New Gloucester Land Grants and Deeds
Cumberland County, Maine

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Purpose of this web page: The pages linked to below trace the land transactions in the town of New Gloucester, Cumberland County, Maine, starting from the earliest property owners.

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   March 27 - General Court of the then Province of Massachusetts granted six miles square to 60 inhabitants of old Gloucester (= Cape Ann) to form what is now the town of New Gloucester. This grant was confirmed on 5 July 1737. Each grantee (called a proprietor) received 1/63 equal parts of the land. The remaining three parts were set aside for a minister, a church, and a school.
   “It appears by the records of the proprietors of said town that they were at great expense at clearing a road from Cousin’s River in North Yarmouth, in building bridges, and nineteen houses with hewn timber, and a sawmill, and in getting settlers to go on; but found it impracticable to fulfill the conditions, by reason of the Indian wars. The settlers whom they had obtained were called off by the authority of the Governor, and thereby they lost the houses and mill that were built, as well as the road they had made.”1

   1Pages 151–152 of an article (pages 151–164) written by Isaac Parsons in New Gloucester on 6 November 1824 and printed in the Collections of the Maine Historical Society, Series I, Volume 2, 1847.