Gymnosperms of Maine
(Kingdom Plantae)

a project of
V. F. Thomas Co. - 167 Thorne Mountain Road - Canton, Maine  04221

(updated 25 January 2020)

   Below is a working checklist of Maine’s gymnosperms (hybrids excluded). Taxonomy and nomenclature follow Flora Novae Angliae by Arthur Haines (2011, Yale University Press, ISBN 978-0-300-17154-9).
   When an image and/or information is available for a given species, the common name of that species is a link to it’s family page.
   Please send corrections and updates to or mail them to the address at the top of this page. Photographs are welcome. Thank you.

Family Genus Specific Epithet Authority Sub-specific Epithet Authority common name Notes
Cupressaceae Chamaecyparis thyoides (L.) B. S. P. Atlantic white cedar
Cupressaceae Juniperus communis L. var. depressa Pursh common juniper
Cupressaceae Juniperus horizontalis Moench     creeping juniper
Cupressaceae Juniperus virginiana L. var. virginiana   eastern red cedar
Cupressaceae Thuja occidentalis L.     northern white-cedar
Pinaceae Abies balsamea (L.) P. Mill.     balsam fir
Pinaceae Abies concolor (Gord. & Glend.) Lindl. ex Hildebr.     white fir
Pinaceae Larix decidua P. Mill.     European larch
Pinaceae Larix laricina (Du Roi) K. Koch     American larch, hackmatack, tamarack
Pinaceae Picea abies (L.) Karst.     Norway spruce
Pinaceae Picea glauca (Moench) Voss     white spruce
Pinaceae Picea mariana (P. Mill.) B. S. P.     black spruce
Pinaceae Picea rubens Sarg.     red spruce
Pinaceae Pinus banksiana Lamb.     Jack pine
Pinaceae Pinus nigra Arnott     Austrian pine
Pinaceae Pinus resinosa Ait.     red pine
Pinaceae Pinus rigida P. Mill.     pitch pine
Pinaceae Pinus strobus L.     eastern white pine
Pinaceae Pinus sylvestris L.     Scotch pine
Pinaceae Tsuga canadensis (L.) Carr.     eastern hemlock
Taxaceae Taxus canadensis Marsh.     American yew

   Pseudotsuga [probably P. menziesii] grows near Sand Beach in Bar Harbor but is not known to reproduce.