Baker Island Cemetery
Cranberry Isles, Hancock County, Maine

a service of
V. F. Thomas Co. - P. O. Box 55 - Bass Harbor, Maine  04653

(updated 23 July 2011)

Location. In a field, near the northwest shore of Baker Island.

Directions. From the cobble beach on the north shore of the island, follow the trail leading toward the interior of the island. At a concrete post, turn right and follow this trail to the cemetery.

History. All persons whose graves are marked by stones are descendants of William GILLEY and Hannah LURVEY, who moved to the island in the early 1800s from what is now Southwest Harbor.

Notes. No fence encloses this cemetery, and the grass is rarely mowed. Some stones are leaning or laying on the ground. The stone of Elisha B. Gilley is broken into several pieces and lays on the middle of another grave.

Date of most recent visit. 1999

Names and dates on gravestones and other markers.
   [Adeline - see GILLEY]
   Adeline (DOLLIVER; wife of Joseph) - d. 27 March 1876 Æ 54 y., 8 m.
   Charles A. - b. 27 November 1847; d. 24 November 1914
   Elisha B. (husb. of Hannah M.) - d. [...]1 Æ 93 y., 10 m., 1[6?]1 d.
   Hannah M. (wife of Elisha B.) - d. 11 May 1880 Æ 69 y., 4 m., 15 d.
   Harriet E. "Hattie" (wife of Samuel B.) - d. 11 February 1908 Æ 51 y., 3 m., 17 d.
   Joseph (husb. of Adeline (DOLLIVER)) - d. 10 July 1894 Æ 81 y., 1 m., 21 d.
   Joseph W. - b. 13 October 1859; d. 5 May 1918
   Samuel B. (husb. of Harriet E. "Hattie") - d. [8?]2 January 1927 Æ 70 y., 25 d.
   Victor (son of Samuel B. and Harriet E. “Hattie”) - b. [and d.?] 25 October 1884
   Phebe J. (wife of Robert S.) - d. 24 April 1929 Æ 87 y., 3 m.
   Robert S. (husb. of Phebe J.) - d. 29 November 1890 Æ [...]3

   1Stone broken.
   2Difficult to read.
   3Remainder of stone below ground.

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