Documentation for Arthur W. Brown and Ruby M. Hodgkins

Census Data

  1910 1920 1930
Arthur W. Brown 34 44 ?
Ruby M. (Hodgkins) Brown 30 39 ?
    Carrol C. Brown 9 18 ?
    Henry W. Brown 4 dead
    Emeline J. Brown 1 y., 7 m. 11 ?

1910 Eden [now Bar Harbor], Hancock County, Maine - dwelling 224, family 250:

1920 Bar Harbor, Hancock County, Maine - dwelling 184, family 191. Also living in this household in 1920 was Addie F. Hodgkins (46 y., b. Maine), sister of Ruby M. (Hodgkins) Brown. The family was living at 12 Greeley Street in Bar Harbor.

Death Data

In 1998, Henry W. Brown's marker was on the same lot as Arthur W. and Ruby M., in Hillside Cemetery, Bar Harbor. In February 2000, the marker was no longer on the lot, and there was a recent grave with a new stone for Emeline B. Bryant.