New Gloucester - Early Residents
Cumberland County, Maine

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(updated 29 November 2019)

1754: Proprietors built a fort, and the men who kept the fort and their families became the first settlers. They were all born in what is now the United States except John Stenchfield.
John Stenchfield
David Millet
William Stevens
Humphry Woodbury
Samuel Worthly
Benjamin Hammon
John Megguire
John Stenchfield Jr.
Horton Mitchells
(Capt.) Nathaniel Eveleth
William McLane
William Stenchfield
[Source: Collections of the Maine Historical Society, [series I], Volume II (1847), page 153.]

Other early residents:
   Samuel Foxcroft (first minister) - d. 9 March 1807 Æ 72 y.
   Elisha Moseley (minister in 1824)
   Timothy Little (surgeon and anatomist)
   Isaac Parsons - b. 14 (old style), 25 (new style) April 1740 Gloucester, Essex County, Massachusetts
   (Rev.) Thomas Foxcroft
   Mr. Buxton

In 1824, there were about 240 dwelling houses and approximately the same number of families.