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Picea mariana (P. Mill.) B.S.P.

Taxonomic history:
   1768: P. Miller described this species as Abies mariana in The Gardeners Dictionary, 8th ed., p. ABI–ABI.
   1824: Albert Gottfried Dietrich created the genus Picea in part 2 of his Flora der Gegend um Berlin.
   1888: When Nathaniel Lord Britton, E. E. Sterns, and Justus F. Poggenburg (abbreviated as B.S.P.) “revised and corrected” the nomenclature of the Preliminary Catalogue of Anthophyta and Pteridophyta reported as growing spontaneously within one hundred miles of New York City, they moved Miller’s Abies mariana to the genus Picea (page 71).
   today: The current name for this species is Picea mariana (P. Mill.) B.S.P.

original Latin description
Abies foliis linearibus acutis, conis minimis.

Abies with linear, acute leaves; with [the] smallest cones.

Translation with commentary
Abies Abies
with linear, linearibus - ablative plural neuter of group B adjective linearis, -is, -e; modifies foliis
acute acutis - ablative plural neuter of group A adjective acutus, -a, -um; modifies foliis
leaves; foliis - ablative plural of 2nd declension neuter noun folium, -i
with [the] smallest minimis - ablative plural masculine of the superlative degree (minimus, -a, -um) of group A adjective parvus, -a, -um; modifies conis
cones. conis - ablative plural of 2nd declension masculine noun conus, -i

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