Eliot Land Grants and Deeds
York County, Maine

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(updated 24 February 2021)

Purpose of this web page: Below are land transactions in the town of Eliot, York County, Maine, starting from the earliest property owners.

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1643 July 25
   Thomas Gorges granted to Edward Small 100 acres “between the two creeks and extending to Sturgeon Creek”. [Clayton (1880), p. 407.]

   Town of Eliot granted to Anthony Emery 100 acres. [Clayton (1880), p. 408.]

   William Frost received a grant of 13 acres on “Crooked Lane”. [Clayton (1880), p. 407.]

   Town of Eliot granted to James Toby land “near Frank’s Fort–. [Clayton (1880), p. 407.]

   John Leighton “owned a large landed property in Eliot, [and] built a house there”. [Clayton (1880), p. 408.]

1695 or 1696
   Stephen Toby, David Libby, Natthew Fogg, Daniel Fogg, and Joseph Hammond bought a tract of land “between Frank’s and Watt’s Forts, on the river”. [Clayton (1880), p. 408.]

about 1700
   Daniel Fogg, who earlier settled in Scarborough (i.e., before that area was broken up by the Indians in 1690) purchased “a farm adjoining the river, between Frank’s and Watt’s Forts”. [Clayton (1880), p. 408.]

   Nathan Bartlett received a deed. A later deed, signed by Mary PEpperell, was dated 1762. [Clayton (1880), p. 408.]

   Clayton, W.W., “History of York County, Maine: with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of its Prominent Men and Pioneers” (1880). Maine History Documents. 26. https://digitalcommons.library.umaine.edu/mainehistory/26