Hayford Court - both sides
Canton, Oxford County, Maine

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V. F. Thomas Co. - 167 Thorne Mountain Road - Canton, Maine  04221

(updated 31 May 2019)

Welcome to the Hayford Court web page

The purpose of this page is to trace the history of the property along both sides of Hayford Court, which runs north from Main Street, in Canton, Oxford County, Maine, from the center of town toward Peru.

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Map U5, Lots 30-38 This tour of Hayford Court begins with the first parcel on the right as you turn north onto Hayford Court from Main Street.

Map U5, Lot 21 [Trimm text]

Map U5, Lot 20 [Wilson image] [Wilson text]

Map U5, Lot 19 [Bishop image] [Bishop text]

Map U5, Lot 31 [no image] The next parcel on the right fronts on the west side of Pleasant Street and is covered during that tour.

Map U5, Lot 18 [Record image] [Record text]

Map U5, Lots 16 and 17 [Waite image 1] [Waite text 1]
[Waite image 2] [Waite text 2]

Map U5, Lot 15 [Bank of America image] [Bank of America text]

Map U5, Lot 14 [C. R. Property image] [C. R. Property text]

Map U5, Lot 13 [Spear image] [Spear text]

Map U5, Lot 12 [2017 photo to be added] This house has been the home of the Vashaw family for 50 years. They purchased the house and land from Thompson B. and Lois M. Clayton on 16 January 1967 (659:67), The deed refers to the property as “part of the Lyman Smith homestead”.
595:471 (19 August 1960)
Alfred A. and Mary A. Bracy to Thompson B. and Lois M. Clayton

521:87 (20 August 1951)
Ansel S. Ellis to Alfred A. and Mary A. Bracy

473:386 (7 January 1946) Letitia M. Bonney, Donald C. Bonney, and Ada C. Bonney (heirs of Cyrus T. Bonney) to Ansel S. Ellis

370:52 (1923)
Marion A. Smith to Cyrus T. Bonney

328:332 (25 July 1914)
Lyman W. Smith to Marion A. Smith
However, there have been many owners between the Smiths and the Vashaws.

(image provided by the Vashaw family in loving memory of Norman A. Vashaw)
According to Norman Vashaw, in his book What Was Ain't What Is, “The front portion of the house was added by Mr. Smith. At a later date he also added the second story on the ell.” Today the second story of the porch is no longer there.

(image provided by the Vashaw family in loving memory of Norman A. Vashaw)
Here is the house with a single-storied ell and a two-story porch.
239:18 (17 April 1894) Lyman W. Smith purchased the “land with the buildings thereon” from George L. Howard.
237:218 (1 February 1894 - probate court) Abigail Russell left the property to grandson George L. Howard “to have and to hold the same to him and his heirs and assigns forever”. He sold it in about ten weeks.