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(updated 28 February 2016)

Pinus picea L.
(Linnaeus, C. 1753. Species Plantarum, 1st ed., p. 1001 of Ray Society 1957 facsimile)

Latin description
Pinus foliis solitariis emarginatis.

Pinus with leaves [that are] solitary [and] emarginate.

Translation with commentary
Pinus Pinus
with leaves foliis - ablative plural of second declension neuter noun folium, -i
[that are] [added for smoother reading]
solitary solitariis - ablative plural neuter of group A adjective solitarius, -a, -um; modifies foliis
[and] [added for smoother reading]
emarginate. emarginatis - ablative plural neuter of group A adjective emarginatus, -a, -um; modifies foliis