Cemeteries of Southwest Harbor - Moore Family Burial Ground        
Moore Family Burial Ground
Southwest Harbor, Hancock County, Maine

a service of
V. F. Thomas Co. - P. O. Box 55 - Bass Harbor, Maine  04653

(11 November 2005)

Location: At edge of field northeast of Route 102A. UTM: 19T 0556253, 4899923; Lat./Long.: N 44°15′1.3″ x W 68°17′43.4″

Directions: From the intersection of Routes 3 and 102/198 at the north end of Mount Desert Island, go straight ahead (south) onto Routes 102/198. In approximately 11.3–11.4 miles (about 0.8 miles of which are south of the blinking light in the village of Southwest Harbor), turn left onto Route 102A. In approximately 2.2–2.3 miles on the left (and immediately after a small trailer park) is a building from which take-out food is sometimes served. The cemetery is behind this building, but visible from Route 102A only when approaching from the south.


Notes: Presence of wood posts with holes to hold rails is evidence of a former fence along at least three sides of this cemetery. Four of the eight stones are laying on the ground. All woody vegetation has been cut to the ground in two strips approximately three feet wide that border opposite ends of the cemetery. Grass is mowed.

Names and dates on gravestones and other markers: (complete as of 29 May 1999)
MOORE [includes MOOR]
   Ferdinand P. (son of John S. and Joanna B.) - d. 3 October 1872, State Hospital, New Haven, Connecticut, Æ 15 y., 6 m.
   Joann S. (wife of Esq. Joseph) - d. 19 January 1863 Æ 66 y., 7 m., 28 d.
   Joanna B. (wife of John S.) - d. 17 January 1932 Æ 92 y., 10 m., 25 d.
   John S. (husb. of Joanna B.) - d. 19 April 1914 Æ 86 y., 6 m., 28 d.
   Joseph (Esq.; husb. of Joann S.) - d. 17 November [1873?]1 Æ 79 y., 3 m., 13 d.
   Lanie F. (son of Esq. Joseph and Joann S.) - d. 19 September 1862 Æ 21 y., 11 m., 13 d.
   Margaret S. (dau. of Esq. Joseph and Joann S.) - d. 17 January 1866 Æ 47 y., 5 m., 9 d.
   Melville - b. 26 April 1834; d. 19 December 1912

   1Stone broken.

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