Madawaska Postal History
Aroostook County, Maine

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(updated 29 March 2021)

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During the history of the town of Madawaska, there have been six post offices.

Briefly, the history of these six is as follows:
1. Central Madawaska post office operated from 18 April 1875 to 9 July 1879.
2. Cleveland post office operated from 5 July 1906 to 29 November 1924.
3. Madawaska (1) post office opened on 11 November 1841, closed on 11 May 1869, re-opened on 6 July 1869, and closed on 22 January 1877.
4. Upper Madawaska post office opened on 6 July 1869 and closed on 6 June 1912. It re-pened on 23 August 1912 as Madawaska (2) post office and is still operating.
5. Saint David post office opened on 9 November 1885 and is still operating.
6. West Madawaska post office opened on 11 November 1851 and closed on 1 September 1854.

In 1914, there were three post offices in Madawaska: Cleveland, Madawaska, and Saint David. (source: Post Route Map of the State of Maine 1914)
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Postmarks from Madawaska include:
Central Madawaska
Madawaska (1)
Madawaska (2)
Saint David Upper Madawaska
West Madawaska

Madawaska (2)

1912 August 23:
   The former Upper Madawaska post office was renamed as Madawaska (2) post office. (source: Maine Philatelic Society. 1995. The Post Offices of Maine: A Rarity Guide)

1935 October 5:
   Paul J. Archambault appointed Acting Postmaster.

1936 January 23:
   Paul J. Archambault appointed Postmaster.

   The circular postmark is 29–22 mm in diameter.
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1953 October 31:
   Romeo R. Albert appointed Acting Postmaster.

1956 May 15:
   Raoul D. Cyr appointed Postmaster.

1972 June 30:
   Joseph M. Sysee appointed Officer-in-Charge.

1973 January 5:
   Joseph N. L. Albert appointed Officer-in-Charge.

1973 April 27:
   Lawrence Parent appointed Officer-in-Charge.

1973 September 29:
   Lawrence Parent appointed Postmaster.

   Margaret M. Brown appointed Officer-in-Charge.

1982 May 1:
   Joseph R. Deschenes appointed Officer-in-Charge.

1992 April 16:
   Manzer Belanger Jr. appointed Officer-in-Charge.

1993 March 6:
   Manzer Belanger Jr. appointed Postmaster.

1997 May 9:
   Patrice A. Jalbert appointed Officer-in-Charge.

1997 July 22:
   Cecile P. Casey appointed Officer-in-Charge.

1997 December 20:
   Cecile P. Casey appointed Postmaster.

2004 February 23:
   Lisa A. Nascimbeni appointed Officer-in-Charge.

2005 January 8:
   Lisa A. Nascimbeni appointed Postmaster.

2008 October 1:
   April M. Pelletier appointed Officer-in-Charge.

2010 February 27:
   April M. Pelletier appointed Postmaster.

2017 June 6:
   Jennifer Y. Cyr appointed Officer-in-Charge.

2017 October 30:
   Nathalie E. Nadeau appointed Officer-in-Charge.

2017 December 23:
   Michelle D. Beaulieu appointed Postmaster.

   Madawaska (2) post office is still in operation.

Saint David

1885 November 9:
   Saint David post office opened. (source: Maine Philatelic Society. 1995. The Post Offices of Maine: A Rarity Guide)

1939 December 14:
   The circular postmark is approximately 33 mm in diameter. The four horizontal bars to the right of the circle are approximately 6 mm on center.
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   Saint David post office is still in operation.