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The earliest census records for Mount Desert Island that listed a Milliken as a "head of family" was the 1790 census of the town of Mount Desert, which reported a Samuel Milliken household with 1 "free white male" 16 and older, 2 under 16, and 4 "free white females". (Note that these 7 did not all have to be Millikens.) The same household was reported in the 1800 census of Mount Desert, now with 2 males 16–26, 1 male 45 and over, 1 female under 10, 1 female 10–16, 2 females 16–26, and 1 female over 45. Subsequent years reported the following households, all in the town of Mount Desert.
1810 Mount Desert: Samuel Milliken (9 residents including Samuel), Samuel Milliken Jr. (4), Simeon Milliken (7)
1820 Mount Desert: Samuel (2), Samuel Jr. (7), Simeon (10)
1830 Mount Desert: Samuel Jr. (16), Simeon Jr. (12)
1837 Mount Desert: Samuel (2), Simeon (10)
1840 Mount Desert: Catharine (2)
1840 Seaville: Simeon (7) on Hardwood Island Until the 1850 census, individuals members of a household were reported only by a number in a category (e.g., "3 females under 10").


Abraham Cummings Milliken
   (son of [...])
   b. age 40 y. as of 1850 census   Maine
   m. Phebe [...]
            b. age 40 y. as of 1850 census   Maine

   Udolph N. Milliken   b. age 6 y. as of 1850 census   Maine
   John F. T. Milliken   b. age 4 y. as of 1850 census   Maine

documentation and notes

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Gerrish Hill Milliken
   (son of [...])
   m. Agnes Gayley
   d. 1947

   Roger Milliken   b. 24 October 1915   New York, New York   -   m. 1948   Justine Van Rensselaer Hooper
   Gerrish Hill Milliken Jr.   b. 13 May 1917   New York, New York   -   m. 17 August 1946   Boston, Massachusetts   Phoebe Thayer Goodhue   -   d. 11 January 2015   Bar Harbor, Maine
   Joan Milliken
   Anne Milliken   m. [...] Franchetti

- - - - -

Gerrish Hill Milliken Jr.
   (son of Gerrish Hill Milliken and Agnes Gayley)
   b. 13 May 1917   New York, New York
   m. 17 August 1946   Boston, Massachusetts
         Phoebe Thayer Goodhue
   d. 11 January 2015   Bar Harbor, Maine

   Gerry Milliken   m. Gail [...]
   John Warren Milliken   m. Anne [...]
   Stephen Milliken   m. Rebecca [...]
   Peter Milliken   m. Linzee [...]
   Phoebe Milliken   m. Jim [...]
   Susie Milliken

documentation and notes

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Samuel Milliken
   (son of [...])
   m. Susannah [...]

   Susannah Milliken   b. age 77 y., 6 m., 17 d. at death   -   m. William Gott   -   d. 6 June 1859   -   bur. Gott Island Cemetery   Great Gott Island, Tremont, Maine

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[...] Milliken
   (son of [...])
   m. Catharine [...]
            b. age 44 y. as of 1850 census   Maine

   Sally Ann J. Milliken   b. 74 y., 3 m., 16 d. at death   Maine   -   m. John G. Wilson   -   d. 23 October 1907   -   bur. McKinley Cemetery   Tremont, Maine

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