Priapulids of Maine
(Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Priapula)

a project of
V. F. Thomas Co. - P. O. Box 111 - Shawmut, Maine  04975

(updated 20 September 2020)

Welcome. Below is a working checklist of Maine’s priapulids. Species attributed to Pollock (1998) are those that were reported as occurring between Cape Cod and Newfoundland.

How to contribute to this checklist: Please e-mail corrections and updates to or send them to the address at the top of this page. A goal is to expand this page to include images and information about each species.

A little work by each of us will save a lot of work for all of us.

Class Order Family Genus Specific Epithet authority common name Sources (full citations given after this table)
? ? Priapulidae Priapulus caudatus ? ? DMC; Pollock (1998, p. 29.)

   DMC = Darling Marine Center website ( accessed 11 August 2020.
   Pollock, Leland W. 1998. A Practical Guide to the Marine Animals of Northeastern North America. Rutgers University Press; New Brunswick, New Jersey. (ISBN 0-8135-2398-2)