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During the history of the city of Augusta, there have been seven post offices.

Briefly, the history of these seven is as follows:
1. Hallowell Court House post office was established on 12 August 1794. It was renamed Augusta post office on 1 July 1797 as is still operating.
2. Augusta Sta. No. 1, whose earliest known postmark is on 8 May 1934, is still operating.
3. Augusta Sta. No. 3, whose earliest known postmark is on 14 April 1933, is still operating.
4. Bolton post office opened on 21 August 1794 and closed on 29 January 1896.
5. Church Hill post office opened on 14 April 1899 and closed on 14 January 1902.
6. Read’s Corner post office opened on 25 December 1818 and closed in February 1820.
7. Water Street Sta. Augusta, whose earliest known postmark is 20 June 1966, is still operating.

In 1914, there was only one post office in Augusta: Augusta. (source: Post Route Map of the State of Maine 1914)
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Postmarks from the town of Augusta include:
Augusta Sta. No. 1
Augusta Sta. No. 3
Church Hill
Hallowell Court House
Read’s Corner
Water Street Sta. Augusta


1 July 1797:
   Augusta post office opened. (source: Maine Philatelic Society. 1995. The Post Offices of Maine: A Rarity Guide.)

year? August 5:
   The cornucopia postmark is approximately 27 mm tall and perhaps 26 or 27 mm wide at the top.

   Postmaster: Joseph Burton. (source: Maine Register and State Reference Book. 1852.)

1867 September 19: [year determined from contents of envelope]
   The circular postmark is approximately 23 mm in diameter.

year? September 1:
   The circular postmark is 25–26 mm in diameter.

1881 April 27:
   The circular postmark is 26–27 mm in diameter.

year? February 20:
   The circular postmark is approximately 27 mm in diameter.

1888 May 21 through 1891 April 28:
   The circular postmark is 27–28 mm in diameter.

1891 May 9 through 1894 April 16:
   The circular postmark is approximately 28 mm in diameter. The elliptical cancellation to the right of the postmark is composed of seven parallel bars with an overall size of approximately 32 mm long and 18 mm wide.

1894 July 27:
   Machine cancellation with a circular postmark of approximately 19 mm in diameter and to the right of the postmark a cancellation of a set of 7 horizontal bars 57 mm long and separated by just under 2.4 mm on center. A numeral is centered in the bars approximately 39–40 mm from their left end.

1895 September 6 through 1895 October 4:
   The circular postmark is 24–26 mm in diameter. The elliptical cancellation to the right of the circle is approximately 32 mm tall and 18 mm wide, with 3 bars both above and below the numeral, which is enclosed in a circle. It appears that the postmark and the cancellation are part of the same unit, and that the Augusta post office had at least two such units, one with the numeral 1 and one with the numeral 2.

1913 April 1:
   The circular postmark is approximately 25 mm in diameter.

1965 July 15:
   The circular postmark is 21–22 mm in diameter.

   Augusta post office is still in operation.