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During the history of the town of Woodstock, there have been four post offices.

Briefly, the history of these four is as follows:
1. Bryant Pond post office was established on 3 January 1852 and is still operating. The name was changed from Bryants Pond to Bryant Pond on 1 November 1893.
2. North Woodstock post office operated fro 5 April 1847 until 30 August 1902.
3. South Woodstock post office operated from 28 December 1874 until 30 August 1902.
4. Woodstock post office opened in 1817(?), closed at a date to be researched, re-opened 8 June 1824, closed 18 October 1855, re-opened 14 December 1855, and closed 20 October 1873.

In 1914, there was only the Bryant Pond post office in the town of Woodstock. (source: Post Route Map of the State of Maine 1914)
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Postmarks from the town of Woodstock include:
Bryant Pond
North Woodstock
South Woodstock

Bryant Pond

1852 January 3:
   Bryants Pond post office opened. (source: Maine Philatelic Society. 1995. The Post Offices of Maine: A Rarity Guide.)

   Postmaster: Ezra Jewell. (source: Maine Register, and State Reference Book. 1852.)

1889 May 10:
   The circular postmark is 26–27 mm in diameter.

1893 November 1:
   Name changed from Bryants Pond to Bryant Pond. (source: Maine Philatelic Society. 1995. The Post Offices of Maine: A Rarity Guide.)

1894 June 8 through 1895 October 26:
   The circular postmark is approximately 23 mm in diameter.

1908 July 3:
   The circular postmark is approximately 31 mm in diameter. (image side of card)

1934 February 13:
   The circular postmark is approximately 28 mm in diameter.

   Bryant Pond post office is still in operation.