Cemeteries of Bar Harbor - Paine Cemetery        
Paine Cemetery
Bar Harbor, Hancock County, Maine

a service of
V. F. Thomas Co. - P. O. Box 55 - Bass Harbor, Maine  04653

(updated 30 April 2011)

Location. At the edge of a field near the woods, east of Norway Drive. UTM: 19T 0556029, 4917593; Lat./Long.: N 44°24′34.1″ x W 68°17′46.7″

Directions. From the intersection of Routes 3 and 102/198 at the north end of Mount Desert Island (just after you cross the bridge from Thompson Island), bear left on Route 3. Follow Route 3 for 4.6–4.7 miles to the intersection on the right with Norway Drive. Turn right onto Norway Drive and follow it for 1.2–1.3 miles to a stop sign at the intersection with Crooked Road. Continue straight on Norway Drive for about 0.2 miles to a private driveway on the left that leads (2000) to a gray house and small, detached barn (Blueberry Hill Farm). Ask for landowner permission to visit the cemetery and for directions to it.


Notes. This cemetery is not enclosed and is not mowed, which would remove the flowers of Lily of the Valley, but there is a wide, well-mowed path leading to it.

Names and dates on gravestones and other markers. (complete as of 15 June 2014)
   Clara E. [wife of Daniel J.] - b. 1869; d. 1960 (headstone)
   Daniel J. [husb. of Clara E.] - b. 1874; d. 1953 (headstone)
   Elizabeth C. "Lizzie" (wife of Theodore) - b. 1833; d. 1917 (headstone)
   Jennie (dau. of Theodore and Elizabeth C. "Lizzie") - b. 30 January 1863; d. 29 August 1893 (grave, gravestone (front), gravestone (back), footstone)
   Olive (wife of Thomas) - d. 7 June 1885 Æ 84 y., 9 m. (lot, gravestone, footstone)
   Theodore (husb. of Elizabeth C. "Lizzie") - b. 1834; d. 1911 (headstone)
   Thomas (husb. of Olive) - d. 25 March 1878 Æ 84 y., 6 m. (lot, gravestone, footstone)
   Bodil Mimi - b. 1947; d. 1984 (gravestone)

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