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(updated 8 October 2023)

Welcome to the Houses and Outbuildings of Mount Desert Island home page, part of the Mount Desert Island Cultural History Project.

Purpose of this web page: The purpose of this web page is to present information about houses and outbuildings on Mount Desert Island. These houses differ from the named cottages (see the MDI cottage web page) primarily in size and cost and were the habitation of the year-round resident. Many (most?) of these are now represented by a cellar hole. The entries below are by the name of either the most recent resident(s) or by the best-known resident(s).

How to contribute: All information (including images) should be e-mailed to or sent by traditional mail to Southwest Harbor Houses and Outbuildinga at the address at the top of this page.

374 Seawall Road
   1837: built
Augustus Clark house
   1903: built by/for Augustus Clark
   1923: purchased by Jesse N. Mills
   2010 September 12: house
Carroll Homestead
   1825: built by/for Daniel Somes. This was the home of succeeding generations of the Carroll family until 1917. The house, along with 40.5 acres, is now part of Acadia National Park.
   1925 November 26: centennial celebration (part 1, part 2), reported in The Bar Harbor Times, Wednesday, 2 December 1925, page 1, column 4
   2013 July 8: house
Jonas Corson house (114 Main Street) [information and image courtesy of Mary Holway]
   ca. 1839: built for Jonas and Martha Curtis (Wasgatt) Corson ("After the foundation was built and the timbers prepared for the building, there was a 'raising' and friends and neighbors came to help. So many willing helpers came that the frame was raised and the boarding done in one day." [from page 129 of Mrs. Seth S. Thornton's 1938 book Traditions and Records of Southwest Harbor and Somesville - Mount Desert Island, Maine])
   before 1860: purchased by Samuel Sawyer Rumill
   1880 May: purchased by Lyman L. Harper
   1931: inherited by Leslie and Osmond "Ozzie" Harper, children of Lyman L. Harrper
   date? (but soon after 1931): Leslie Harper purchased his brother's half interest
   1964 (after Leslie Harper's death): ownership passed to Osmond Harper
   1973: purchased by Bob and Marie Stanwood
   1989: new cellar hole dug, and house moved back from road and rotated 180 degrees
   2000 December: purchased by Mary Holway
   2011: house
Lurvey Homestead
   1900 April 7: burned (Bar Harbor Record, Wednesday, 11 April 1900, page 5, column 3)
Manchester (Moses and Elizabeth) house
Nathan Clark house
   ca. 1814 (sign on house) or 1816 (Mrs. Seth Thornton's 1938 book Traditions and Records of Southwest Harbor and Somesville - Mount Desert Island, Maine): built
   1938: owned by Augustus Clark
   2010 September 12: sign; house