Alden Hill Cemetery
Canton, Oxford County, Maine

a service of
V. F. Thomas Co. - 167 Thorne Mountain Road - Canton, Maine  04221

(updated 31 May 2019)

Location. Along west side of Alden Hill Road. 19T 0400337, 4925765; Lat./Long.: N 44°28′42.0″ x W 70°15′11.5″

Directions. Because the Canton end of Alden Hill Road is impassable by car, the cemetery should be approached from Jay. From the intersection in Jay of Route 140 and Routes 17/4, travel east/south on Routes 17/4 for less than 0.1 miles to the intersection on the right with an unsigned road. Turn right onto this road and follow it across the bridge and around a curve to the right for 0.4–0.5 miles to the intersection on the left with an unsigned road. Turn left onto this road and follow it for approximately 0.4 miles to the intersection on the right with Alden Hill Road. Drive 2.3–2.4 miles to the end of the passable portion of this road. If you do not notice that the Alden Hill Road bears to the left at this point, you will find yourself in a driveway leading to a garage with a gambrel roof. Park near the end of this driveway and walk up the Alden Hill Road, The cemetery is on the right in approximately 0.1 miles.

Names and dates on gravestones and other markers: (incomplete)
   Abbie [F.?] (wife of Charles A.) - d. 19 April [18-4?] Æ 38 y., 1 m. (gravestones)
   Charles A. (husb. of Abbie [F.?]) - d. 16 July 1888 Æ 58 y., 8 m. (gravestones)
   baby girl - [b. and?] d. 1936 (marker)
   Mary S. - [b. and?] d. 1921 (marker)
   William M. Jr. - b. 1917; d. 1920 (marker)
   Willis L. - b. 23 January 1914; d. 13 January 1983 (gravestone)
   John - d. 24 November 1875 Æ 72 y., 9 m., 4 d. (gravestone)
   Lucius H. (son of John and Abigail B.) - d. 29 October 1858 Æ 23 y., 6 m., 8 d. (gravestone)
   Margery - d. 10 May 1874 Æ 96 y., 10 m., 17 d. (gravestone)
   Thomas - d. 22 April 1856 Æ 81 y., 3 m., 10 d. (gravestone)
   [...]y ([...] of John [and Abi]gail [B.]) - d. 17 November 1852 Æ 1 y., 10 m., 9 d. (gravestone)
   Noah (husb. of Mary [who m. 2nd Stephen REED]) - d. 17 June 1839 Æ 33 y., 22 d. (gravestone)
   C. E. (WALTON; wife of William H.) - d. 23 January 1873 Æ 30 y. (monument side)
   Lewis (son of Stephen and Almira) - d. 19 October 1856 Æ 19 y., 11 m. (gravestone)
   Mary (wife of Stephen; widow of Noah MOULTON) - d. 15 August 1864 Æ 58 y., 7 m., 4 d. (gravestone)
   Stephen (husb. of Mary) - d. 14 December 1873 Æ 69 y., 4 m., 18 d. (gravestone)
   William H. (husb. of C. E. (WALTON)) - d. 3 October 1880 Æ 52 y. (monument side)
   [C. E. - see REED]

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