Deeds of Mount Desert Island
Peters Plan - B19

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(updated 27 July 2015)

   Date: 29 October 1802
   Town: Eden [now Bar Harbor]
   Grantor: Seth Doane
   Grantees: [sons] Jonathan Doane and Abraham Doane
   Description: 50 acres, more or less; "together with the house, blacksmith shop, and the smith's tools"
      Bounded northwesterly by Frenchman Bay, northeasterly by Daniel Hamor's land, southeasterly by Elkanah Remick's land, and southwesterly by William Mason's and Benjamin Downs's land.
   Grantor obtained this parcel via ???:???
   Jonathan Doane disposed of one undivided half part of this parcel via 23:416–417

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   Date: 2 November 1807
   Town: Eden [now Bar Harbor]
   Grantor: Jonathan Doane
   Grantees: Moses Wallis
   Description: one undivided half part of 50 acres, a dwelling house, blacksmith's shop, and other buildings
      Beginning at the shore on Frenchman's Bay;
      then running southeasterly and bounding northeasterly on land of Daniel Harmons, southeasterly on land of Elkanah Remick, southwesterly on land of Sarah Paine, northwesterly on said Frenchman's Bay;
      "or howeer otherwise the aforesaid are bounded or reputed to be bounded".
   Grantor obtained his half of this parcel via 21:222–223
   Grantee disposed of this parcel via ???:???

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