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(updated 7 June 2022)

Limniris versicolor (L.) Rodion.

original Latin description
Iris corollis imberbibus, germinibus subtrigonis, caule tereti, foliis ensiformibus.

Iris with corollas beardless, with ovaries subtrigonous, with stem terete, [and] with leaves ensiform.

Translation with commentary
Iris Iris
with corollas corollis - ablative plural of first declension feminine noun corolla, -ae
beardless, imberbibus - ablative plural feminine of group B adjective imberbis, -is, -e; modifies corollis
with ovaries germinibus - ablative plural of third declension neuter noun germen, germinis
subtrigonous, subtrigonis - ablative plural neuter of group A adjective subtrigonus, -a, -um; modifies germinibus
with stem caule - ablative singular of third declension masculine noun caulis, caulis
terete, tereti - ablative singular masculine of group B adjective teres, teres, teres; modifies caule
[and] [added for smoother reading]
with leaves foliis - ablative plural of second declension neuter noun folium, -i
ensiform. ensiformibus - ablative plural neuter of group B adjective ensiformis, -is, -e; modifies foliis

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