Vaccinium uliginosum L. alpine blueberry
Ericaceae Vaccinium vitis-idaea L. ssp. minus (Lodd.) Hultén mountain cranberry
Euphorbiaceae Acalypha rhomboidea Raf. common three-seeded-Mercury
Euphorbiaceae Acalypha virginica L. Virginiathree-seeded-Mercury
Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia corollata L. flowering spurge
Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia cyparissias L. cypress spurge
Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia esula L. leafy spurge
Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia glyptosperma L.Engelm. rib-seeded sandmat
Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia helioscopa L. sun spurge
Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia maculata L. spotted sandmat
Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia peplus L. petty spurge
Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia polygonifolia L. seaside sandmat
Euphorbiaceae Euphorbia vermiculata Raf. hairy sandmat
Euphorbiaceae Mercurialis annua L. annual mercury
Fabaceae Amorpha fruticosa L. false indigo-bush
Fabaceae Amphicarpaea bracteata (L.) Fern. American hog-peanut
Fabaceae Apios americana Medik. common ground-nut
Fabaceae Astragalus alpinus L. var. brunetianus Fern. alpine milk-vetch
Fabaceae Astragalus eucosmus B. L. Robins. elegant milk-vetch
Fabaceae Astragalus robbinsii (Oakes) Gray Robbin’s milk-vetch
Fabaceae Genista tinctoria L. dyer’s greenweed
Fabaceae Caragana arborescens Lam. Siberian pea shrub
Fabaceae Cytisus scoparius (L.) Link var. scoparius Scotch broom
Fabaceae Desmodium canadense (L.) DC. showy tick-trefoil
Fabaceae Desmodium paniculatum (L.) DC. panicled tick-trefoil
Fabaceae Desmodium perplexum Schub. perplexed tick-trefoil
Fabaceae Genista tinctoria L. dyer’s greenweed
Fabaceae Gleditsia triacanthos L. honey-locust
Fabaceae Glycyrrhica lepidota Pursh American licorice
Fabaceae Gymnocladus dioicus (L.) K. Koch Kentucky coffee-tree
Fabaceae Hedysarum alpinus L. ssp. americanum (Michx.) Fedtsch. alpine sweet-vetch
Fabaceae Hylodesmum glutinosum (Muhl. ex Willd.) H. Ohashi & R. R. Mill pointed-leaved tick-trefoil
Fabaceae Hylodesmum nudiflorum (L.) H. Ohashi & R. R. Mill naked tick-trefoil
Fabaceae Laburnum xwatereri Dapp. golden chain-tree
Fabaceae Lathyrus japonicus Willd. var. maritimus (L.) Kartesz & Gandhi beach vetchling
Fabaceae Lathyrus latifolius L. everlasting vetchling
Fabaceae Lathyrus palustris L. marsh vetchling
Fabaceae Lathyrus pratensis L. meadow vetchling
Fabaceae Lathyrus tuberosus L. tuber vetchling
Fabaceae Lens culinaris Medik. lentil
Fabaceae Lespedeza capitata Michx. round-headed bush-clover
Fabaceae Lespedeza hirta (L.) Hornem. ssp. hirta hairy bush-clover
Fabaceae Lespedeza violacea (L.) Pers. wand bush-clover
Fabaceae Lotus corniculatus L. bird’s-foot-trefoil
Fabaceae Lupinus perennis L. ssp. perennis sundial lupine
Fabaceae Lupinus polyphyllus Lindl. var. polyphyllus blue lupine
Fabaceae Medicago arabica (L.) Huds. spotted medik
Fabaceae Medicago laciniata (L.) P. Mill. cut-leaved medik
Fabaceae Medicago lupulina L. black medick
Fabaceae Medicago polymorpha L. toothed medick
Fabaceae Medicago sativa L. purple medick
Fabaceae Melilotus albus Medik. white sweet-clover
Fabaceae Melilotus indicus (L.) All. Indian sweet-clover
Fabaceae Melilotus officinalis (L.) Lam. yellow sweet-clover
Fabaceae Oxytropis campestris (L.) DC. var. johannensis Fern. St. John River oxytrope
Fabaceae Phaseolus vulgaris L. kidney bean
Fabaceae Pisum sativum L. garden pea
Fabaceae Robinia hispida L. bristly locust
Fabaceae Robinia pseudoacacia L. black locust
Fabaceae Robinia viscosa Vent. var. viscosa clammy locust
Fabaceae Securigera varia (L.) Lassen purple crown-vetch
Fabaceae Strophostyles helvola (L.) Ell. annual woolly bean
Fabaceae Thermopsis villosa (Walt.) Fern. & Schub. Blue Ridge false lupine
Fabaceae Trifolium arvense L. rabbit-foot clover
Fabaceae Trifolium aureum Pollich palmate hop clover
Fabaceae Trifolium campestre Schreb. pinnate hop clover
Fabaceae Trifolium dubium Sibthorp lesser hop clover
Fabaceae Trifolium hybridum L. alsike clover
Fabaceae Trifolium incarnatum L. crimson clover
Fabaceae Trifolium medium L. zigzag clover
Fabaceae Trifolium pratense L. red clover
Fabaceae Trifolium repens L. white clover
Fabaceae Vicia cracca L. ssp. cracca bird vetch
Fabaceae Vicia faba L. broad vetch
Fabaceae Vicia hirsuta (L.) S. F. Gray tiny vetch
Fabaceae Vicia sativa L. ssp. nigra (L.) Ehrh. common vetch
Fabaceae Vicia sepium L. hedge vetch
Fabaceae Vicia tetrasperma (L.) Schreb. four-seeded vetch
Fabaceae Vicia villosa Roth hairy vetch
Fabaceae Wisteria floribunda (Willd.) DC. Japanese wisteria
Fagaceae Castanea dentata (Marsh.) Borkh. American chestnut
Fagaceae Fagus grandifolia Ehrh. American beech
Fagaceae Fagus sylvatica L. European beech
Fagaceae Quercus alba L. eastern white oak
Fagaceae Quercus bicolor L.Willd. swamp white oak
Fagaceae Quercus coccinea Muenchh. scarlet oak
Fagaceae Quercus ilicifolia Wangenh. scrub oak
Fagaceae Quercus macrocarpa Michx. burr oak
Fagaceae Quercus montana Willd. mountain chestnut oak
Fagaceae Quercus palustris Muenchh. pin oak
Fagaceae Quercus robur L. English oak
Fagaceae Quercus rubra L. northern red oak
Fagaceae Quercus velutina Lam. black oak
Gentianaceae Bartonia iodandra B. L. Robins. purple screwstem
Gentianaceae Bartonia virginica (L.) B. S. P. Virginia screwstem
Gentianaceae Centaurium pulchellum (Sw.) E. H. L. Krause branched centaury
Gentianaceae Gentiana clausa Raf. meadow bottle gentian
Gentianaceae Gentiana linearis Frost narrow-leaved gentian
Gentianaceae Gentiana rubricaulis Schwein. red-stemmed gentian
Gentianaceae Gentianella amarella (L.) Boerner ssp. acuta (Michx.) Gilbert northern dwarf-gentian
Gentianaceae Gentianella quinfolia (L.) Small ssp. quinquefolia stiff dwarf-gentian
Gentianaceae Gentianopsis crinita (Froel) Ma greater fringed-gentian
Gentianaceae Halenia deflexa (Sm.) Griseb. ssp. deflexa American spurred-gentian
Gentianaceae Lomatogonium rotatum (L.) Fries ex Fern. marsh-felwort
Geraniaceae Erodium botrys (Cav.) Bertol. long-beaked stork’s-bill
Geraniaceae Erodium cicutarium (L.) L’Hér. ex Ait. ssp. cicutarium red-stemmed stork’s-bill
Geraniaceae Erodium moschatum (L.) L’Hér. ex Ait. var. praecox Lange musky stork’s-bill
Geraniaceae Geranium bicknellii Britt. northern crane’s-bill
Geraniaceae Geranium carolinianum L. Carolina crane’s-bill
Geraniaceae Geranium maculatum L. spotted crane’s-bill
Geraniaceae Geranium molle L. dove’s-foot crane’s-bill
Geraniaceae Geranium pratense L. meadow crane’s-bill
Geraniaceae Geranium pusillum L. small-flowered crane’s-bill
Geraniaceae Geranium robertianum L. mountain crane’s-bill
Geraniaceae Geranium sanguineum L. bloody crane’s-bill
Grossulariaceae Ribes americanum P. Mill. eastern black currant
Grossulariaceae Ribes cynosbati L. eastern prickly gooseberry
Grossulariaceae Ribes glandulosum Grauer skunk currant
Grossulariaceae Ribes hirtellum Michx. hairy-stemmed gooseberry
Grossulariaceae Ribes lacustre (Pers.) Poir. bristly swamp currant
Grossulariaceae Ribes nigrum L. garden black currant
Grossulariaceae Ribes rubrum L. garden red currant
Grossulariaceae Ribes triste Pallas swamp red currant
Haloragaceae Myriophyllum alterniflorum DC. alternate-flowered water-milfoil
Haloragaceae Myriophyllum farwellii Morong Farwell’s water-milfoil
Haloragaceae Myriophyllum heterophyllum Morong variable-leaved water-milfoil
Haloragaceae Myriophyllum humile (Raf.) Morong low water-milfoil
Haloragaceae Myriophyllum sibiricum Komarov northern water-milfoil
Haloragaceae Myriophyllum spicatum L. Eurasian water-milfoil
Haloragaceae Myriophyllum tenellum Bigelow slender water-milfoil
Haloragaceae Myriophyllum verticillatum L. whorled water-milfoil
Haloragaceae Proserpinaca palustris L. marsh mermaid-weed
Haloragaceae Proserpinaca pectinata Lam. comb-leaved mermaid-weed
Hamamelidaceae Hamamelis virginiana L. American witch-hazel
Hydrangeaceae Hydrangea paniculata Sieb. panicled hydrangea
Hydrangeaceae Philadelphus coronarius L. sweet mock-orange
Hypericaceae Hypericum ascyron L. great St. John’s-wort
Hypericaceae Hypericum boreale (Britt.) Bickn. northern St. John’s-wort
Hypericaceae Hypericum canadense L. lesser Canada St. John’s-wort
Hypericaceae Hypericum ellipticum Hook. pale St. John’s-wort
Hypericaceae Hypericum gentianoides (L.) B. S. P. orange-grass St. John’s-wort
Hypericaceae Hypericum majus (Gray) Britt. greater Canada St. John’s-wort
Hypericaceae Hypericum mutilum L. dwarf St. John’s-wort
Hypericaceae Hypericum perforatum L. ssp. perforatum common St. John’s-wort
Hypericaceae Hypericum prolificum L. shrubby St. John’s-wort
Hypericaceae Hypericum punctatum Lam. spotted St. John’s-wort
Hypericaceae Triadenum fraseri (Spach) Gleason Fraser’s marsh-St. John’s-wort
Hypericaceae Triadenum virginicum (L.) Raf. Virginia marsh-St. John’s-wort
Juglandaceae Carya cordiformis (Wangenb.) K. Koch bitternut hickory
Juglandaceae Carya ovata (P. Mill.) K. Koch shagbark hickory
Juglandaceae Juglans cinerea L. white walnut
Juglandaceae Juglans nigra L. black walnut
Lamiaceae Ajuga genevensis L. standing bugle
Lamiaceae Ajuga reptans L. carpet bugle
Lamiaceae Clinopodium acinos (L.) Kuntze basil-thyme
Lamiaceae Clinopodium vulgare L. wild basil
Lamiaceae Dracocephalum parviflorum Nutt. American dragonhead
Lamiaceae Elsholtzia ciliata (Thunb.) Hyl. crested late-summer-mint
Lamiaceae Galeopsis bifida Boenn. split-lipped hemp-nettle
Lamiaceae Galeopsis ladanum L. red hemp-nettle
Lamiaceae Galeopsis tetrahit L. brittle-stemmed hemp-nettle
Lamiaceae Glechoma hederacea L. Gill-over-the-ground
Lamiaceae Hedeoma hispida Pursh rough false pennyroyal
Lamiaceae Hedeoma pulegioides (L.) Pers. American false pennyroyal
Lamiaceae Hyssopus officinalis L. hyssop
Lamiaceae Lamium album L. ssp. album white henbit
Lamiaceae Lamium amplexicaule L. var. amplexicaule common henbit
Lamiaceae Lamium galeobdolon (L.) L. ssp. galeobdolon yellow henbit
Lamiaceae Lamium maculatum L. spotted henbit
Lamiaceae Lamium purpureum L. red henbit
Lamiaceae Leonurus cardiaca L. motherwort
Lamiaceae Lycopus americanus Muhl. ex W. Bart. American water-horehound
Lamiaceae Lycopus uniflorus Michx. northern water-horehound
Lamiaceae Lycopus virginicus L. Virginia water-horehound
Lamiaceae Marrubium vulgare L. white horehound
Lamiaceae Melissa officinalis L. lemon-balm
Lamiaceae Mentha aquatica L. water mint
Lamiaceae Mentha arvensis L. ssp. parietariaefolia (Becker) Briq. field mint
Lamiaceae Mentha canadensis L. American wild mint
Lamiaceae Mentha spicata L. ssp. spicata spearmint
Lamiaceae Monarda didyma L. scarlet bee-balm
Lamiaceae Monarda fistulosa L. wild bee-balm
Lamiaceae Monarda media Willd. purple bee-balm
Lamiaceae Nepeta cataria L. catnip
Lamiaceae Physostegia virginiana (L.) Benth. ssp. virginiana obedient false dragonhead
Lamiaceae Prunella vulgaris L. common selfheal
Lamiaceae Pycnanthemum muticum (Michx.) Pers. clustered mountain-mint
Lamiaceae Pycnanthemum tenuifolium Schrad narrow-leaved mountain-mint
Lamiaceae Pycnanthemum virginianum (L.) T. Dur. & B. D. Jackson ex B. L. Robins. & Fern. Virginia mountain-mint
Lamiaceae Salvia officinalis L. West Indian sage
Lamiaceae Satureja hortensis L. summer savory
Lamiaceae Scutellaria galericulata L. hooded skullcap
Lamiaceae Scutellaria lateriflora L. mad dog skullcap
Lamiaceae Scutellaria parvula L.Michx. little skullcap
Lamiaceae Stachys annua L. annual hedge-nettle
Lamiaceae Stachys arvensis L. field hedge-nettle
Lamiaceae Stachys hispida Pursh hispid hedge-nettle
Lamiaceae Stachys hyssopifolia Michx. hyssop-leaved hedge-nettle
Lamiaceae Stachys palustris L. marsh hedge-nettle
Lamiaceae Stachys pilosa L. hairy hedge-nettle
Lamiaceae Teucrium canadense L. American germander
Lamiaceae Thymus pulegioides L. lemon thyme
Lamiaceae Trichostema dichotomum L. forked bluecurls
Lentibulariaceae Pinguicula vulgaris L. ssp. vulgaris violet butterwort
Lentibulariaceae Utricularia cornuta Michx. horned bladderwort
Lentibulariaceae Utricularia geminiscapa Benj. mixed bladderwort
Lentibulariaceae Utricularia gibba L. creeping bladderwort
Lentibulariaceae Utricularia intermedia Hayne flat-leaved bladderwort
Lentibulariaceae Utricularia minor L. lesser bladderwort
Lentibulariaceae Utricularia purpurea Walt. eastern purple bladderwort
Lentibulariaceae Utricularia radiata Small floating bladderwort
Lentibulariaceae Utricularia resupinata B. D. Greene ex Bigelow resupinate bladderwort
Lentibulariaceae Utricularia vulgaris L. ssp. macrorhiza (Le Conte) Clausen greater bladderwort
Linaceae Linum catharticum L. white flax
Linaceae Linum medium (Planch.) Britt. ssp. texanum (Planch.) A. Haines common yellow flax
Linaceae Linum perenne L. blue flax
Linaceae Linum radiola L. all-seed flax
Linaceae Linum usitatissimum L. cultivated flax
Linderniaceae Lindernia dubia (L.) Pennell yellow-seeded false pimpernel
Lythraceae Decodon verticillatus (L.) Ell. swamp-loosestrife
Lythraceae Lythrum alatum Pursh ssp. alatum winged loosestrife
Lythraceae Lythrum hyssopifolia L. hyssop-leaved loosestrife
Lythraceae Lythrum salicaria L. purple loosestrife
Malvaceae Abutilon theophrasti Medik. velvetleaf Indian-mallow
Malvaceae Hibiscus trionum L. Venice rose-mallow
Malvaceae Malva alcea L. vervain mallow
Malvaceae Malva moschata L. musk mallow
Malvaceae Malva neglecta Wallr. common mallow
Malvaceae Malva parviflora L. little mallow
Malvaceae Malva sylvestris L. high mallow
Malvaceae Malva verticillata L. whorled mallow
Malvaceae Napaea dioica L. glade-mallow
Malvaceae Sida spinosa L. prickly fanpetals
Malvaceae Tilia americana L. American linden
Malvaceae Tilia cordata P. Mill. small-leaved linden
Malvaceae Tilia platyphyllos Scop. large-leaved linden
Melastomataceae Rhexia virginica L. Virginia meadow-beauty
Menyanthaceae Menyanthes trifoliata L. buck-bean
Menyanthaceae Nymphoides cordata (Ell.) Fern. little floating-heart
Molluginaceae Mollugo verticillata L. green carpetweed
Moraceae Morus alba L. white mulberry
Myricaceae Comptonia peregrina (L.) Coult. sweet-fern
Myricaceae Morella caroliniensis (P. Mill.) Small small bayberry
Myricaceae Myrica gale L. sweet gale
Myrsinaceae Lysimachia arvensis (L.) U. Manns & A. Anderb. scarlet pimpernel
Myrsinaceae Lysimachia borealis (Raf.) U. Manns & A. Anderb. starflower
Myrsinaceae Lysimachia ciliata L. fringed yellow-loosestrife
Myrsinaceae Lysimachia clethroides Duby in DC. goose-neck yellow-loosestrife
Myrsinaceae Lysimachia hybrida Michx. lowland yellow-loosestrife
Myrsinaceae Lysimachia maritima (L.) Galasso, Banfi & Soldano sea-milkwort
Myrsinaceae Lysimachia nummularia L. creeping yellow-loosestrife
Myrsinaceae Lysimachia punctata L. large yellow-loosestrife
Myrsinaceae Lysimachia quadrifolia L. whorled yellow-loosestrife
Myrsinaceae Lysimachia terrestris (L.) B. S. P. swamp yellow-loosestrife
Myrsinaceae Lysimachia thyrsiflora L. tufted yellow-loosestrife
Myrsinaceae Lysimachia vulgaris L. garden yellow-loosestrife
Nelumbonaceae Nelumbo lutea Willd. American lotus
Nyctaginaceae Myrabilis hirsuta (Pursh) MacM. hairy umbrella-wort
Nyctaginaceae Myrabilis nyctaginea (Michx.) MacM. heart-leaved umbrella-wort
Oleaceae Fraxinus americana L. white ash
Oleaceae Fraxinus nigra Marsh. black ash
Oleaceae Fraxinus pennsylvanica Marsh. green ash
Oleaceae Ligustrum obtusifolium L.Sieb. & Zucc. border privet
Oleaceae Ligustrum vulgare L. European privet
Oleaceae Syringa vulgaris L. common lilac
Onagraceae Chamerion angustifolium (L.) Holub ssp. circumvagum (Mosq.) Kartesz narrow-leaved fireweed
Onagraceae Circaea alpina L. ssp. alpina small enchanter’s-nightshade
Onagraceae Circaea canadensis (L.) Hill ssp. canadensis small enchanter’s-nightshade
Onagraceae Epilobium anagallidifolium Lam. pimpernel willow-herb
Onagraceae Epilobium ciliatum Raf. fringed willow-herb
Onagraceae Epilobium coloratum Biehler eastern willow-herb
Onagraceae Epilobium hirsutum L. hairy willow-herb
Onagraceae Epilobium hornemannii Reichenb. ssp. hornemannii Hornemann’s willow-herb
Onagraceae Epilobium lactiflorum Hausskn. white-flowered willow-herb
Onagraceae Epilobium leptophyllum Raf. bog willow-herb
Onagraceae Epilobium palustre L. marsh willow-herb
Onagraceae Epilobium strictum Muhl. ex Spreng. downy willow-herb
Onagraceae Ludwigia palustris (L.) Ell. common water-primrose
Onagraceae Ludwigia polycarpa Short & Peter many-fruited water-primrose
Onagraceae Oenothera biennis L. common evening-primrose
Onagraceae Oenothera fruticosa L. ssp. fruticosa narrow-leaved evening-primrose
Onagraceae Oenothera glazoviana Micheli in Mart. garden evening-primrose
Onagraceae Oenothera laciniata Hill cut-leaved evening-primrose
Onagraceae Oenothera nutans Atkinson & Bartlett nodding evening-primrose
Onagraceae Oenothera oakesiana (Gray) J. W. Robbins exS. Wats. & Coult. Oakes’ evening-primrose
Onagraceae Oenothera parviflora L. small-flowered evening-primrose
Onagraceae Oenothera perennis L. little evening-primrose
Onagraceae Oenothera pilosella Raf. ssp. pilosella meadow evening-primrose
Onagraceae Oenothera villosa Thunb. ssp. villosa hairy evening-primrose
Orobanchaceae Agalinis maritima (Raf.) Raf. ssp. maritima saltmarsh agalinis
Orobanchaceae Agalinis neoscotica (Greene) Fern. Nova Scotia agalinis
Orobanchaceae Agalinis paupercula (Gray) Britt. small-flowered agalinis
Orobanchaceae Agalinis purpurea (L.) Pennell purple agalinis
Orobanchaceae Agalinis tenuifolia (Vahl) Raf. alender-leaved agalinis
Orobanchaceae Aureolaria flava (L.) Farw. var. flava smooth false foxglove
Orobanchaceae Aureolaria pedicularia (L.) Raf. fern-leaved false foxglove
Orobanchaceae Castilleja coccinea (L.) Spreng. scarlet painted-cup
Orobanchaceae Castilleja septentrionalis Lindl. northern painted-cup
Orobanchaceae Conopholis americana (L.) Wallr. f. American squaw-root
Orobanchaceae Epifagus virginiana (L.) W. Bart. beech-drops
Orobanchaceae Euphrasia nemorosa (Pers.) Wallr. common eyebright
Orobanchaceae Euphrasia oakesii Wettst. Oakes’ eyebright
Orobanchaceae Euphrasia randii B. L. Robins. Rand’s eyebright
Orobanchaceae Euphrasia stricta D. Wolff ex J. F. Lehm. strict eyebright
Orobanchaceae Euphrasia suborbicularis Sell & Yeo round-leaved
Orobanchaceae Euphrasia tetraquetra (Brébiss.) Arrond. seacliff eyebright
Orobanchaceae Melampyrum lineare Desr. American cow-wheat
Orobanchaceae Odontites vernus (Bellardi) Dumort. ssp. serotinus (Dumort.) Corb. red false bartsia
Orobanchaceae Orobanche uniflora L. one-flowered broom-rape
Orobanchaceae Pedicularis canadensis L. ssp. canadensis forest lousewort
Orobanchaceae Pedicularis furbishiae S. Wats. Furbish’s lousewort
Orobanchaceae Rhinanthus minor L. ssp. minor little yellow-rattle
Oxalidaceae Oxalis corniculata L. creeping yellow wood sorrel
Oxalidaceae Oxalis dillenii Jacq. slender yellow wood sorrel
Oxalidaceae Oxalis florida Salisb. flowering yellow wood sorrel
Oxalidaceae Oxalis montana Raf. northern wood sorrel
Oxalidaceae Oxalis stricta L. common yellow wood sorrel
Papaveraceae Adlumia fungosa (Ait.) Greene ex B. S. P. Allegheny-vine
Papaveraceae Capnoides sempervirens (L.) Borkh. pink-corydalis
Papaveraceae Chelidonium majus L. greater celandine
Papaveraceae Dicentra canadensis (Goldie) Walp. squirrel-corn
Papaveraceae Dicentra cucullaria (L.) Bernh. Dutchman’s-breeches
Papaveraceae Fumaria officinalis L. ssp. officinalis common fumitory
Papaveraceae Lamprocapnos spectabilis (L.) Fukuhara common bleeding-heart
Papaveraceae Macleaya cordata (Willd.) R. Br. plume-poppy
Papaveraceae Papaver rhoeas L. corn poppy
Papaveraceae Papaver somniferum L. opium poppy
Papaveraceae Sanguinaria canadensis L. blood-root
Parnassiaceae Parnassia glauca Raf. fen grass-of-Parnassus
Penthoraceae Penthorum sedoides L. ditch-stonecrop
Phrymaceae Mazus miquelii Makino creeping mazus
Phrymaceae Mimulus moschatus Dougl. ex Lindl. var. moschatus musky monkey-flower
Phrymaceae Mimulus ringens L. Allegheny monkey-flower
Phrymaceae Phryma leptostachya L. American lop-seed
Phytolaccaceae Phytolacca americana L. var. americana American pokeweed
Plantaginaceae Callitriche heterophylla Pursh var. heterophylla greater water-starwort
Plantaginaceae Callitriche palustris L. vernal water-starwort
Plantaginaceae Callitriche stagnalis Scop. pond water-starwort
Plantaginaceae Callitriche terrestris Raf. terrestrial water-starwort
Plantaginaceae Chenorhinum minus {L.} Lange dwarf-snapdragon
Plantaginaceae Chelone glabra L. white turtlehead
Plantaginaceae Chelone lyonii Pursh pink turtlehead
Plantaginaceae Digitalis grandiflora P. Mill. yellow foxglove
Plantaginaceae Digitalis purpurea L. var. purpurea purple foxglove
Plantaginaceae Gratiola aurea Pursh golden hedge-hyssop
Plantaginaceae Gratiola neglecta Torr. clammy hedge-hyssop
Plantaginaceae Hippuris vulgaris L. common mare’s-tail
Plantaginaceae Linaria dalmatica (L.) P. Mill. ssp. dalmatica Dalmatian toadflax
Plantaginaceae Linaria macroccana Hook. f. Moroccan toadflax
Plantaginaceae Linaria repens (L.) P. Mill. striped toadflax
Plantaginaceae Linaria vulgaris P. Mill. butter-and-eggs toadflax
Plantaginaceae Littorella americana Fern. American shoreweed
Plantaginaceae Misopates orontium (L.) Raf. lesser-snapdragon
Plantaginaceae Nuttallanthus canadensis (L.) D. A. Sutton old-field toadflax
Plantaginaceae Penstemon calycosus Small long-sepaled beardtongue
Plantaginaceae Penstemon digitalis Nutt. ex/i> Sims foxglove beardtongue
Plantaginaceae Penstemon hirsutus (L.) Willd. northeastern beardtongue
Plantaginaceae Penstemon pallidus Small eastern white beardtongue
Plantaginaceae Penstemon tubiflorus Nutt. tube beardtongue
Plantaginaceae Plantago arenaria Wallst. & Kit. sand plantain
Plantaginaceae Plantago aristata Michx. bracted plantain
Plantaginaceae Plantago intermedia DC. many-seeded plantain
Plantaginaceae Plantago lanceolata L. English plantain
Plantaginaceae Plantago major L. common plantain
Plantaginaceae Plantago maritima L. ssp. juncoides (Lam.) Hultén seaside plantain
Plantaginaceae Plantago media L. hoary plantain
Plantaginaceae Plantago patagonica Jacq. Pursh’s plantain
Plantaginaceae Plantago rugelii Dcne. Rugel’s plantain
Plantaginaceae Plantago virginica L. pale-seeded plantain
Plantaginaceae Veronica agrestis L. green field speedwell
Plantaginaceae Veronica americana Schwein. ex Benth. American speedwell
Plantaginaceae Veronica anagallis-aquatica L. blue water speedwell
Plantaginaceae Veronica arvensis L. corn speedwell
Plantaginaceae Veronica austriaca L. ssp. teucrium (L.) D. A. Webb broad-leaved speedwell
Plantaginaceae Veronica beccabunga L. European speedwell
Plantaginaceae Veronica chamaedrys L. germander speedwell
Plantaginaceae Veronica longifolia L. long-leaved speedwell
Plantaginaceae Veronica officinalis L. common speedwell
Plantaginaceae Veronica peregrina L. purslane speedwell
Plantaginaceae Veronica persica Poir. bird’s-eye speedwell
Plantaginaceae Veronica polita Fries gray field speedwell
Plantaginaceae Veronica scutellata L. narrow-leaved speedwell
Plantaginaceae Veronica serpyllifolia L. (Dickson) Syme thyme-leaved speedwell
Plantaginaceae Veronica wormskjoldii Roemer & J. A. Schultes var. wormskjoldii American alpine speedwell
Plantaginaceae Veronicastrum virginicum (L.) Farw. Culver’s-root
Platanaceae Platanus occidentalis L. American sycamore’s-root
Plumbaginaceae Limonium carolinianum (Walt.) Britt. Carolina sea-lavender
Podostemaceae Podostemum ceratophyllum Michx. horn-leaved riverweed
Polemoniaceae Collomia linearis Nutt. narrow-leaved mountain-trumpet
Polemoniaceae Gilia achilleifolia Benth. ssp. multicaulis (Benth.) V. & A. Grant blue gilia
Polemoniaceae Phlox maculata L. ssp. maculata spotted phlox
Polemoniaceae Phlox paniculata L. fall phlox
Polemoniaceae Phlox stolonifera Sims creeping phlox
Polemoniaceae Phlox subulata L. ssp. subulata moss phlox
Polemoniaceae Polemonium caeruleum L. blue Jacob’s-ladded
Polemoniaceae Polemonium vanbruntiae Britt. bog Jacob’s-ladded
Polygalaceae Polygala ambigua Nutt. alternate milkwort
Polygalaceae Polygala cruciata L. ssp. aquilonia drum-heads milkwort
Polygalaceae Polygala paucifolia Willd. fringed milkwort
Polygalaceae Polygala polygama Walt. racemed milkwort
Polygalaceae Polygala sanguinea L. blood milkwort
Polygalaceae Polygala senega L. Seneca milkwort
Polygalaceae Polygala verticillata L. whorled milkwort
Polygonaceae Bistorta officinalis Delarbre meadow bistort
Polygonaceae Bistorta vivipara (L.) S. F. Gray alpine bistort
Polygonaceae Fagopyrum esculentum Moench garden buckwheat
Polygonaceae Fagopyrum tataricum (L.) Gaertn. green buckwheat
Polygonaceae Fallopia cilinodis (Michx.) Holub fringed bindweed
Polygonaceae Fallopia convolvulus (L.) A. Löve black bindweed
Polygonaceae Fallopia japonica (Houtt.) Dcne. var. japonica Japanese knotweed
Polygonaceae Fallopia sachalinensis (F. S. Petrop. ex Maxim.) R. Decr. giant knotweed
Polygonaceae Fallopia scandens (L.) Holub climbing bindweed
Polygonaceae Persicaria amphibia (L.) S. F. Gray ssp. laevimarginata (Hultén) Soják water smartweed
Polygonaceae Persicaria arifolia (L.) Haroldson halberd-leaved tearthumb
Polygonaceae Persicaria careyi (Olney) Greene Carey’s smartweed
Polygonaceae Persicaria coccinea (Muhl. ex Willd.) Greene scarlet smartweed
Polygonaceae Persicaria hydropiper (L.) Opiz water-pepper smartweed
Polygonaceae Persicaria hydropiperoides (Michx.) Small false water-pepper smartweed
Polygonaceae Persicaria lapathifolia (L.) S. F. Gray dock-leaved smartweed
Polygonaceae Persicaria longiseta (Bruijn) Kitagawa Oriental lady’s-thumb smartweed
Polygonaceae Persicaria maculosa S. F. Gray lady’s-thumb smartweed
Polygonaceae Persicaria orientalis (L.) Spach prince’s-feather smartweed
Polygonaceae Persicaria pensylvanica (L.) G. Maza Pennsylvania smartweed
Polygonaceae Persicaria punctata (Ell.) Small dotted smartweed
Polygonaceae Persicaria puritanorum (Fern.) Soják Puritan smartweed
Polygonaceae Persicaria robustior (Small) Bickn. stout dotted smartweed
Polygonaceae Persicaria sagittata (L.) H. Gross arrow-leaved tearthumb
Polygonaceae Polygonum achoreum Blake leathery knotweed
Polygonaceae Polygonum articulatum L. coastal jointed knotweed
Polygonaceae Polygonum aviculare L. dooryard knotweed
Polygonaceae Polygonum buxiforme Small prairie knotweed
Polygonaceae Polygonum douglasii Greene Douglas’ knotweed
Polygonaceae Polygonum erectum L. upright knotweed
Polygonaceae Polygonum fowleri B. L. Robins. ssp. fowleri Fowler’s knotweed
Polygonaceae Polygonum oxyspermum C. A. Mey & Bunge ex Ledeb. ssp. raii (Bab.) Webb & Chater Ray’s knotweed
Polygonaceae Polygonum ramosissimum Michx. yellow-flowered knotweed
Polygonaceae Polygonum tenue Michx. slender knotweed
Polygonaceae Rheum rhabarbarum L. garden rhubarb
Polygonaceae Rumex acetosa L. common dock
Polygonaceae Rumex acetosella L. ssp. pyrenaicus (Pourret ex Lapeyr.) Akeroyd sheep dock
Polygonaceae Rumex alpinus L. alpine dock
Polygonaceae Rumex altissimus L.Wood pale dock
Polygonaceae Rumex britannica L. greater water dock
Polygonaceae Rumex crispus L. ssp. crispus curly dock
Polygonaceae Rumex longifolius DC. yard dock
Polygonaceae Rumex obtusifolius L. ssp. obtusifolius bitter dock
Polygonaceae Rumex occidentalis S. Wats. western dock
Polygonaceae Rumex pallidus Bigelow seabeach dock
Polygonaceae Rumex patientia L. patience dock
Polygonaceae Rumex persicarioides L. American golden dock
Polygonaceae Rumex triangulivalvis (Danser) Rech. f. white dock
Portulacaceae Clatonia caroliniana Michx. Carolina spring-beauty
Portulacaceae Montia fontana L. water montia
Portulacaceae Portulaca oleracea L. common purslane
Primulaceae Hottonia inflata Ell. American featherfoil
Primulaceae Primula laurentiana Fern. bird’s-eye primrose
Primulaceae Primula mistassinica Michx. Lake Mistassini primrose
Primulaceae Primula veris L. cowslip primrose
Ranunculaceae Aconitum napellus L. garden monkshood
Ranunculaceae Actaea pachypoda Ell. white baneberry
Ranunculaceae Actaea racemosa L. black bugbane
Ranunculaceae Actaea rubra (Ait.) Willd. red baneberry
Ranunculaceae Anemone acutiloba (DC.) G. Lawson sharp-lobed hepatica
Ranunculaceae Anemone americana (DC.) H. Hara blunt-lobed hepatica
Ranunculaceae Anemone canadensis L. Canada windflower
Ranunculaceae Anemone cylindrica Gray long-headed windflower
Ranunculaceae Anemone multifida Poir. var. multifida cut-leaved windflower
Ranunculaceae Anemone quinquefolia L. var. quinquefolia wood windflower
Ranunculaceae Anemone virginiana L. tall windflower
Ranunculaceae Aquilegia canadensis L. red columbine
Ranunculaceae Aquilegia vulgaris L. European columbine
Ranunculaceae Caltha palustris L. marsh-marigold
Ranunculaceae Clematis occidentalis (Hornem.) DC. ssp. occidentalis purple virgin’s-bower
Ranunculaceae Clematis virginiana L. Virginia virgin’s-bower
Ranunculaceae Clematis vitalba L. white virgin’s-bower
Ranunculaceae Coptidium lapponicum {L.} Gandog. Lapland-crowfoot
Ranunculaceae Coptis trifolia (L.) Salisb. three-leaved goldthread
Ranunculaceae Ranunculus abortivus L. kidney-leaved crowfoot
Ranunculaceae Ranunculus acris L. tall crowfoot
Ranunculaceae Ranunculus ambigens S. Wats. water-plantain crowfoot
Ranunculaceae Ranunculus aquatilis L. var. diffusus Withering white water crowfoot
Ranunculaceae Ranunculus bulbosus L. bulbous crowfoot
Ranunculaceae Ranunculus caricetorum Greene swamp crowfoot
Ranunculaceae Ranunculus cymbalaria Pursh seaside crowfoot
Ranunculaceae Ranunculus fascicularis Muhl. ex Bigelow early crowfoot
Ranunculaceae Ranunculus flabellaris Raf. greater yellow water crowfoot
Ranunculaceae Ranunculus flammula L. creeping crowfoot
Ranunculaceae Ranunculus gmelinii DC. lesser yellow water crowfoot
Ranunculaceae Ranunculus pensylvanicus L. f. bristly crowfoot
Ranunculaceae Ranunculus recurvatus Poir. var. recurvatus hooked crowfoot
Ranunculaceae Ranunculus repens L. spot-leaved crowfoot
Ranunculaceae Ranunculus scleratus L. var. scleratus cursed crowfoot
Ranunculaceae Thalictrum dioicum L. early meadow-rue
Ranunculaceae Thalictrum pubescens Pursh tall meadow-rue
Ranunculaceae Thalictrum thalictroides (L.) Eames & Boivin anemone meadow-rue
Ranunculaceae Thalictrum venulosum Trel. var. confine (Fern.) Boivin veiny-leaved meadow-rue
Ranunculaceae Xanthorhiza simplicissima Marsh. shrub yellowroot
Resedaceae Reseda alba L. white upright mignonette
Resedaceae Reseda lutea L. yellow upright mignonette
Resedaceae Reseda odorata L. garden mignonette
Rhamnaceae Ceanothus americanus L. New Jersey redroot
Rhamnaceae Frangula alnus P. Mill. glossy false buckthorn
Rhamnaceae Rhamnus alnifolia L’Hér. alder-leaved buckthorn
Rhamnaceae Rhamnus cathartica L. European buckthorn
Rosaceae Agrimonia gryposepala Wallr. common agrimony
Rosaceae Agrimonia striata Michx. roadside agrimony
Rosaceae Alchemilla monticola Opiz hairy lady’s-mantle
Rosaceae Amelanchier arborea (Michx. f.) Fern. downy shadbush
Rosaceae Amelanchier bartramiana (Tausch) M. Roemer mountain shadbush
Rosaceae Amelanchier canadensis (L.) Medik. eastern shadbush
Rosaceae Amelanchier gaspensis (Wieg.) Fern. & Weatherby Gaspé shadbush
Rosaceae Amelanchier intermedia Spach intermediate shadbush
Rosaceae Amelanchier laevis Wieg. smooth shadbush
Rosaceae Amelanchier nantucketensis Bickn. Nantucket shadbush
Rosaceae Amelanchier sanguinea (Pursh) DC. round-leaved shadbush
Rosaceae Amelanchier spicata (Lam.) K. Koch dwarf shadbush
Rosaceae Argentina anserina (L.) Rydb. common silverweed
Rosaceae Argentina egedii (Wormsk.) Rydb. ssp. groenlandica (Tratt.) A. Löve Pacific silverweed
Rosaceae Aronia floribunda (Lindl.) Spach purple chokeberry
Rosaceae Aronia melanocarpa (Michx.) Ell. black chokeberry
Rosaceae Aruncus dioicus (Walt.) Fern. var. dioicus goat's beard
Rosaceae Comarum palustre L. marsh-cinquefoil
Rosaceae Crataegus chrysocarpa Ashe fireberry hawthorn
Rosaceae Crataegus crus-galli L. cockspur hawthorn
Rosaceae Crataegus faxonii Sarg. Faxon’s hawthorn
Rosaceae Crataegus flabellata (Bosc. ex Spach) K. Koch Gray’s hawthorn
Rosaceae Crataegus flavida Sarg. yellow hawthorn
Rosaceae Crataegus fluviatilis Sarg. river hawthorn
Rosaceae Crataegus fretalis Sarg. Long Island Sound hawthorn
Rosaceae Crataegus holmesiana Ashe Holmes’ hawthorn
Rosaceae Crataegus irrasa Sarg. var. blanchardii (Sarg.) Egglest. zigzag hawthorn
Rosaceae Crataegus jonesiae Sarg. Miss Jones’ hawthorn
Rosaceae Crataegus keepii Sarg. Keep’s hawthorn
Rosaceae Crataegus laurentiana Sarg. Brunet’s hawthorn
Rosaceae Crataegus macracantha Lodd. ex Loud long-thorned hawthorn
Rosaceae Crataegus macrosperma Ashe large-seeded hawthorn
Rosaceae Crataegus monogyna Jacq. one-seeded hawthorn
Rosaceae Crataegus oakesiana Egglist. Oakes’ hawthorn
Rosaceae Crataegus phaenopyrum (L. f.) Medik. Washington hawthorn
Rosaceae Crataegus pruinosa (Wendl. f.) K. Koch frosted hawthorn
Rosaceae Crataegus scheuttei Ashe var. basilica (Beadle) J. B. Phipps royal hawthorn
Rosaceae Crataegus submollis Sarg. Quebec hawthorn
Rosaceae Dasiphora floribunda Raf. shrubby-cinquefoil
Rosaceae Drymocallis arguta (Pursh) Rydb. tall wood-beauty
Rosaceae Filipendula rubra (Hill) B. L. Robins. prairie dropwort
Rosaceae Filipendula ulmaria (L.) Maxim. meadow dropwort
Rosaceae Filipendula vulgaris Moench common dropwort
Rosaceae Fragaria vesca L. woodland strawberry
Rosaceae Fragaria virginiana Duchesne common
Rosaceae Geum aleppicum Jacq. ssp. strictum (Ait.) Clausen yellow avens
Rosaceae Geum canadense Jacq. var. canadense white avens
Rosaceae Geum fragarioides (Michx.) Smedmark Appalachian barren-strawberry
Rosaceae Geum laciniatum Murr. floodplain avens
Rosaceae Geum macrophyllum Willd. large-leaved avens
Rosaceae Geum rivale L. water avens
Rosaceae Malus baccata (L.) Borkh. Siberian crab apple
Rosaceae Malus prunifolia (Willd.) Borkh. pear-leaved crab apple
Rosaceae Malus pumila P. Mill cultivated apple
Rosaceae Physocarpus opulifolius (L.) Maxim. Atlantic ninebark
Rosaceae Potentilla anglica Laicharding English cinquefoil
Rosaceae Potentilla argentea L. silver-leaved cinquefoil
Rosaceae Potentilla canadensis L. dwarf cinquefoil
Rosaceae Potentilla litoralis Rydb. coast cinquefoil
Rosaceae Potentilla norvegica L. Norwegian cinquefoil
Rosaceae Potentilla recta L. sulphur cinquefoil
Rosaceae Potentilla rivalis Nutt. brook
Rosaceae Potentilla simplex Michx. old-field cinquefoil
Rosaceae Prunus americana Marsh. American plum
Rosaceae Prunus avium (L.) L. sweet cherry
Rosaceae Prunus cerasus L. sour cherry
Rosaceae Prunus insititia L. Damson plum
Rosaceae Prunus maritima Marsh. beach plum
Rosaceae Prunus nigra Ait. Canada plum
Rosaceae Prunus pensylvanica L. f. var. pensylvanica pin cherry
Rosaceae Prunus persica (L.) Batsch. peach
Rosaceae Prunus pumila L. var. depressa (Pursh) Bean dwarf sand plum
Rosaceae Prunus serotina Ehrh. var. serotina black cherry
Rosaceae Prunus spinosa L. blackthorn plum
Rosaceae Prunus susquehanae hort. ex Willd. Appalachian sand plum
Rosaceae Prunus virginiana L. var. virginiana choke cherry
Rosaceae Pyrus communis L. common pear
Rosaceae Rosa acicularis Lindl. ssp. sayi (Schwein.) W. H. Lewis bristly rose
Rosaceae Rosa blanda Ait. smooth rose
Rosaceae Rosa canina L. dog rose
Rosaceae Rosa carolina L. ssp. carolina Carolina rose
Rosaceae Rosa cinnamomea L. cinnamon rose
Rosaceae Rosa gallica L. French rose
Rosaceae Rosa glauca Pourret red-leaved rose
Rosaceae Rosa micrantha Borrer ex/i> Sm. small-flowered sweet-briar rose
Rosaceae Rosa multiflora Thunb. ex Murr. rambler rose
Rosaceae Rosa nitida Willd. shining rose
Rosaceae Rosa palustris Marsh. swamp rose
Rosaceae Rosa rubiginosa L. sweet-briar rose
Rosaceae Rosa rugosa Thunb. beach rose
Rosaceae Rosa setigera Michx. climbing rose
Rosaceae Rosa spinosissima L. Scotch rose
Rosaceae Rosa virginiana P. Mill. Virginia rose
Rosaceae Rubus allegheniensis Porter common blackberry
Rosaceae Rubus arenicola Blanch. sandy field blackberry
Rosaceae Rubus canadensis L. smooth blackberry
Rosaceae Rubus chamaemorus L. baked-apple-berry
Rosaceae Rubus dalibarda L. dewdrop
Rosaceae Rubus elegantulus Blanch. showy blackberry
Rosaceae Rubus enslenii Tratt. Enslen’s blackberry
Rosaceae Rubus flagellaris Willd. northern blackberry
Rosaceae Rubus frondosa Bigelow leafy-flowered blackberry
Rosaceae Rubus hispidus L. bristly blackberry
Rosaceae Rubus idaeus L. ssp. strigosus (Michx.) Focke red raspberry
Rosaceae Rubus illecebrosus Focke strawberry raspberry
Rosaceae Rubus occidentalis L. black raspberry
Rosaceae Rubus odoratus L. flowering raspberry
Rosaceae Rubus pensilvanicus Poir Pennsylvania blackberry
Rosaceae Rubus pubescens Raf. var. pilosifolius A. F. Hill dwarf raspberry
Rosaceae Rubus recurvicaulis Blanch. arching blackberry
Rosaceae Rubus semisetosus Blanch. northeastern blackberry
Rosaceae Rubus setosus Bigelow setose blackberry
Rosaceae Rubus vermontanus Blanch. Vermont blackberry
Rosaceae Sanguisorba canadensis L. Canade burnet
Rosaceae Sanguisorba minor Scop. ssp. balearica (Bourg.) ex Nyman) M. Garm. & C. Navarro salad burnet
Rosaceae Sanguisorba officinalis L. great burnet
Rosaceae Sibbaldia tridentata (Ait.) Rydb. three-toothed-cinquefoil
Rosaceae Sorbaria sorbifolia (L.) A. Braun false spiraea
Rosaceae Sorbus americana Marsh. American mountain-ash
Rosaceae Sorbus aucuparia L. European mountain-ash
Rosaceae Sorbus decora (Sarg.) Schneid. showy mountain-ash
Rosaceae Sorbus hybrida L. oak-leaved mountain-ash
Rosaceae Spiraea alba Du Roi var. latifolia (Ait.) Dippel white meadowsweet
Rosaceae Spiraea japonica L. f. var. fortunei (Planch) Rehd. Japanese meadowsweet
Rosaceae Spiraea tomentosa L. rosy meadowsweet
Rubiaceae Ceohalanthus occidentalis L. common buttonbush
Rubiaceae Galium album L. white bedstraw
Rubiaceae Galium aparine L. ssp. aparine scratch bedstraw
Rubiaceae Galium asprellum Michx. rough bedstraw
Rubiaceae Galium boreale L. ssp. septentrionale (Roemer & J. A. Schultes) Hara northern bedstraw
Rubiaceae Galium brevipes Fern. & Wieg. limestone swamp bedstraw
Rubiaceae Galium circaezans Michx. forest licorice bedstraw
Rubiaceae Galium kamtschaticum Steller ex J. A. & J. H. Schultes boreal bedstraw
Rubiaceae Galium labradoricum (Wieg.) Wieg. northern bog bedstraw
Rubiaceae Galium lanceolatum Torr. lance-leaved licorice bedstraw
Rubiaceae Galium mollugo L. whorled bedstraw
Rubiaceae Galium palustre L. marsh bedstraw
Rubiaceae Galium sylvaticum L. wood bedstraw
Rubiaceae Galium tinctorium (L.) Scop. stiff three-petaled bedstraw
Rubiaceae Galium trifidum L. three-petaled bedstraw
Rubiaceae Galium triflorum Michx. fragrant bedstraw
Rubiaceae Galium verum L. ssp. verum yellow bedstraw
Rubiaceae Houstonia caerulea L. little bluet
Rubiaceae Houstonia longifolia Gaertn. long-leaved bluet
Rubiaceae Houstonia purpurea L. var. calycosa Gray large bluet
Rubiaceae Mitchella repens L. partridge-berry
Rubiaceae Sherardia arvensis L. blue field-madder
Rutaceae Ptelea trifoliata L. ssp. trifoliata var. trifoliata common hoptree
Rutaceae Zanthoxylum americanum P. Mill. common prickly-ash
Salicaceae Populus alba L. white poplar
Salicaceae Populus balsamifera L. ssp. balsamifera balsam poplar
Salicaceae Populus deltoides Bartr. ex Marsh. var. deltoides necklace poplar
Salicaceae Populus grandidentata Michx. big-toothed poplar
Salicaceae Populus nigra L. black poplar
Salicaceae Populus tremuloides Michx. quaking poplar
Salicaceae Salix alba L. white willow
Salicaceae Salix arctophila Cockerell ex Heller northern willow
Salicaceae Salix argyrocarpa Anderss. Labrador willow
Salicaceae Salix bebbiana Sarg. long-beaked willow
Salicaceae Salix candida Fluegge ex Willd. sage willow
Salicaceae Salix cinerea L. gray willow
Salicaceae Salix discolor Muhl. pussy willow
Salicaceae Salix elaegnos Scop. hoary willow
Salicaceae Salix eriocephala Michx. ssp. eriocephala var. eriocephala heart-leaved willow
Salicaceae Salix exigua Nutt. ssp. interior (Rowlee) Cronq. sandbar willow
Salicaceae Salix herbacea L. snow-bed
Salicaceae Salix humilis Marsh. prairie willow
Salicaceae Salix lucida Muhl. ssp. lucida shining willow
Salicaceae Salix myricoides Muhl. var. myricoides bayberry willow
Salicaceae Salix nigra Marsh. black willow
Salicaceae Salix occidentalis Walt. dwarf prairie willow
Salicaceae Salix pedicellaris Pursh bog willow
Salicaceae Salix pellita (Anderss.) Anderss. ex Schneid. satiny willow willow
Salicaceae Salix pentandra L. laurel willow
Salicaceae Salix petiolaris Sm. meadow willow
Salicaceae Salix planifolia Pursh ssp. planifolia tea-leaved willow
Salicaceae Salix purpurea L. basket willow
Salicaceae Salix pyrifolia Anderss. balsam willow
Salicaceae Salix sericea Marsh. silky willow
Salicaceae Salix uva-ursi Pursh bearberry willow
Salicaceae Salix viminalis L. osier willow
Sapindaceae Acer ginnala Maxim. Amur maple
Sapindaceae Acer negundo L. ash-leaved maple
Sapindaceae Acer pensylvanicum L. striped maple
Sapindaceae Acer platanoides L. Norway maple
Sapindaceae Acer rubrum L. red maple
Sapindaceae Acer saccharinum L. var. saccharum silver maple
Sapindaceae Acer saccharum Marsh. var. saccharum sugar maple
Sapindaceae Acer spicatum Lam. mountain maple
Sapindaceae Aesculus hippocastanum L. horse-chestnut
Sarraceniaceae Sarracenia purpurea L. ssp. purpurea purple pitcherplant
Saxifragaceae Chrysosplenium americanum Schwein. ex Hook. golden-saxifrage
Saxifragaceae Micranthes foliolosa (R. Br.) Gornall naked-bulbil small-flowered-saxifrage
Saxifragaceae Micranthes pensylvanica (L.) Haw swamp small-flowered-saxifrage
Saxifragaceae Micranthes virginiensis (Michx.) Small early small-flowered-saxifrage
Saxifragaceae Mitella nuda L. naked bishop's-cap
Saxifragaceae Saxifraga paniculata P. Mill. ssp. neogaea (Butters) D. Löve white mountain saxifrage
Saxifragaceae Tiarella cordifolia L. var. cordifolia foam-flower
Scrophulariaceae Limosella australis R. Br. Atlantic mudwort
Scrophulariaceae Scrophularia lanceolata Pursh lance-leaved figwort
Scrophulariaceae Scrophularia marilandica L. eastern figwort
Scrophulariaceae Scrophularia nodosa L. woodland figwort
Scrophulariaceae Verbascum blattaria L. moth mullein
Scrophulariaceae Verbascum phlomoides L. orange mullein
Scrophulariaceae Verbascum thapsus L. common mullein
Solanaceae Datura inoxia P. Mill. downy thorn-apple
Solanaceae Datura stramonium L. thorn-apple
Solanaceae Datura wrightii Regel sacred thorn-apple
Solanaceae Hyoscyamus niger L. black henbane
Solanaceae Lycium barbarum L. matrimony-vine
Solanaceae Lycium chinense P. Mill. Chinese matrimony-vine
Solanaceae Nicandra physalodes (L.) Gaertn. apple-of-Peru
Solanaceae Nicotiana ala Link & Otto Jasmine tobacco
Solanaceae Petunia integrifolia (Hook.) Schinz & Thellung violet-flowered petunia
Solanaceae Physalis alkekengi L. strawberry ground-cherry
Solanaceae Physalis grisea (Waterfall) M. Martinez downy ground-cherry
Solanaceae Physalis heterophylla Nees var. heterophylla clammy ground-cherry
Solanaceae Physalis longifolia Nutt. var. subglabrata (Mackenzie & Bush) Cronq. long-leaved ground-cherry
Solanaceae Physalis virginiana P. Mill. var. virginiana Virginia ground-cherry
Solanaceae Solanum carolinense L. var. carolinense Carolina nightshade
Solanaceae Solanum dulcamara L. var. villosissimum Desv. climbing nightshade
Solanaceae Solanum nigrum L. ssp. nigrum European black nightshade
Solanaceae Solanum physalifolium Rusby var. nitidibaccatum (Bitter) Edmonds ground-cherry nightshade
Solanaceae Solanum ptycanthum Dunal eastern black nightshade
Solanaceae Solanum rostratum Dunal horned nightshade
Solanaceae Solanum tuberosum L. Irish potato
Theophrastaceae Samolus valerandi ssp. parviflorus (Raf.) Hultén seaside brookweed
Thymelaeaceae Daphne mezereum L. February daphne
Thymelaeaceae Dirca palustris L. eastern leatherwood
Ulmaceae Ulmus americana L. American elm
Ulmaceae Ulmus glabra Huds.
Ulmaceae Ulmus pumila L. Siberian elm
Ulmaceae Ulmus rubra Muhl. slippery elm
Urticaceae Boehmeria cylindrica (L.) Sw. small-spike false nettle
Urticaceae Laportea canadensis (L.) Weddell Canada wood-nettle
Urticaceae Parietaria pensylvanica Muhl. ex Willd. Pennsylvania pellitory
Urticaceae Pilea pumila (L.) Gray var. pumila Canada clearweed
Urticaceae Urtica dioica L. ssp. dioica stinging nettle
Urticaceae Urtica urens L. burning nettle
Verbenaceae Verbena bracteata Lag. & Rodr. prostrate vervain
Verbenaceae Verbena hastata L. var. hastata blue vervain
Verbenaceae Verbena urticifolia L. white vervain
Violaceae Viola adunca Sm. var. adunca hook-spurred violet
Violaceae Viola arvensis Murr. European field violet
Violaceae Viola blanda Willd. var. palustriformis Gray sweet white violet
Violaceae Viola canadensis L. var. canadensis Canada white violet
Violaceae Viola cucullata Ait. blue marsh violet
Violaceae Viola labradorica Schrank American dog violet
Violaceae Viola lanceolata L. ssp. lanceolata lance-leaved violet
Violaceae Viola nephrophylla Greene northern bog violet
Violaceae Viola novae-angliae House New England violet
Violaceae Viola odorata L. English violet
Violaceae Viola pallens (Banks ex DC.) Brainerd smooth white violet
Violaceae Viola palmata L. wood violet
Violaceae Viola palustris L. var. palustris northern marsh violet
Violaceae Viola primulifolia L. primrose-leaved violet
Violaceae Viola pubescens Ait. yellow forest violet
Violaceae Viola renifolia Gray kidney-leaved violet
Violaceae Viola rotundifolia Michx. round-leaved violet
Violaceae Viola sagittata Ait. var. ovata (Nutt.) Torr. & Gray arrowhead violet
Violaceae Viola selkirkii Pursh ex Goldie great-spurred violet
Violaceae Viola sororia Willd. woolly blue violet
Violaceae Viola tricolor L. garden violet
Viscaceae Arceuthobium pusillum Peck dwarf mistletoe
Vitaceae Parthenocissus inserta (Kerner) Fritsch thicket-creeper
Vitaceae Parthenocissus quinquefolia (L.) Planch. Virginia-creeper
Vitaceae Parthenocissus tricuspidata (Sieb. & Zucc.) Planch. Boston-ivy
Vitaceae Vitis aestivalis Michx. summer grape
Vitaceae Vitis labrusca L. fox grape
Vitaceae Vitis riparia Michx. river grape