Turner Street - west side
Canton, Oxford County, Maine

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(updated 31 May 2019)

Welcome to the Turner Street (west side) web page

The purpose of this page is to trace the history of the property along the west side of Turner Street (Route 108 south of intersection with Route 140) in Canton, Oxford County, Maine, from the center of town toward Livermore/Turner.

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Map U2, Lots 15-10 This first portion of the tour of the west side of Turner Street begins just south of the intersection with Staples Hill Road and ends with […].

Map U2, Lot 15 [Big Apple text]
On 4 August 1887, William E. Dresser purchased from Benjamin A. Swasey the former Hotel Swasey and renamed it Revere House. (source: Oxford County Registry of Deeds, book 214, page 469.)

Map U2, Lot 14 [Masonic/Grange Hall text]

Map U2, Lot 13 On 20 September 1984, the First Universalist Church, also known as The Canton Universalist Church issued a quit-claim deed to their building and land, 100 feet along Turner Street and 104.33 feet along the back, and 105 feet along both sides.
The building and land had been in the church’s hands since 1855. According to John Leeker, archivist for the Unitarian Universalist Collegium, church records do not go back as far as 1855, information about the history of the church and land will have to be found elsewhere.
In July 2017, the Canton Historical Society sent a bulk mailing to Canton postal patrons informing them that C.N. Brown, the owner of the Big Apple convenience store, was in the process of purchasing the Masonic/Grange Hall (Map U2, Lot 14) with the purpose of demolishing it and expanding its business. It was proposed that the Universalist Church, home of the Canton Historical Society, be town down and the Masonic/Grange Hall be moved onto the church's lot. C.N. Brown would gift the Masonic/Grange Hall to the Historical Society along with a donation of $5000.

The church was torn down on 14 August 2017. This image taken on 23 August 2017. Grange/Masonic Hall is at right.