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(updated 2 June 2019)

Pinus balsamea L.
(Linnaeus, C. 1753. Species Plantarum, 1st ed., p. 1002 of Ray Society 1957 facsimile)

Taxonomic history:
Philip Miller created the genus Abies in the 4th edition (1754) of his The Gardeners Dictionary. In the 8th edition (1768), he described Abies balsamea, which was the same species as Linnaeus's Pinus balsamea. Therefore, the current name for the species is Abies balsamea (L.) Mill.

Latin description
Pinus foliis solitariis subemarginatis: subtus linea duplici punctata.

Pinus with solitary, subemarginate leaves; below with a double, dotted line.

Translation with commentary

Pinus Pinus
with solitary, solitariis - ablative plural neuter of group A adjective solitarius, -a, -um; modifies foliis
subemarginate subemarginatis - ablative plural neuter of group A adjective subemarginatus, -a, -um; modifies foliis
leaves; foliis - ablative plural of 2nd declension neuter noun folium, -i
below subtus - adverb
with a double, duplici - ablative singular feminine of group B adjective duplex, duplex, duplex; modifies linea
dotted punctata - ablative singular feminine of group A adjective punctatus, -a, -um; modifies linea
line. linea - ablative singular of 1st declension feminine noun linea, -ae