Checklist of ribbon-worms (Phylum Nemertea, Kingdom Animalia)
that live or potentially live on Mount Desert Island or in the adjacent ocean

compiled by the
Champlain Project - P. O. Box 55 - Bass Harbor, Maine  04653

(updated 18 June 2010)

The working checklist below of ribbon-worm species is based on Pollock (1998), which reported them as occurring between Cape Cod and Newfoundland. Please send corrections and updates to Photographs are welcome. Thank you.

Class Order Family Genus Specific Epithet authority common name Sources (full citations given after this table)
Anopla Heteronemertea Lineidae Cerebratulus lacteus (Leidy) milky ribbon-worm Pollock (1998), Procter (1933, p. 130)
Anopla Heteronemertea Lineidae Lineus arenicola ? sandy lineus Pollock (1998)
Anopla Heteronemertea Lineidae Lineus ruber (O. F. Müller) ? Pollock (1998), Procter (1933, p. 130.)
Anopla Heteronemertea Lineidae Lineus socialis (Leidy) ? Pollock (1998), Procter (1933, p. 130.)
Anopla Heteronemertea Lineidae Micrura affinis ? bright red ribbon-worm Pollock (1998)
Anopla Heteronemertea ? Myoisophagos sanguineus (Rathke) ? Pollock (1998) as Lineus sanguineus
Anopla Paleonemertea Cephalothricidae Procephalothrix spiralis Coe thread ribbon-worm Pollock (1998), Procter (1933, p. 130. [see note 1 below])
Enopla Bdellonemertea Malacobdellidae Malacobdella grossa ? leech ribbon-worm Pollock (1998)
Enopla Hoplonemertea Amphiporidae Amphiporus angulatus (O. F. Müller) chevron amphiporus Pollock (1998), Procter (1933, p. 129.)
Enopla Hoplonemertea Amphiporidae Zygonemertes virescens ? green ribbon-worm Pollock (1998)
Enopla Hoplonemertea Carcinonemertidae Carcinonemertes carcinophila ? crab nemertean Pollock (1998)
Enopla Hoplonemertea Prosorchochmidae Oerstedia dorsalis ? ? Pollock (1998)
Enopla Hoplonemertea Tetrastemmatidae Tetrastemma candidum (O. F. Müller) green four-eyed ribbon-worm Pollock (1998), Procter (1933, p. 129.)
? ? Tetrastemmatidae Cyanophthalma cordiceps ? striped four-eyed ribbon-worm Pollock (1998)

   1. Procter (1933, p. 130.) listed Cephalothrix filiformis but noted that it was "probably C. spiralis".

   Pollock, Leland W. 1998. A Practical Guide to the Marine Animals of Northeastern North America. Rutgers University Press; New Brunswick, New Jersey. (ISBN 0-8135-2398-2)
   Procter, William. 1933. Biological Survey of the Mount Desert Region, Part V. Philadelphia: The Wistar Institute of Anatomy and Biology.