Checklist of cockroaches (Order Blattodea, Class Hexapoda, Phylum Arthropoda, Kingdom Animalia)
that have been reported from Mount Desert Island

compiled by the
Champlain Project - P. O. Box 55 - Bass Harbor, Maine  04653

(updated 10 February 2011)

Below is a working checklist of Mount Desert Island's cockroaches. Procter (1946) included the species below in Order Orthoptera. Please send corrections and updates to Photographs are welcome. Thank you.

Family Genus Specific Epithet authority common name Source (full citation given after this table)
Blattidae Blatta orientalis L. Oriental Cockroach Bar Harbor: Procter (1946, p. 36., "grocery store")
[see note 1 below]
Blatella germanica (L.) German Cockroach town not given: Procter (1946, p. 37., "present in very large numbers owing to unsanitary conditions in some places")
[see note 1 below]
Nyctibora laevigata (Beauvois) ? Southwest Harbor: Procter (1946, p. 37., "market ... probably introduced on bananas" [see note 2 below])

   1. Proctor (1946) placed this species in family Blattidae.
   2. Procter (1946) added a question mark after this species.

   Procter, William. 1946. Biological Survey of the Mount Desert Region, Part VII. Philadelphia: Wistar Institute.