Orobanchaceae - broom-rape family
Species that grow without cultivation on Mount Desert Island

compiled by the
Champlain Project - P. O. Box 55 - Bass Harbor, Maine  04653

(updated 26 August 2018)

Orobanchaceae - broom-rape family
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Mount Desert Island is home to 7 species in 6 genera. Click on a link below or scroll down for more information.
   Agalinis (1 species)
      Agalinis paupercula - small-flowered agalinis (rare [see note 1 at bottom of page])
   Epifagus (1 species)
      Epifagus virginiana - beech-drops (occasional)
   Euphrasia (2 species)
      Euphrasia nemorosa - common eyebright (occasional)
      Euphrasia randii - Rand's eyebright (uncommon)
   Melampyrum (1 species)
      Melampyrum lineare - American cow-wheat (occasional)
   Pedicularis (1 species)
      Pedicularis canadensis - forest lousewort (rare)
   Rhinanthus (1 species)
      Rhinanthus minor - little yellow-rattle (occasional)

leaf arrangement leaf blade margin leaf blade length petal color
Agalinis opposite, may be alternate on branches entire 20–450 mm magenta
Epifagus alternate entire 2–4 mm, reduced to scales whitish, with purple-brown blotches or stripes
Euphrasia opposite, alternate near top of stem toothed 2–13 mm white to magenta to purple
Melampyrum opposite entire, toothed, lobed 20–60 mm white with yellow tip
Pedicularis opposite toothed 50–150 mm reddish to yellow
Rhinanthus alternate toothed 20–60 mm, reduced to scales yellow

Agalinis (agalinis)
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Agalinis paupercula (small-flowered agalinis) - [information to be added]

(photo by Carol Muth; click on image to enlarge)

Epifagus (beech-drops)
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Epifagus virginiana (beech-drops) - [information to be added]

Euphrasia (eyebright)
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habitat petal color flower length leaf margin
Euphrasia nemorosa fields, roadsides white 5–10 mm sharply toothed
Euphrasia randii coastal headlands white to magenta to purple 2.5–4.5 mm with rounded teeth

Euphrasia nemorosa (common eyebright) - [information to be added]

click on image to enlarge)

Euphrasia randii (Rand's eyebright) - [information to be added]

Melampyrum (cow-wheat)
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Melampyrum lineare (American cow-wheat) - [information to be added]
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Pedicularis (lousewort)
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Pedicularis canadensis (forest lousewort) - [information to be added]
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Rhinanthus (yellow-rattle)
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Rhinanthus minor (little yellow-rattle) - [information to be added]
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   1. Frequency designations are from the paper “Vascular flora of the Acadia National Park region, Maine” by Craig W. Greene, Linda L. Gregory, Glen H. Mittelhauser, Sally C. Rooney, and Jill E. Weber, published in the spring 2005 issue (vol. 107, No. 930) of Rhodora: Journal of the New England Botanical Club.