Sabattus Postal History
Androscoggin County, Maine

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(updated 20 February 2021)

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During the history of the town of Sabattus, there have been two post offices.

Briefly, the history of these two is as follows:
1. Lisbon (1) (in Lisbon) was renamed on 6 December 1834 as Lisbon Centre (1) post office. This was renamed on 20 June 1841 as Webster post office, which closed 15 February 1905.
2. Sabattus post office was established on 21 December 1831 and is still operating.

In 1914, there was only one post office in Sabattus: Sabattus. (source: Post Route Map of the State of Maine 1914)
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Postmarks from the town of Sabattus include:
Lisbon Centre


1831 December 21:
   Sabattus post office opened. (source: Maine Philatelic Society. 1995. The Post Offices of Maine: A Rarity Guide.)

1831 December 21:
   James Weymouth appointed Postmaster.

1842 February 21:
   John L. Cutter appointed Postmaster.

1844 June 22:
   Jacob Hill appointed Postmaster.

1849 April 11:
   Daniel Cary appointed Postmaster.

1853 June 16:
   Retiah D. Jones appointed Postmaster.

1857 NOvember 9:
   Stetson L. Hill appointed Postmaster.

1860 April 11:
   Bradford D. Farnham appointed Postmaster.

1871 April 7:
   Isaac N. Davis appointed Postmaster.

1876 September 15:
   Cyprian C. Crockett appointed Postmaster.

1879 March 27:
   Seth H. Wilkins appointed Postmaster.

1885 September 25:
   Benjamin F. Dennison appointed Postmaster.

1889 November 13:
   Edwin Woodside appointed Postmaster.

1893 November 1:
   Patrick J. Sweeney appointed Postmaster.

1897 October 6:
   Edwin Woodside appointed Postmaster.

   Sabattus post office.
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1902 June 4:
   The circular postmark is 28–29 mm in diameter.
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1914 December 5:
   William F. Huon appointed Postmaster.

1926 April 13:
   Thomas H. Phelan appointed Postmaster.

1932 December 21:
   The circular postmark is 32–33 mm in diameter. The horizontal bars to the right of the circle are approximately 6 mm apart on center.
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1934 April 25:
   Mary C. Thorpe appointed Postmaster.

1944 September 30:
   Marie C. Vachon appointed Acting Postmaster.

1945 NOVember 30:
   Marie C. Vachon appointed Postmaster.

1949 October 10:
   The circular postmark is 33–34 mm in diameter. The horizontal bars to the right of the circle are approximately 6 mm apart on center. Note the spelling of "Sabattis".
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1950 June 30 through 1956 October 29:
   The circular postmark is approximately 30 mm in diameter. The elliptical cancellation to the right of the circle is approximately 33 mm tall, with 4 bars both above and below the numeral.
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1964 August 14:
   Corinne E. Savage appointed Acting Postmaster.

1966 September 15:
   Corinne E. Savage appointed Acting Postmaster.

1975 September 27:
   Francis J. Brougham appointed Acting Postmaster.

1976 June 20:
   Margaret O. Spencer appointed Officer-in-Charge.

1976 September 11:
   Donald J. Johnson appointed Officer-in-Charge.

1976 September 15:
   Robert E. Handy appointed Officer-in-Charge.

1977 January 29:
   Margarite O. Spencer appointed Postmaster.

1992 September 30:
   Alfreda E. Richardson appointed Officer-in-Charge.

1993 January 9:
   Norman E. Scott appointed Postmaster.

1999 August 18:
   Patricia Belanger appointed Officer-in-Charge.

1999 December 4:
   Daniel L. Casparius appointed Postmaster.

2004 November 19:
   Gail Daigle appointed Officer-in-Charge.

2005 April 21:
   Charles W. Ross appointed Officer-in-Charge.

2005 August 24:
   Eric Parmenter appointed Officer-in-Charge.

2007 February 27:
   Kathleen Walker appointed Officer-in-Charge.

2007 May 30:
   Brenda Uhle appointed Officer-in-Charge.

2008 June 4:
   Louise Cote appointed Officer-in-Charge.

2008 October 28:
   Diane Belanger appointed Officer-in-Charge.

2009 July 21:
   Mitchell Curtis appointed Officer-in-Charge.

2010 November 3:
   Ralph Paquette appointed Officer-in-Charge.

2011 June 22:
   Donald B. Mendell III appointed Officer-in-Charge.

2011 November 19:
   Donald B. Mendell III appointed Postmaster.

2018 February 17:
   Coralee S. Hood appointed Postmaster.

   Sabattus post office is still in operation.