Checklist of flatworms (Phylum Platyhelminthes, Kingdom Animalia)
that live or potentially live on Mount Desert Island or in the adjacent ocean

information sucked from the literature by the
Champlain Project - P. O. Box 55 - Bass Harbor, Maine  04653 - 207-266-5748

(updated 18 June 2010)

Species of Pollock (1998) are those that were reported as occurring between Cape Cod and Newfoundland (but not necessarily in the ocean waters surrounding Mount Desert Island). If they were not reported by Procter (1933), they need further examination and potential removal from this checklist.

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Class Order Family Genus Specific Epithet authority common name Sources (full citations given after this table)
Turbellaria Prolecithophora Plagiostomidae Plagiostomum album ? ? Pollock (1998)
Turbellaria Acoela Aphanostomidae Polychoerus caudatus ? ? Pollock (1998)
Turbellaria Polycladida Leptoplanidae Euplana gracilis ? oyster flatworm Pollock (1998)
Turbellaria Polycladida Leptoplanidae Notoplana atomata ? speckled flatworm Pollock (1998)
Turbellaria Polycladida Plehniidae Discocelides ellipsoides ? ? Pollock (1998)
Turbellaria Polycladida Stylochidae Stylochus ellipticus ? oyster flatworm Pollock (1998)
Turbellaria Tricladida Bdellouridae Bdelloura candida ? limulus leech Pollock (1998)
Turbellaria Tricladida Bdellouridae Syncoelidium pellucidum ? ? Pollock (1998)
Turbellaria Tricladida Procerodidae Foviella affinis ? ? Pollock (1998)
Turbellaria Tricladida Procerodidae Procerodes littoralis ? ? Pollock (1998)
Turbellaria Tricladida Uteriporidae Uteriporus vulgaris ? ? Pollock (1998)
Turbellaria Tricladida Rhynchodemidae Rhynchodemus sylvaticus (Leidy) ? Procter (1933, p. 128)
Turbellaria Tricladida Micropharyngidae Micropharynx parasitica Jägerskiöld ? Procter (1933, p. 128)
Turbellaria Tricladida Planariidae Curtisia foremanii (Girard) ? Procter (1933, p. 128)
Turbellaria Tricladida Planariidae Euplanaria gracilis (Haldeman) ? Procter (1933, p. 128)
Turbellaria Tricladida Planariidae Fonticola truncata (Leidy) ? Procter (1933, p. 128)

   Pollock, Leland W. 1998. A Practical Guide to the Marine Animals of Northeastern North America. Rutgers University Press; New Brunswick, New Jersey. (ISBN 0-8135-2398-2)
   Procter, William. 1933. Biological Survey of the Mount Desert Region, Part V. Philadelphia: The Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology.