Deeds of Mount Desert Island
Peters Plan - J9

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V. F. Thomas Co. - P. O. Box 55 - Bass Harbor, Maine  04653

(updated 15 May 2018)

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   Date: 23 August 1910
   Town: Bar Harbor
   Grantors: Thomas W. Joyce and Esther P. Joyce
   Grantee: Louisa P. Satterlee
   Description: 100 acres, more or less; Great Head and Sand Beach; lot #63 on Peters Plan
      Beginning at the southeast corner of a lot of land owned by Hasket Derby, at the sea;
      then running westerly, but everywhere following the southern line of land of said Derby, to his southwestern corner;
      then westerly and southerly, but everywhere following the southern and eastern lines of land owned in part by the devisees of Tobias L. Roberts, deceased, and in part now or formerly of Ralph L. Hathorn, to the sea;
      then by the sea, by its various courses, but generally easterly and northerly to the place of beginning.
   Grantors obtained this parcel via ???:???
   Grantee disposed of this parcel via ???:???

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