Meadowview Road - east and south side
Canton, Oxford County, Maine

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V. F. Thomas Co. - 167 Thorne Mountain Road - Canton, Maine  04221

(updated 21 October 2019)

Welcome to the Meadowview Road (east and south side) web page

The purpose of this page is to trace the history of the property along the east and then south side of Meadowview Road in Canton, Oxford County, Maine, from the intersection with Laplante Road and Jewett Hill Road.

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Map R4, Lot 4 The tour of the east and south side of Meadowview Road begins with the 920-acre parcel owned by E. J. Carrier of Jackman, Maine.

UTM: 19T 0397164, 4923521;
Lat./Long.: N 44°27′27.6″ x W 70°17′33.5″
The west end of Meadowview Road is at its intersection with Laplante Road and Jewett Hill Road.

UTM: 19T 0397320, 4924219;
Lat./Long.: N 44°27′50.3″ x W 70°17′26.9″
The road is gated due to various items of trash being previously dumped along the road.

UTM: 19T 0397143, 4924730;
Lat./Long.: N 44°28′06.8″ x W 70°??′??.?″
The road makes a sharp turn to the right.

UTM: 19T 0398229, 4924713;
Lat./Long.: N 44°28′06.8″ x W 70°16′46.1″
Meadowview Cemetery, labeled as Dunn Cemetery on the tax map above, is along the right (south) side of the road.

UTM: 19T 0398296, 4924668;
Lat./Long.: N 44°28′05.4″ x W 70°16′43.1″
Just after Meadowview Cemetery, and still within sight of the cemetery from fall to spring when there are few or no leaves, is the cellar hole of W. Dunn. The principal axis (image below left) runs perpendicular to Meadowview Road with a smaller portion (image below center) at a right angle from the rear portion of the main hole and on the side away from the cemetery (i.e., the east side). Several bricks (image below right) are laying near the northwest corner of the main portion of the cellar hole.


to be continued