Oxford County, Maine
Pleasant Street - west side

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V. F. Thomas Co. - 183 Pleasant Street, Apartment 1 - Canton, Maine  04221

(updated 17 January 2017)

Welcome to the Pleasant Street (west side) web page

The purpose of this page is to trace the history of the property along the west side of Pleasant Street (Route 108 north of intersection with Route 140) in Canton, Oxford County, Maine, from the center of town toward Peru.

You can help by e-mailing scanned images, photocopies of photographs, or especially photographs themselves (they will be returned promptly) to or by traditional mail to “Canton History c/o V. F. Thomas Co.; 183 Pleasant St., Apt. 1; Canton, Maine 04221”.

A little work by each of us will save a lot of work for all of us.

Map U5, Lots 30-38 This first portion of the tour of the west side of Pleasant Street begins just north of the post office, which was covered in the tour of the north side of Main Street, and ends with the intersection with Edmunds Road, called Colby Davis Road on the town tax map.

Map U5, Lot 30 [Corriveau text]

Map U5, Lot 31 [former Scudder house text]

Map U5, Lots 32, 33, 34, 37.1, 39 [Pinnacle text]

Map U5, Lot 35 [Ray house text]

(image provided by the Vashaw family in loving memory of Norman A. Vashaw)
[Ray old house text]

Map U5, Lot 36 [Abbott house text]

Map U5, Lot 37 [Canton lot text]

Map U5, Lot 38 [Holland text]