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Welcome to the Hotels and Boarding Houses in Mount Desert home page, part of the Mount Desert Island Cultural History Project.

Purpose of this web page: The purpose of this web page is to present information about hotels and boarding houses in Mount Desert, primarily through the mid-1900sReferences in parentheses are to advertisements in local newspapers. To view the advertisement, click on the newspaper citation.

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Asticou Inn
   designed by Frederick L. Savage
   1883: built by (and for) Augustus Chase Savage, father of Frederick Lincoln Savage
   1900 (September): burned
   1900–1901: rebuilt
   1911: operated by George Savage, son of Augustus Chase Savage
Central House - Somesville
   1881: proprietor - William Fennelly
Glencove Hotel - site of what is now the village green, Seal Harbor
   1883: built for [Lynam P. Campbell, or Edwin V. Lynam and Robert Campbell?]
   1884: opened with 24 rooms
   1887: annex added
Harbor Cottage - Northeast Harbor
   1881: proprietor - A. C. Savage
Kimball House - Northeast Harbor
   1881: proprietor - Daniel Kimball
Manchester House - Northeast Harbor
   1881: proprietor - Thomas Manchester
Mount Desert House - Somesville
   1881: proprietor - Daniel Somes
   later operated by Daniel Somes Jr.
   [year?]: purchased by William T. Manning of New York for a summer home
   2009: Mount Desert House
Petit Hotel - Seal Harbor
Rockend Hotel
   1883: built by Herman Savage
   1942: burned
Seaside House - Seal Harbor
   approximately 1870: private residence enlarged to accommodate guests
   1881: proprietors - J. Clement and sons
   1882: three-and-a-half-story annex added
   1891: house separated from annex and moved; annex incorporated into the new Seaside Inn by architect and builder John E. Clark
Seaside Inn - Seal Harbor
   1901 October 3: George Cookson was a chef at the Seaside Inn for five seasons (1901–1905 as noted in his handwriting at the bottom of the letter referenced next). At the end of his first season, he was given a letter of recommendation.
   1904 July 31: menu
Somes House - Somesville
summer boarding house - Somesville
   1881: proprietor - E. E. Babson
summer boarding house - Somesville
   1881: proprietor - G. B. Somes