Hamamelidaceae - witch-hazel family
Sole species that grows without cultivation on Mount Desert Island

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(updated 4 April 2017)

Hamamelidaceae - witch-hazel family

Mount Desert Island is home to 1 species in 1 genus. Click on a link below or scroll down for more information.
   Hamamelis (1 species)
      Hamamelis virginiana - American witch-hazel (occasional [see note 1 at bottom of page])

Hamamelis (witch-hazel)

Hamamelis virginiana (American witch-hazel) is one of the very few genera on Mount Desert Island whose leaves have an asymmetrical blade base.

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Another unusual feature of American witch-hazel is that it flowers in the fall (this photo taken 6 October 2016).

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Therefore, in the spring (this photo taken 1 May 2008), when the approaching summer's leaves are still in bud, the remnants of the previous fall’s flowers (now minus the four narrow, strap-like, yellow petals) can be seen.

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These remnants, which are really developing fruit, continue to grow during the spring and summer and produce fruit by September (this photo taken 21 September 2009).

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   1. Frequency designation is from the paper “Vascular flora of the Acadia National Park region, Maine” by Craig W. Greene, Linda L. Gregory, Glen H. Mittelhauser, Sally C. Rooney, and Jill E. Weber, published in the spring 2005 issue (vol. 107, No. 930) of Rhodora: Journal of the New England Botanical Club.