Cemeteries of Bar Harbor – Hamilton Station Cemetery        
Hamilton Station Cemetery
Bar Harbor, Hancock County, Maine

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V. F. Thomas Co. – P. O. Box 55 – Bass Harbor, Maine  04653

(updated 2 August 1999)

Location. Hamilton Station, set back from north side of Route 3. UTM: 19T 0555118, 4920551; Lat./Long.: N 44°26′10.2″ x W 68°18′26.8″

Directions. From the intersection of Routes 3 and 102/198 at the north end of Mount Desert Island (just after you cross the bridge from Thompson Island), bear left on Route 3. In 3.2–3.3 miles, there are two long, red buildings set back from the left (north) side of the road. The cemetery is to the right of these buildings when they are viewed from Route 3.

History: This cemetery is owned by the town of Bar Harbor.

Notes: This cemetery is composed of two parts—a mowed portion enclosed by chain suspended between granite posts and an unmaintained portion.

Names and dates on gravestones and other markers: (complete as of 2 August 1999)
EMERY (see Emery genealogy)
   Agnes Mabel (wife of Raymond [no stone]) – d. 5 February 1899 Æ 19 y., 5 m., 12 d.
   infant (dau. of Raymond [no stone] and Agnes Mabel) – d. 9 January 1899 Æ [not given]
   L. H.1 – d. 17 September 1862 Æ 26 y., 8 m., 16 d.
   U. [footstone only]
   Ansel B. (son of Capt. Eben L. and Hannah D.) – d. 12 July 1839 Æ 8 m.
   [B. Frank or Frank B.]2 (husb. of Hattie M. [no stone]) – d. 9 January 1899 Æ 46 y., 9 m., 27 d.
   Benjamin L. – d. 25 January 1891 Æ 77 y.
   Charles H. (son of Eben L., 2nd, and Lucy M.) – d. 13 October 1888 Æ 20 y.
   Clarion F. (wife of Z. H.) – d. 4 April 1895 Æ 58 y., 8 m.
   Eben L. (Capt.; husb. of Hannah D.) – d. 28 December 1900 Æ 92 y., 9 m.
   Eben L., 2nd (husb. of Lucy M.) – b. 1845; d. 1916; (“G. A. R.” [Civil War])
   Eve[r]line2 C. (dau. of Capt. Eben L. and Hannah D.) – d. 4 November 1857 Æ 21 y., 5 m.
   Hannah D. (wife of Capt. Eben L.) – d. 10 September 1893 Æ 88 y., 9 m.
   Johnny H. (son of [B. Frank or Frank B.]2 and Hattie M. [no stone]) – d. 25 December 1893 Æ 6 y., 7 m.
   Lucy M. (wife of Eben L. 2nd) – d. 14 November 1887 Æ 40 y., 4 m., 4 d.
   [Nancy L. – see JONES]
   Nehemiah – d. 28 October 1818 Æ 51 y.
   Z. H. (husb. of Clarion F.) – [no dates]
   Nancy L. (HIGGINS; wife of Charles A. [no stone]) – d. 27 February 1890 Æ 49 y.
   Almira H. (dau. of William and Lydia [no stones]) – d. 15 February 1866 Æ 25 y., 6 m.
   Amariah M. (“twin son” of Capt. Amariah and Martha [no stones]) – d. 28 April 1852 Æ 6 m.
   Josephine A. (wife of Capt. H. D. [no stone]) – d. 28 December 1863, Eden, Æ 21 y., 10 m.
   Milford A. (son of Capt. H. D. [no stone] and Josephine A.) – d. 18 January 1864, Eden, Æ [not given]

   1A portion of the headstone is missing. The footstone reads “L. H. H.”.
   2Different on different stones.

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