Southwest Harbor Cottages

a project of
V. F. Thomas Co. - P. O. Box 84 - Hulls Cove, Maine  04644

(updated 8 October 2023)

Dickey Cottage
   built by W. P. Dickey and Col. Augustus B. Farnham of Bangor, Maine
   designed by William A. Bates of New York
   1885–1887: built for Prof. Samuel M. and Mrs. Annie (Sawyer) Downs of Andover, Massachusetts
Fox Dens - back shore of Clark Point
   1908: owned by Henry Rand
Grand Pre - Fernald Point
   1916–1917: built by Robie M. Norwood Jr. for Frances Scott
   operated as a teahouse for a few years
Highland Cottage - Manset
   1888: built by P. H. Stratton of Ellsworth, Maine, for Drs. Alexander and Abby Fulton of Ellsworth
Indian Lot Cottage
   1925: built for George A. Rhoads
   2010 September 12: sign; cottage
Kaighn Cottage
   1892: built for Robert Kaighn
Sleepy Hollow
   built for Albert W. Bee
   designed by Lois Lilley Howe
   1901–1902: built by Clark and Manchester of Northeast Harbor and Norris of Ellsworth for William L. Underwood