Cemeteries of Bar Harbor – Higgins-Marcyes Burial Ground        
Higgins-Marcyes Burial Ground
Bar Harbor, Hancock County, Maine

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V. F. Thomas Co. – P. O. Box 55 – Bass Harbor, Maine  04653

(updated 23 October 1999)

Location. On private property in Indian Point area.

Directions. From the intersection of Routes 3 and 102/198 at the north end of Mount Desert Island (just after you cross the bridge from Thompson Island), go straight ahead (south) onto Routes 102/198. In approximately 1.9 miles, turn right onto Indian Point Road. Follow this road for 1.8–1.9 miles to a private road/driveway on the left. The cemetery is at the end of this road/driveway.


Notes: No fence encloses this cemetery. The grass is mowed and trimmed.

Names and dates on gravestones and other markers: (complete as of 23 April 1999)
   Sarah H. (wife of Daniel [no stone]) – d. 5 August 1851 Æ 23 y.
HIGGINS (see Higgins genealogy)
   Ichabod (husb. of Sarah) – d. 15 April 1810 Æ 36 y.1
   Royal (husb. of Sarah G.) – d. 25 November 1878 Æ 72 y., 5 m., 9 d.
   Sally (dau. of Ichabod and Sarah) – d. November 1823 Æ 13 y., 6 m.
   Sarah (wife of Ichabod) – d. 14 October 1848 Æ 63 y.
   Sarah G. (wife of Royal) – d. 25 November 1880 Æ 70 y., 7 d.
MARCYES (see Marcyes genealogy)
   Asaph Alsen (son of William and Lydia) – d. 24 December 1851 Æ 17 y., 3 m.
   Lydia (wife of William) – d. 24 June 1873 Æ 77 y., 11 m.
   Nathaniel, Jr. – d. 24 February 1827 Æ 30 y., 11 d.
   William (husb. of Lydia) – d. 20 January 1867 Æ 60 y., 9 m., […]2
WALLS (see Walls genealogy)
   Eddie L. (son of S. N. and Amanda L. [no stones]) – d. 25 December 1866 Æ 2 y., 11 m., 16 d.

   1This stone is broken and has been moved to the garage of the resident owner of the property where the cemetery is located.
   2Inscription partly below ground.

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