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(updated 7 June 2022)

Amomum granum-paradisi L.
(Linnaeus, C. 1753. Species Plantarum, 1st ed., p. 2 of Ray Society 1957 facsimile)

original Latin description
Amomum scapo vestito racemoso.

Amomum with a scape clothed [with ?] [and] racemose.

Translation with commentary
Amomum Amomum
with a scape scapo - ablative singular of 2nd declension masculine noun scapus, -i
clothed [with ?] vestito - ablative singular masculine of group A adjective vestitus, -a, -um; modifies scapo
[and] added for smoother reading
racemose. racemoso - ablative singular masculine of group A adjective racemosus, -a, -um; modifies spica

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