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(updated 8 October 2023)

Welcome to the Schools of Mount Desert Island home page, part of the Mount Desert Island Cultural History Project.

Purpose of this web page: The purpose of this web page is to present information about Mount Desert Island’s schools. If little is known about a school, it will be reported below. If a picture becomes available or when substantially more information is learned, a separate web page will be created for that school and a link will be provided below.

How to contribute: All information (including images) should be e-mailed to or sent by traditional mail to MDI Schools at the address at the top of this page.

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Bar Harbor
Mount Desert
Southwest Harbor

Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor High School - Cottage Street
   1906: construction approved at town meeting
   designed by Frederick L. Savage
Bar Harbor Intermediate School
Bar Harbor School (District 2) - Hulls Cove
Conners-Emerson School - 11 Eagle Lake Road
Mount Desert Island High School

Mount Desert

Dunham School - Seal Harbor
Gilman School - Northeast Harbor
   designed by Frederick L. Savage and Milton W. Stratton
   1897: built (to replace 1891 school)
   named for Daniel Coit Gilman
   1907: enlarged to accommodate high school students
   ca. 1951: torn down
Mount Desert Elementary School - Joy Road
Pretty Marsh Schoolhouse (schoolhouse in 2007; plaque in 2007)
Seal Harbor
   “W. S. Smallidge has about completed the new schoolhouse which will be one of the best on the island, and will add greatly to the comfort of all.” [Bar Harbor Record, Wednesday, March 28, 1900; p. 4, col. 2]
Somesville Common School - north end of village
   1898: built for pre-high school students
   1903: high school students added
   1929: enlarged
   1943: high school moved to Northeast Harbor
   1980s: converted to residential condominiums

Southwest Harbor

Pemetic Elementary School - Main Street


Bass Harbor
   “The old schoolhouse that is being removed from its former site to the premises of Daniel Cough, who purchased it from the town last fall, has reached the center of Capt. McRae’s swamp, and looks lonely in its doorless and windowless state.” [Bar Harbor Record, Wednesday, February 14, 1900; p. 4, col. 4]
Seal Cove
   “The winter term of school commenced Monday, January 8, [1900], Miss Louisa Heath as teacher.” [Bar Harbor Record, Wednesday, January 10, 1900; p. 4, col. 4]
Tremont Consolidated School