Botanical Latin
Lesson 2 - Nouns and the First Declension

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(updated 27 December 2022)


Translate the following into English. Because no macrons are used, you will be told when there is an ablative case.
   1. inflorescentia cyma - inflorescence a cyme
   2. plantae herbae - plants herbs
   3. corolla plantae - corolla of a plant
   4. familiae plantarum - families of plants
   5. capsula valvis [valvis is in the ablative here] - a capsule with valves
   6. gemma maculis [maculis is in the ablative] - a bud with spots
   7. galea carina [the case of carina is ablative] - a hood with a keel
   8. herbae gemmis et setis [both gemmis and setis ablative; et = and] - herbs with buds and bristles
   9. absentia antherarum [one of these two words is in the ablative] - with the absence of anthers
   10. bractea absentia venarum [one of the words is in the ablative] - bracts with an absence of veins

Write the following in Latin.
   1. with a corolla - corolla [ablative singular]
   2. keels [as a direct object] - carinas [accusative plural]
   3. the silique’s bristles - setae [nominative plural] siliquae [genitive singular]
   4. the siliques’ bristles - setae [nominative plural] siliquarum [genitive plural]
   5. to the drupe [indirect object] - drupae [dative singular
   6. a line of spots [line = linea] - linea [nominative singular] macularum [genitive plural]
   7. the plant an herb - planta [nominative singular] herba [nominative singular]
   8. a plant with glumes - planta [nominative singular] glumis [ablative plural]
   9. an herb with an inflorescence of spikes - herba [nominative singular] inflorescentia [ablative singular] spicarum [genitive plural]
   10. a plant with an infructescence of berries - planta [nominative singular] infructescentia [ablative singular] baccarum [genitive plural]

Write a Latin description for the following. These are more challenging. You have to convey the meaning rather than following the exact wording.
   1. berries that have bristles on them - baccae [nominative plural] setis [ablative plural]
   2. a plant whose flowers occur in umbels - planta [nominative singular] umbellis [ablative plural]