Violaceae - violet family
Species that grow without cultivation on Mount Desert Island

compiled by the
Champlain Project - P. O. Box 55 - Bass Harbor, Maine  04653

(updated 5 April 2017)

Violaceae - violet family
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Mount Desert Island is home to 8 species in 1 genus. If you already know what violet you have or are interested in learning about, click on the appropriate link below. Otherwise, examine the table below for help with identification.
   Viola (8 species)
      Viola adunca - hook-spurred violet (rare [see note 1 at bottom of page])
      Viola blanda - sweet white violet (uncommon)
      Viola cucullata - blue marsh violet (occasional)
      Viola lanceolata - lance-leaved violet (occasional)
      Viola pallens - smooth white violet (occasional)
      Viola primulifolia - primrose-leaved violet (rare)
      Viola sagittata - arrowhead violet (uncommon)
      Viola sororia - woolly blue violet (occasional)

Viola (violet)
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red font = unique character state or nearly so leafy aerial stem leaf base petal color sepal margins spurred petal pubescence lateral petal pubescence hair type
V. adunca present broad-cuneate to subcordate purple eciliate glabrous pubescent ?
V. blanda absent broad cordate-ovate (to cordate-orbicular) white eciliate glabrous glabrous or pubescent rounded at apex
V. cucullata absent cordate-ovate to cordate-triangular purple eciliate glabrous pubescent rounded or knob-shpaed at apex
V. lanceolata absent narrow-elliptic to lanceolate white eciliate glabrous glabrous n/a
V. pallens absent cordate-ovate to cordate-orbicular white eciliate glabrous glabrous or with a few hairs ?
V. primulifolia absent oblong or narrow-ovate white eciliate glabrous glabrous n/a
V. sagittata absent ovate to ovate-oblong or lanceolate to long-triangular purple ciliate or eciliate pubescent pubescent tapering to apex
V. sororia absent broadly cordate-ovate purple ciliate pubescent or sometimes glabrous pubescent tapering to apex

Viola adunca (hook-spurred violet) - [information to be added]

Viola blanda (sweet white violet) - [information to be added]

Viola cucullata (blue marsh violet) - [information to be added]

Viola lanceolata (lance-leaved violet) - [information to be added]

Viola pallens (smooth white violet) - [information to be added]

Viola primulifolia (primrose-leaved violet) - [information to be added]

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Viola sagittata (arrowhead violet) - [information to be added]

Viola sororia (woolly blue violet) - [information to be added]

   1. Frequency designations are from the paper “Vascular flora of the Acadia National Park region, Maine” by Craig W. Greene, Linda L. Gregory, Glen H. Mittelhauser, Sally C. Rooney, and Jill E. Weber, published in the spring 2005 issue (vol. 107, No. 930) of Rhodora: Journal of the New England Botanical Club.