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Old County Road Cemetery
Bar Harbor, Hancock County, Maine

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V. F. Thomas Co. - P. O. Box 55 - Bass Harbor, Maine  04653

(updated 19 March 2011)

Location. Along west side of Old County Road. UTM: 19T 0550646, 4918510; Lat./Long.: N 44°25′05.2″ x W 68°21′49.8″

Directions. From the intersection of Routes 3 and 102/198 at the north end of Mount Desert Island (just after you cross the bridge from Thompson Island), turn right onto Old County Road, and the cemetery is on the right in 0.2–0.3 miles.


Notes: There appears to be no regular maintenance of this cemetery. During the past few years, however, a few small trees have been cut down, and some lichens have been removed from the stones. There is no enclosure, nor are there any apparent boundary markers. It is likely that there are more stones than reported below, but they have become buried over time. Indeed, when I returned to unearth a partially buried stone that I had observed during an earlier visit, I was initially unable to locate it. I remembered, however, that it was near the road and, by removing leaves here and there, I found it. Only part of the inscription was visible. The remaining portion, including the person's name, was covered with packed soil and a tree root. Using an old wood-handled paintbrush, I removed the dirt to reveal the name Ruth Higgins (see below). The root continues to prevent returning the stone to an upright position. Less than a year later, leaves covered all but one corner of the stone.

Names and dates on gravestones and other markers: (complete as of 19 March 2011)
   A. M.3 (footstone)
   J. O. (footstone)
   [Cynthia M. - see COUSINS]
   Asenath (dau. of Elisha and Thankful) - d. 15 March 1830 Æ 20 y. (gravestone)
   Cynthia M. (COLLINS; adopted dau. of Capt. Samuel H. [no stone] and Martha A.) - d. 31 January 1880 Æ 22 y., 3 m. (gravestone; footstone)
   Elisha (husb. of Thankful) - d. 25 September 1850 Æ 79 y. (gravestone; footstone)
   Maria L. (dau. of Zacheus H. and Eunice D. [no stones]) - d. 23 November 1849 Æ 6 m., 11 d. (grave)
   Martha A. (wife of Capt. Samuel H. [no stone]) - d. 14 February 1896 Æ 73 y., 2 m. (gravestone)
   Thankful (wife of Elisha) - d. 23 January 1852 Æ 80 y. (gravestone; footstone)
   Mary A. (“infant” dau. of L. W. and Mary [no stones]) - [b. and?] d. 10 August 1837 (gravestone)
   Jennie M. (MAYO; wife of Patrick [no stone]) - d. 16 September 1901 Æ 63 y. (gravestone)
   Jesse (husb. of Priscilla) - d. 12 December 1814 Æ 74 y. (gravestone; footstone)
   Priscilla - d. 12 August 1878 Æ 80 y., 2 m. (gravestone)
   Priscilla (wife of Jesse) - d. 20 February 1843 Æ 86 y., 9 m. (gravestone)
   Ruth (wife of William) - d. 20 September 1877 Æ 80 y., 3 m., 4 d. (lot; gravestone)
   William (husb. of Ruth) - d. 27 October 1869 Æ 74 y. (lot; gravestone)
   Cynthia M. (dau. of Joseph and Maria [S. or L.]1) - d. 14 October 1884 Æ 29 y., 17 d. (lot; gravestone)
   Flora M. (dau. of Joseph and Maria [S. or L.]1) - d. 24 March 1879 Æ 20 y., 10 m., 18 d. (lot; gravestone; footstone)
   [Jennie M. - see HALEY]
   Joseph (husb. of Maria [S. or L.]1) - d. 20 August 1878 Æ 56 y., 1 m., 17 d. (lot; gravestone; Navy stone)
   Maria [S. or L.]1,2 (wife of Joseph) - d. 4 January 1886 Æ 60 y., 4 m., 18 d. (lot; gravestone; footstone)
   Mary F. (wife of Israel [no stone]) - d. 18 April 1854 Æ 79 y., 5 m., 28 d. (gravestone)
   Sherman L. (son of Joseph and Maria [S. or L.]1) - d. 27 October 1887 Æ 15 y., 7 m., 24 d. (lot; gravestone)
PHIPIN [sic]
   Eben - d. 3 April 1863 Æ 58 y., 4 m., 20 d. (gravestone)
   C. [footstone only]
   Joseph (husb. of Mercy S.) - d. 9 August 1899 Æ 84 y. (lot; gravestone)
   Julia T. (dau. of Joseph and Mercy S.) - d. 30 October 1875 Æ 18 y., 10 m., 20 d. (gravestone; footstone)
   Mercy S. (wife of Joseph) - d. 1 January 1894 Æ 70 y. (lot; gravestone)
   Thomas (Capt.) - d. 10 September 1849, “at sea”, Æ 27 y. (grave; gravestone; footstone)
   D. H. [footstone only] (footstone4)
   Cordelia (wife of Giles) - d. 15 August 1887 Æ 68 y., 10 m. (lot; gravestone5)
   Giles (husb. of Cordelia) - d. 27 June 1870 Æ 59 y., 11 m., 27 d. (lot; gravestone)

   1Different middle initial on different stones.
   2The q in the word quiet on this stone is backwards.
   3The initial of the last name is probably C. This footstone is broken into two main pieces with a small fragment missing. Two sets of initials appear on this footstone: J. O. C. and A. M. […], this last initial being on the missing piece.
   4This footstone is leaning against a tree next to the Snow stones. It possibly belongs to Hannah D. Snow (age 10 y. as of 1860 census but not reported in the 1870 census).
   5Between the current placement of the stones of Giles and Cordelia is a base, probably for Cordelia’s stone, which is now setting on only the pedestal.

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